WE RUSHED TO THE HOSPITAL a few days ago, my wife and I, because it was feared that a close relative was having a stroke. As it turned out the problem was not as bad as we feared, but while we were awaiting the results of the medical testing, we were presented with a poster on the wall of the hospital, which struck me as something I would have to discuss on my web page. The poster had a picture of two very young children's bare arms, each cut off just below the shoulder by one or the other of the sides of the photograph. On the left it was a black arm and on the right it was a white arm. The hands at arms' end were clasped as if the two children were walking in the same direction, side by side, the best of friends. Under the photo was the following caption:


Diversity is the one true thing we all have in common... celebrate it every day.

There you have it. The next generation will of course be two arms of less blackness and less whiteness. The generation after that will be two brown arms and the "diversity" slogan will have no meaning whatsoever.

We are under siege today! The very hospitals where we must take our parents, our wives, our children, is now a disgusting propaganda factory! This is a place where you want pictures of waterfalls, beautiful sunsets on the desert, and other gentle and peaceful distracters from the stressful situation at hand. Instead the heartless ghouls of the left use the opportunity of stress and pain in those who wait, to embed their twisted message into their minds.

It should be clear to anyone who has paid attention to the methods of the left that they have no scruples or conscience. So, this propaganda poster should not have come as a surprise to me. A group that is willing to try and destroy the entire white race, would certainly not balk at being insensitive to the feelings of its chosen enemies while the white people are in complete trauma with worry over their loved ones.

So, let us look at the propaganda poster itself. Starting with the picture, which was very large and prominent and clearly intended to be seen first. In it we have young people who are pure and free from the programming of their culture. They walk hand in hand with no difficulty, and no quarrelling. They show an example of how wise children are and they transmit the wonderful wish, "If only adults could be so wise as these very bright children." That was the up front message of the picture. Behind that was a subconscious message of two dissimilar races walking naked together (if the children were clothed you had no indication from the picture) and the implications of that are rather clear I should think. Miscegenation was being subliminally promoted by the way that photo was presented.

Since miscegenation will end the white race, it is clearly something which is disgusting to any white individual who is aware of what it means. (At some level almost all white people understand what it means, even though they will not admit it to themselves.) It therefore is shocking when we see it. That shock value was the primary purpose of the photo. It was created to put the white mind off balance, creating an inner turmoil, especially for the white who is trying hard to be PC and not be racist. He will have feelings of disgust for a moment and then fight them down because those types of feelings are not "appropriate" in America today. Someone like myself of course was just made angry at the blatant attempt to promote my race's destruction. But it was cleverly done, to get the mind stirred up and off balance.

Once the mind is conditioned into the appropriate state, the target is hit with the propaganda slogan. It started out with a large letter presentation of the word DIVERSITY. It jumps out at you. If you were standing across the room, a long ways away from the poster, you could see the image and still read the word. The poster would have done most of its work in that case anyway. The free and innocent children teaching us all about diversity. Diversity is innocence. Diversity is peace and love. Diversity is all the wonderful things which childhood represents, including the future. That was the clear message. The underneath message, the real one that they wish to send our way was a little more sinister. It was saying to us white folks, "See, we have your country and your children. This poster is up in a public place, with the support of the United States Government and those who are in control of this building. All of us, who are much more powerful than you are, are in support of the destruction of your race through miscegenation. The future is ours, as are your children, who will not be white."

This much of the poster will be seen by nearly everyone at this hospital and taken in as another piece of propaganda in the daily stream of PC anti-white sewage flowing through the streets of our country. Most people will not even remember that they even saw it! It will merely seep into the subconscious mind and just like a mental virus, stew and grow, creating anti-white illness in the mind. For those who were physically closer to the poster, as I was, they were treated to additional attention by way of the following line:

Diversity is the one true thing we all have in common... celebrate it every day.

It is hard to imagine the complete gall of someone who would write that absurdity. Diversity, "The condition of being different," according to Webster's, is what we do not have in common. We have a nose in common. We have ears in common. We have a brain in common. We have two arms two legs and various organs which are indeed common between all people. These are all true things that we have in common. In spite of what we truly have in common, we also have diversity, which is that not held in common between us, by definition.

What is the first thing two people do when they are trying to get to know each other in order to become friends? They look for things in common! Friendship requires commonality not diversity! A small amount of difference makes for an interesting relationship. The larger the difference the more interesting becomes the relationship until it reaches the point of total incompatibility and fighting at the extreme end of the interest scale. The old Chinese curse, "May you live in interesting times!" comes to mind. Strong relationships are build upon that which is held in common. Conflict is built upon differences and diversity.

Once you have swallowed the banal idea of having that which you do not have in common, in common, you are then told to "...celebrate it every day." Does this sound like it is suggesting a party? It seems to imply a happy, gala approach to every day, a veritable Mardi Gras of celebration. Look around you and check out the party. What would you think about moving your family into a neighborhood where all the other people there are full of diversity with yourself? Sounds interesting doesn't it? A real opportunity to celebrate the true meaning of the word diversity, in all its finer nuances and textures. You too can have your wife and daughters harassed and raped. You too can have your son shot. Your car and house, as a mere afterthought, will of course be vandalized. Very interesting.

What would you tell a man who came up to you and told you that he had done that with his family? You probably would say something like, "You fool! Didn't you know better than to move your family into a black [or Hispanic etc.] neighborhood?" Of course you would figure he had it coming to him doing something so stupid. BUT THAT IS WHAT WE ARE DOING TO THIS COUNTRY RIGHT NOW! We are moving the blacks into the white neighborhoods, and moving huge numbers of nonwhites into the United States every year. Nearly all of our population growth in the US today is by nonwhite immigration. If moving your family into a nonwhite neighborhood is something that you would not do, then creating a nonwhite population for the entire country is something that any sane and caring white man would oppose --strongly oppose!

It is clear that we are left with nothing which we can celebrate in the area of diversity and the banality is complete. The final phrase of the poster is pure gibberish and therefore will not be contemplated for long by the target viewer. He will instead walk away with yet another propaganda statement tucked away in his brain to be called upon by those who wish to profit by the complete destruction of the people who create the greatest nation this world has ever seen: the United States of America!

Only you can
prevent extinction!

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