A Dangerous Fallacy

WHAT HAPPENS WHEN YOU FOLLOW PERFECT LOGIC, making absolutely no logical errors, and arrive at a logically derived conclusion? Have you then established beyond doubt that your conclusion is valid and factual? "Of course you have!" many might reply. However, they have left out one very critical step and can quite possibly be looking at a completely false conclusion in spite of their perfect logic! "How can this be?" you might ask.

A logical syllogism could run, if A then B. If B then C. Therefore if A then C. Or in plain English: All boys are loud. All loud people like baseball. Therefore, all boys like baseball. Logically sound but unfortunately not accurate at all. Many boys are not loud, and of course there are loud people in other countries who do not even know how baseball is played and have no interest in it at all. The logic is sound but the basic assumptions are flawed. So, to move in logically sound steps, without having valid assumptions to begin with is absolutely no better than to have preceded with improper logical steps. The valid ending conclusion is entirely dependent upon valid assumptions.

The point of this is that we were given a set of basic assumptions by our government. They are declared to be axiomatic and sound. They are beyond reproach or even question! From those assumptions we then build our logically sound corollaries and can propose even more advanced axioms that are as self evidently true as the original assumptions were. This wonderful structure of logic has produced a veritable Niagara Falls of logical decisions and laws which have flowed forth to engulf the land. We are left with parts of our major cities that are indistinguishable from a war zone, metal detectors required in many of our schools, and a populous completely confused as to why it is happening. Let us examine the basic governmentally supplied assumptions.

Axiom #1 appears to be a wonderful thing on the face of it. Something that sounds so right must be right. Right? Wrong! All over the world, and all throughout time we find copious examples of diversity causing strife, and bloodshed. Over time the problem only gets worse. There are two exceptions: first the diverse components merge into a single entity whereby both of the original parts completely cease to exist. That extinction is naturally repugnant to humans, and so both sides fight to avoid that, and we are left with a permanently hostile environment; the second exception is where one of the diverse parties is sufficiently strong to completely overwhelm and eliminate the other. In either one of these examples you can see that the only way that the elimination of strife can occur is to have the diversity disappear. Better would be to have never created it!

AXIOM #2 was not self evidently true to the US population back in the 1950's and 1960's when the Supreme Court shoved it down their throats! The idea that white people, living in their own neighborhoods of their own free will, was bad, took some getting used to. You see the white people had built the neighborhoods, paid for the houses with money they had legally earned, voted in taxes to pay for the schools that their children attended (those all-white schools being one of the very reasons they chose to move to their particular neighborhood) and did all that they could to keep the neighborhood cleaned up and crime free to bolster the value of their homes. All of this was perfectly legal and morally right. They made absolutely no effort to hamper or stymie any other race from building their own neighborhoods up and producing high rated schools. In fact they would have loved to see that happen! But it did not. Logically, if something needed to be done, it was not to destroy the good all-white neighborhoods, but rather to fix up the run down minority neighborhoods. In America, where freedom and opportunity is more important than a socialistic government safety net, it is the obligation of the people living in a poor neighborhood to get to work and fix it up themselves! That is what opportunity is all about. You can change things yourself.

AXIOM #3 is nothing short of un-American. It is not the role of the US government to make us moral people or force behavior that is morally correct. If we are not free to make stupid, self-dangerous, or even bigoted choices in our lives, then we are puppets and do not posses freedom. If I cannot chose whom I want to live next to, whom I want to sell my house to, or whom I want to hire in my business, then I am not living in a free society. Ever since this axiom has been accepted as valid by our government we have had our liberties stripped from us one by one and a continuing onslaught from the government daily washes away at the weaken dike which protects what is left of our freedoms. This axiom has been used to justify taking men's jobs, arm bending companies into submission, and trashing many of our schools and neighborhoods.

It is time that we throw out these three obvious falsehoods and stop assuming that they are self-evident truths. To base any law or program on one of these absurd "axioms" is to do harm to all Americans and to destroy our freedom! Do you want to live in a free America or a socialist freedomless Amerika? If you love socialism, you might as well leave this web page right now because we have nothing in common! If you love freedom, you must make sure that you have it straight in your head that the socialism which things like Social Security, welfare, affirmative action and desegregation depend upon are fatal to freedom, as has been clearly demonstrated over the last few decades of increased tyranny in America.

Only you can
prevent extinction!

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