When I See an Elephant Fly

WE HAVE ALL SEEN THE MOVIE DUMBO. The elephant flew like an eagle! Therefore, based upon what passes for reasoning today in America, it is physically possible for an elephant to fly, and we should start creating habitats in our zoos to accommodate that ability in the pachyderm. A cage can no longer be complete without some strong netting to cover the top, lest the elephant soar to freedom. There should be perches placed high above the ground that will allow the remarkable beasts somewhere to land when they are flittering about their cages.

While Americans would laugh at any zookeeper that would purpose such lunacy, these same Americans are daily swallowing swill from their televisions, and other mass media, that is far less likely of being true than the idea of a flying elephant is.

Americans are told that if a Leftist can conceive of it, it can be. If he can think of it, it must be. The insane state of affairs in America today was brought about by just that sort of thought process. As an example -- the Leftist proclaims that there are no differences in the races. Any person with eyes can see that this claim is a lie right at the start. Americans did go to a movie that proclaimed in its title that, "White Men Can't Jump," and still many of them swallow the lie that there are no differences in the races. Whites may win the 3-point shooting contest in the NBA, but they never win the slam dunk contest. Black men can jump, and that means they are different than White men. Despite the obvious physical differences between the races, and tremendous differences in the cultures that the different races have produced, we are told all of these differences are a mirage and that in reality there are no differences.

Even as the racial problems are expanding in direct proportion with the increase in diversity in our land, we are told that diversity is a "strength." This so called strength is shaking our society to its foundation and already has people seriously discussing the secession of the Southwest to create a Hispanic nation. Why? Because the Hispanics are not now, nor will they ever be Americans. They are Mexicans and other mestizo peoples who are unable to assimilate into White America. In other words they are different. Still we are told that this is making us stronger. Setting us up for a civil war is not creating a strength. But White Americans are buying this lie. In fact they get very angry when anyone points out that the emperor is not only naked, but he is insane!

It is time that Americans turn off their propaganda boxes for a bit, and learn a few facts of life that will help direct them back to sanity:

  1. Elephants do not now, nor will they ever, fly.

  2. The races of man are significantly different from each other.

  3. It is physically impossible to have racial strife in a racially homogenous society.

  4. Racial diversity in any society always causes strife and bloodshed.

  5. As the White race is displaced from America, so will be displaced our culture, ideals, and ultimately, all that America was before the invasion of non-Whites began in 1965.

  6. Desegregation was, and continues to be a successful full-scale attack on America, and its way of life.

  7. The societal changes forced upon us by our government since the 1950s have all been destructive to White families, White Schools, White society, and White people in general.

  8. Whites have a moral obligation to their children, and to their ancestors, to defend their lands from what the government is doing to them today. If White people do not stand up for their existence as a people, it will be taken from them, forever!

  9. The people who are running the media (See Who Rules America) are the greatest enemies White people have ever had in their entire existence as a race.

  10. Every time you see a television show, a magazine ad, a movie, a music video, a billboard or any other product of the mass media that depicts Whites with members of the opposite sex who are not White, especially White women who are depicted with non-White men, it is a blatant, intentional attack on our people. It is propaganda, purposefully created, with the intent of softening up the resistance of White Folks to the lethal attack being perpetrated against their society and their people.

Why can't we all just get along? Because we were designed to struggle for survival as a race, just as the other races are. It is instinctive, it is normal, and it is right. That is obvious to any careful observer, because if it were not so, there would be no need of such an intense propaganda campaign to try and overcome the urge to protect ourselves. There would be no need for anti-discrimination laws, or the circulation of "Celebrate Diversity" propaganda devices if they were not attacking characteristics that are perfectly normal.

I defy any White man, who has even a partially open mind, to take a walk through a predominantly White neighborhood, and then take a walk through a predominantly non-White neighborhood anywhere in America, or anywhere in the world, and then compare them to see if both are equal. They are not, and they never will be. They were created by different people, and will always be different. In order for America to continue as America, it must be populated by the same people who created America: European-White-Americans. At the point where our country ceases to be White, it ceases to be American. Anyone who thinks otherwise is capable of thinking that Dumbo was a documentary rather than a fairy tale for children, because the truth is beyond his understanding.

Only you can
prevent extinction!

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