Election 2000

WHAT ARE YOU GOING TO DO ON NOVEMBER 7? Do you think that a vote for George W. Bush is the best hope you have, because no one else can win? I understand why you might think that but I must disagree. It is time to jump off the bandwagon. We can no longer afford to play the game. Al Gore will bail water into our sinking ship with a bucket and George W. will do it with a coffee can. That makes George W. look better to most folks on the Right but the fact is we must have someone who will start bailing water OUT of our ship. We cannot continue to give support to those who are pretending to be on our side while they are slitting our throats only a little slower than the Democrats are. (For example, during Ronald Reagan's administration, -- who appeared to many people to be the closest thing we have had to a positive president in living memory -- taxes, immigration, and all other lethal assaults upon our nation continued at a fast, and relatively unencumbered pace.)

The only issue before us today is the salvation of our White nation. Either we do it, or we do not. Looking at the election on November 7 in that light, what is a vote for Bush? Will he halt Nonwhite immigration? Will he drive the Illegal Aliens and their children out of our land? Will he support laws that will restore our 90% White majority, through immigration control? Of course not! He will putter around with the economy, continue to fight Israel's wars for them, and focus on other issues that will have no long term benefit to our people, while continuing the devastating policies that will bring the USA to complete destruction.

And what will your vote for George W. do? If every one of the pro-White people vote for George W., then there will be nothing in the record of how they really felt. Voters will have either voted for Bush or Gore. The system will be supported as is stands, and no change can come from this election. The deadly status quo will have been perpetuated. Another election cycle will be spent upon the river which is drawing us closer to the waterfall, and our death as a people. A cycle which represents 4 more wasted years without anyone hearing our voice.

And what about a vote for Patrick J. Buchanan? What will that protest vote say? How will it be interpreted by the masses who see his small percentage of the take? It will be a vote against immigration which is good, but it is not a vote against specifically Nonwhite immigration, and it will be a vote FOR diversity, a vote FOR feminism and vote AGAINST traditional America. Along with Patrick J. Buchanan comes Ezola Foster, a black woman. I am not saying that Ezola Foster may not be a better vice president than Al Gore, or even a better president than Bill Clinton. (With standards that low, almost anyone would be an improvement.) What I am saying is that if you vote for anyone or anything that runs counter to your core beliefs, especially as a protest vote, you have given up your power to control your destiny in your land. You have given up your voice. You have wasted your chance to be heard.

The very worst thing that could happen is for White Americans to passively continue to play the two party voting game, holding on until it is too late. If 2050 AD comes around and we have not yet had a revolution, whether political or military, this country is going to be irretrievably destroyed. Our people will be permanently finished as a power on this continent. It may be even sooner than that. George Bush will not halt Nonwhite immigration. He is busy showing off his Spanish vocabulary. He comes from a state that is close to being a White minority state already. George W. will not do any more to save our land or our people than Al Gore will. He is bought and paid for by the same folks as Al Gore is.

Voting at all is a waste of time if you don't send a message that you are no longer going to play the two (identical) party game. Time is growing too short to fool yourself any longer that the Republicans are going to do anything except delay a revolt, pacifying White Americans, by pretending to care about traditional America, while continuing to perpetuate the policies that are destroying our nation, until we can never recover. It is time to permanently jump off the two party anti-America, and anti-White system for good!

Don't sit on your couch on Election Day. Half of the eligible voters in the United States do not even vote. They are fed up, but so brainwashed that they can't even figure out why. The system is destroying their way of life and their people, but they watch television every night and think that being pro-White is evil. What would they do if they knew they were not alone, and that there was a positive choice they could make in the voting booth? What if they saw others were going out and voting for a pro-White and pro-American candidate? They just might realize that they can do it too.

Since we are talking about a number very close to a real majority of eligible voters who are not voting at all, if they suddenly came out to vote for their own issues, they could bury the "major" parties with their anemic turnouts! But that will never happen if you sit at home on election night and say the same thing that they do, "It will never work. My vote doesn't count." You can whine about election fraud and how hopeless things are, or you can get yourself out there and do at least what you can for your people and your country. Go out and write in the name of the one candidate who is a qualified man, a man who is in full support of White traditional America, and whose name will not be confused with diversity, multiculturalism, or Nonwhite immigration in any way.

I ask you, for your people, go out and write in the name of DAVID DUKE on your ballot. Don't find excuses not to vote, and don't vote for anyone else. I pay for my web page out of my own pocket. I do not have an organization, and I do not make any money from what I am doing. I am here today working for my people out of love for them and nothing else. I have no one else to answer to, except my own conscience. And from this position, I can say honestly and without reservation that no other choice makes any sense to me at all. A vote for DUKE is a vote for your people. A vote for anyone else will be either a vote for the enemies of your people, or at best an ambiguous protest vote that will be lost in the swirls and eddies of the spin doctors.

I Love White Folks, and so does David Duke!

Please pass this on to as many others as you can. The more write-in votes Mr. Duke receives the bigger the impact will be.


Only you can
prevent extinction!

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