Duplicity of the Liberal

I RECEIVED AN EMAIL recently which had the following comment in it:

There is no need to call you or your site a source of hate merely because you support the white race. However; your ability to distinguish and to judge the accomplishments of a particular race (based on skin color) is in itself the source of what is called prejudiced behavior. You are prejudging the accomplishments of a group of people based on skin color and not on the merits or morality of those accomplishments.

The flavor of the email led me to believe that this writer felt that "prejudiced behavior" was a bad thing. When queried on what he thought of the exact same practice when applied to black people during Black History Month, suddenly it was no longer a bad thing:

Rather I think it is somewhat curious that we specifically set aside only one month a year to pointedly study another culture's answers to the question of how to live life.

Black History Month is by definition, nothing but a demonstration of the "ability to distinguish and to judge the accomplishments of a particular race (based on skin color)" and our liberal friend not only does not find it "prejudiced behavior" but he finds it curious that we do not do more of it! The subtle attempt to muddy the perceptive waters by calling it "study[ing] another culture's answers" is instead a tool for highlighting his clear intention of tying race to culture and judging accomplishments ("answers") based upon color of skin.

This is how the liberal always works. He attacks the white race and any sort of racial pride that a member of the white race may have. It is "prejudiced behavior" and therefore reprehensible! "Save us!" cries the liberal. "From the prejudiced behavior of the horrible white man!" And while the white man is cowered into silence for fear of offending others, the same absurd liberal proclaims, "Behold the beauty of the Black race and see all the wonderful things they have done!" When you look at this sort of duplicity head on it is enough to make you fighting mad.

In another area this emailer said the following:

If I must support my own culture by continuing to support distortions of history then I must reexamine the base of that culture. Columbus was a very self serving explorer, he was inept as a ruler of his New World territory, and exemplified the worst of what would hallmark Spanish rule. This should not be considered the best of what European culture has to offer. We should be as ready to condemn our misdeeds as a people as we are willing to point out the failures of others.

Now take note. Here is another case of duplicity. Columbus was a hero. He set out across the Atlantic. I have crossed the Atlantic a couple of times as a member of the crew of a United States Navy vessel. That body of water is capable of fury that can make an 1100 foot aircraft carrier roll about quite actively. The much smaller destroyer will issue to its men, rope tie-downs to keep them from falling out of their racks (bunks) at night during heavy seas. Columbus set out across that sea in a tiny wooden boat, risking his life, and he continued on until he found the new world, and thereby opened the door for all the rest of the Europeans who have come across since. We can celebrate that each year on Columbus Day without trying to find out each and every thing which Columbus did that we do not approve of. If you care to judge Columbus, judge him by the times he lived in, not by some obscene Politically Correct standard which only liberals can truly admire.

What about the duplicity in this liberal's statement? How many liberals would like it if we brought up the fact that Martin Luther King Jr. was a liar, a foul mouthed adulterer, and a communist sympathizer each and every MLK holiday? Do you think that they would have that same, attitude of being ready to condemn their hero's misdeeds? Of course not. As always the liberal wants things only to flow in a direction which harms the white race and Western Culture.

It is clear that the liberal is only interested in destroying the America that George Washington and the other Founding Fathers created. He wants to belittle the white race and the contribution that the white race has made to the creation of America. He wants to lessen the value of the Western Civilization which America sprang from. He would rather celebrate the African culture, or the Oriental culture. The dominant position which White European countries have held is disgusting to the liberal. He wishes to pull those arrogant whites down to the same level as the members of the third world countries. He is so intent upon that goal that he cares not for consistency or intellectual honesty in his world view. He replaces that with an irrational celebration of diversity and multiculturalism.

The clear and critical point of this is that serious liberals are not going to discuss the facts of life with you fairly and accurately. They will call a shovel a pitchfork, and they will call a hammer a screwdriver, if it will further their twisted agenda. They will also condemn all those who are so brazen as to speak the truth and who call a spade a spade. You can never win at debate with a real liberal because they will not debate honestly or fairly. It is not a question of matching your facts against their facts, but instead you are put into a position where you not only have to gather facts to support your own conclusions but you have to run down all of the lies the other side will use against you, in order to prove their duplicity. Even then, after you work hard to gather all of those facts, the liberals will twist facts into lies and reach conclusions which are contrary to the very facts which they claim will support those conclusions. They believe that they do not have to be honest with the stupid white Americans because their liberal cause is more important than the truth. Do not forget that because they never will.

Only you can
prevent extinction!

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