1. The White race made America what it is today.

2. American heritage is White heritage.

3. American law is based upon White concepts from White European thought.

4. The American all-White neighborhoods of the past were demonstrably safer, and freer of crime of all sorts than integrated neighborhoods of today.

5. The American all-White schools of the past were clearly superior to any integrated school of today.

6. All great societies of the past which were White as they rose to power, when they changed from being dominantly White, to a dominantly mixed race society, they fell permanently into decay. (e.g. Egypt, Greece, Rome, Spain, Portugal.)

7. Racial integration of our neighborhoods and our schools has forced them into decay, just like the racial integration of the societies of the great White nations of the past caused them to fall into decay. History, both ancient and recent American, has consistently taught the very same lesson. It is clear beyond any debate, that modifying the racial composition of America away from the dominantly White society that it was as it rose to power, towards a mixed, racially diverse society, will be catastrophic. It will plunge the great American nation into the same depths that the other great White nations of the past have fallen into.

8. Based upon the extensive history of the Black race it is clear that it is not capable of creating or maintaining an advanced society. It has never created one advanced society in Africa. In every case (such as Haiti) where it has been given a thriving society, it has killed it, driving it into the same primitive state that its people have always lived in, in their native Africa. (For any who is foolish enough to doubt history, we have the sad spectacle of South Africa playing out before us, which should erase all doubts.)

9. History has shown us that the Black race cannot create or maintain an advanced society on its own. Its members therefore, as a people, cannot well fit into an advanced society, as equals, living and working beside those who not only are capable of building one advanced society, but have built numerous such societies in all climates and in all types of land.

10. History has shown us that the Hispanic peoples are also deficient in creating advanced societies like the White race has repeatedly created. While they have shown ability that is superior to the Black race, by creating their own written language and some moderately advanced societies they have not been able to take the superior natural resources of the South American continent and do much with them.

11. Spain and Portugal sent soldiers to the lands south of the Rio Grande to conquer and take the wealth of the land. Instead of sending families to colonize, the Spanish men took native wives. The racial makeup of the lands south of the Rio Grande is composed of American Indian, Black, mixed-race and a small percentage of Whites thrown in. Their lands have never thrived like the nations to the north where Whites colonized and kept their race in tact, seldom mixing their race with others.

12. By "celebrating diversity" we are bringing in the Hispanic and Asian peoples into White America and we will cause the North American continent to become like the South American continent. The great wealth and stable society of the White United States will be traded for the poverty and instability of the revolution torn countries south of our border.

13. Even if all races were exactly the same, if there were no differences whatsoever, the fact that Whites created the nation of the United States of America, means that we are completely within our honorable rights to restrict entrance into our country. We may honorably allow only White immigrants, or no immigrants at all.

14. The number of Whites, as a percentage of world population, is now down into the single digits and falling fast.

15. Nearly all of the White nations on earth are now accepting large numbers of Nonwhite immigrants. The only one of the three major races of earth, that is in real danger of falling into a minority status in its own racial home, is the White race. This could easily lead to extermination of the White race.

16. Those who support American diversity, Nonwhite immigration, miscegenation, integration, and/or Affirmative Action, are either:
1) ignorant of the above critical facts; or 2) blatant haters of the White race and seeking to end its existence on planet Earth.

Only you can
prevent extinction!

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