Controversial Episode 
Airs Tonight

AS I SIGNED ON TO AOL TODAY, I was presented with a picture of an actress in a graduation cap, and the headline: Controversial Episode Airs Tonight. The show and the subject are not important. The thought that I was suddenly struck with is that I must have either read or heard that phrase, or something similar to it, a thousand times over the years. At the very least it has been many hundreds of times. Like a bullet in a war, each time that phrase has been written or spoken in regard to a television show, it has been something that has ripped at what made our society strong. Some taboo, or belief, some intellectual pillar of our community, some procedure or law which protected our society from harm was being attacked. Every time a "controversial" show has aired over the years, it has ALWAYS been something which intellectually moved our nation to the left, away from the White society of the pre-1960s. EVERY TIME that has been the case.

I would just once love to see the headline: Controversial Episode Airs Tonight, and find out that the show was promoting a neighborhood of our White people doing well. Perhaps a show on how great the schools of the 1950s were, or a documentary on the low crime rates that White communities share throughout the world. Now that would be truly controversial, even though it really should not be! But you can rest assured that there will never be a controversial show airing which moves the country to the right. We will never see a controversial show promoting the racial views of our founding fathers or even of our grandfathers. We can be as sure of that as we can be sure that the sun will rise in the east every morning. We can be sure, completely sure, as long as the Media Lords are in charge of our mass media.

It was not all at once that the changes happened in America. It was not overnight. This has covered generations. In the past they had controversial shows on black school teachers, in order to get them into the schools. Of course the controversial show depicted a Black genius who was being held down by the hateful White establishment. Of course some of that actually did occur. Some very qualified Blacks were not allowed to become teachers at White schools. Of course no one stopped them from becoming teachers at Black schools. Their numbers were very small and their talents were needed far more at the Black schools than the White schools.

The point is that the "controversial" show was focused on a problem so small that it was hardly worth mentioning. The vast majority of Black teachers who have since been put into the once White schools are under trained, and nearly illiterate. They are jokes compared with the teachers we had in the White schools before. That controversial show helped millions of Americans choose to accept unqualified teachers to teach their kids, based upon a distortion of the truth. As everyone knows, there is no lie more effective than one which holds some truth in it!

Thinks of all the "controversial" shows we have had over the years, leading us into acceptance of all the liberal causes. Step by step these shows have held our hands as we learned to accept the lies of the leftist causes of feminism, civil rights, integration and the color-blind society, unlimited Nonwhite immigration, welfare and the "Great Society", miscegenation, and a thousand other twists of the mind. Using these "controversial" shows we have been led from the sunny and golden American society of the 1950s into the deep, dark, and dangerous multicultural jungle of the 1990s.

We must peer ahead into the next century with great trepidation. What new "controversial" episodes await us? What new horrors are planned for our society? How much further will we allow ourselves to be dragged into this deadly land of dark rage? Will we continue until we finally break into the full midnight of extermination at the hands of those whom we have tried to pull up to our level? Or will we instead finally learn the truth that we must allow all men to reach their own level in their own land?

Another way of posing the same question: Will the White man ever give up his addiction to the Media Lord's propaganda machine? When Whites watch television for their entertainment, they act as if they are not White at all. They become tools of the Media Lords, working to destroy the White race. If some White should conversationally ask you if you watched some television show the night before, you have an opportunity to explain why you have given up that pastime. All shows are poison. It does not matter which one they ask you about. Sitcoms, dramas, news, documentaries, and cartoons all promote the same agenda. In their dialog, their commentary, and their jokes, the actors are all promoting the diverse, insane world of the Media Lords. There is absolutely no room for the White world of the 1950s in these shows. There is no room for the White culture or thoughts of our great men of the past. Instead there is only room for titillation, feminism, the Nonwhite intrusion into our space, and other equally objectionable concepts and situations.

Any White who is watching a television show today will see his culture, race and heritage attacked over and over again. That is true for each and every show on television. Then on top of that constant, wearing pressure upon the foundation of his existence, there appears on the horizon, a great wave approaching fast. Here it comes, another "controversial" episode. The force of the crash is a terror to behold and you can hear the main columns cracking at the center of our White society. Once again, the nearly ruined structure has had its supportive timbers further weakened.

The most amazing thing is that after decades of the constant wearing away of our society by the daily shows, and the shattering effects of the "controversial" episodes, our society is still standing. It is much worse for the wear. It has been partially gutted, like a giant oak after surviving a nasty fire. The Media Lords are daily throwing more fuel on the base of the tree and lighting it off. Still it stands. The White man has shouldered the impossible burden given to him. He pays half of his income in taxes, which supports the nonproductive Nonwhites of this nation. He watches his road system and rail infrastructure crumble because the money he pays to maintain it is used for other nonproductive causes. He has seen other races hired and promoted over him solely because of the color of their skins. He has seen the women of his race mating with other races, thereby helping to kill his race through attrition. He has watched his children grow up in crime-ridden multicultural neighborhoods, and attend integrated, and nearly useless multicultural schools. Still he will not fall. Like a titanic White boxer, who has been beaten beyond belief, he still refuses to fall. Still he has the heart to go on. Still he has hope that all is not lost and victory may be achieved.

How massive and strong was the structure of our society before, that it could take such tremendous abuse for all of these years and still remain standing? What an amazing wonder was our United States of America when it was still proud of its race, its heritage and its culture! In spite of everything, all of that greatness has not yet been used up. You can see the knees getting weak. It is nearing the point of collapse. However, our nation can still be saved. We must act soon. All our people are at risk. Just as if they were in a building that is burning, or in a bus that has no brakes, and is about to head down a steep mountain road. Tell them that they are in danger. Tell them now!

Only you can
prevent extinction!

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