Why Not Give Up?

A FEW WEEKS AGO I WROTE A PIECE about why we should be optimistic called Look on the Bright Side. Still I receive email on occasion about how bad things are and how useless it is to fight what is going on. It is easy to become discouraged. Our enemies have complete control of the major media. We see movies routinely created that are completely against our traditional way of life. We see news and entertainment shows on television continually pumping out the same destructive message, and we know that millions of our people are watching those shows every night. We see our legal system rip our natural defenses to shreds by forcing our schools, neighborhoods and businesses to accept diversity and a walk though any mall in this country will expose us to a full banquet of anti-White propaganda messages and mixed race couples.

So, what is the point? White Americans do not care if their grandchildren are not White. They don't care if their descendants are going to live in poverty and will hate the White race. Are these mentally dead lemmings really worth the time that we are spending on them? If they want to give up, why should we worry about it? The dinosaurs are extinct, why not the White man?

Have you ever watched a picture of a newborn fawn, still wet, with legs that look like wobbly matchsticks. The fawn struggles to get his muscles moving and he is suddenly on his feet. The legs are shaky and the fawn is unsure of himself but he keeps struggling. The easiest thing in the world would be for him to lie down on the ground and relax. It is always easy to lay down and give up. But that fawn, keeps struggling, not because he is much right now, and not because he thinks he is today going to be able to outrun all the other deer on the planet. The point of the fawn's struggle is for what he will one day become. He fights and struggles to get on his feet so he can follow his mother to safety, so one day he can grow all the way up into a 3 point buck, and can win the right to pass his genes on to the next generation.

That is the point of struggling. Yes, it is tough. Yes we are not on an easy path today, but what thing of value ever came to be without effort? Do not look at the people who are sound asleep, and who think television is real life. You are not fighting for them. We are standing upon the shoulders of thousands of our ancestors today. We owe our civilization to those who came before us. We owe our culture and all the wonderful things of invention that came down to us from the past, to the men and women of the past who sacrificed, fought and died for what was important to them. Do you think we have it tougher than they did? Every bit of effort and suffering they endured only has meaning if our people survive. We are not fighting for the stupid couch potatoes, and the brain dead masses, who think Peter Jennings really is telling them the truth about our people. We are fighting for those who came before, and for those who are yet to come, and because of our fight, the couch potato will profit as well.

This generation is a spoiled and uneducated lot, who has had everything handed to them. They cannot conceive of real hardship where they see their own family members dying of starvation. They think that starvation and war is something that you see on television. It is not something you live through. When people are that disconnected from reality, it is very hard to reach them with the facts of life. We have created a civilization that has shielded our people from reality. So, it is not surprising that they do not take reality seriously. The reality of extinction has been put to them in the form of dinosaur bones and pictures of dodo birds, but they still do not see that the common end to species, is staring them in the face. They think that if Whites are displaced and Brown and Black people continue on in the USA, that the USA will continue on and it will be more or less the same thing. This lack of historical perspective is most distressing.

Look at the country of Egypt today. What do you think the chances are that an Egyptian from the White nation it once was, would even recognize the nation and people who now populate that land? The land of Egypt now for thousands of years has been a "Third World" nation. It relies on others for innovation and production. The land is dry, barren and of little value. Is this a mere continuation of the Egypt of old, which does not miss the White people who once lived here? Hardly! This land is like the bombed out ruin of a once great cathedral, inhabited by people who did not build the cathedral and never could have.

What of Haiti? Here was an island paradise, which was more productive and rich than any one of the United States while Whites owned and operated it. Today it is one of the poorest spots on earth. The Black people who inherited Haiti were not even capable of maintaining the profitable agricultural industry that existed there. Instead they let it fall into ruin and the people fell back into the stone age, from which their people in Africa never left on their own. The White people are now gone, and what is left? A pit of living desolation.

In Rhodesia, now known as Zimbabwe, the same process is going on. The White population has been whittled down from hundreds of thousands to tens of thousands. Still the Whites are producing 90% of the food for the country. The Blacks are now running the White farmers off their land, and soon that 90% of food production will be snuffed out. Next we will be having commercials shown on our television sets with pictures of starving children from Zimbabwe, because all of the White people will be gone. And that same thing is what will happen to America if the White people leave, or are destroyed.

So, if we want our descendants to exist, to be White, and to have lands in which to live, we must struggle. We must be willing to do whatever it takes to make that happen. Just like the little fawn, struggling against gravity, and preparing to defeat the wolves that are looking for their dinner, we must struggle against those who would put us down, and take our country from us. It is as if we were on a fast flowing river. The water flow is strong and we must work hard to move against it, but we must remember that there is a waterfall just down river from here. Either we struggle, paddling hard, or we die. There are no other options.

It always makes the struggle far easier when you see positive results. I am buoyed up ever time I get an email from someone who has visited my page and says, "Wow! I never knew what was going on before. Thank you so much for creating your web page and telling me the truth." I can tell you that if I had done nothing else in my entire life, it would be worth living just for one of those emails. Every time one of our people wakes up, they spread the word. They are eager to help others wake up. It is the strength of our movement. We have to set the spark off to ignite the explosion. Can you imagine the results if that chain reaction is set off and a significant percentage of White Americans suddenly came awake?

If the newly awakened people did not simply string them up, our frightened politicians would suddenly be forced to actually work in our interests for a change. They would solve the immigration problem instantly by banning all Nonwhite immigration, and forcing all illegal aliens out of this country. They would terminate all forms of Affirmative Action, and anti-discrimination laws. They would terminate all forms of government support to anyone who is physically capable of working. Our White society would be reestablished and laws would be put in place that would guarantee that our population would never again fall below 80% or 90% White.

I know it sounds like a pipe dream, but it can happen and it is my goal to make it happen. No movement ever has the majority behind it at first. It was only a small percentage of the colonists who actually committed to the American Revolution in the beginning. We may look small and fragile today. But just like that struggling fawn, we have great potential! Since, having a safe White land in which to raise our children is not a luxury, but is a necessity, we are going to make that happen. We are all going to work together to provide that necessity for our children and our children's children. Quick now, nudge the person next to you and tell them that they need to wake up, they are snoring!

Only you can
prevent extinction!

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