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The very well written The Fame of a Dead Man's Deeds, brings the man behind the American Dissident Voices broadcasts, Dr. William Pierce, to life; as a living, breathing man, with some faults, but some exceptional qualities, including a tremendous work ethic -- directed at saving our race from extinction. It then goes on to give an excellent summation of many of the key ideas that Dr. Pierce holds dear, and that have inspired the actions that have brought him so much attention over the years.

The early portions of the book go through Dr. Pierce's history; touching upon the men and ideas that shaped his view of the world, and then what actions that world view inspired, as it was formed. Along the way, the reader is introduced to some important characters, some of them better known than others to the general public, including, but not limited to: George Lincoln Rockwell, Revilo P. Oliver, Timothy McVeigh, Adolf Hitler, and Bob Mathews. The relationships between these individuals and the subject of the book are interesting to study, since they shine a light on what helped move Dr. Pierce along his path to the chairmanship of the National Alliance.

There are two chapters that give very good overviews of Dr. Pierce's two novels: The Turner Diaries, and Hunter. Also, there are separate chapters that contain Dr. Pierce's feelings and ideas relating to the books, which are very interesting and informative.

The second part of the book is in a sense reminiscent of My Awakening by David Duke, because professor Griffin masterfully arranges many of Dr. Pierce's ideas and lectures into topical studies of critical concepts of Nationalism, and pro-White ideology in general.

I feel that if someone were going to read only one chapter of the entire book (a hard choice indeed!), it should be Chapter 27: Pierce's Vision. It is a great overview, in Dr. Pierce's own words, compiled in a very effective way, of the ideas which underpin the National Alliance. I found the entire chapter to be very moving and quite persuasive. There are also separate chapters dealing with Dr. Pierce's view of the history of World War II, the Jews, education, and feminism.

Professor Griffin wrote the book as an observer, with no ax to grind. He worked very hard to research topics that came up during his interviews with Dr. Pierce, and those who work and live around him. He takes the reader along with him, as he goes through the education process of discovering new people, books, articles and plays. He provides some exceptionally good overviews of several works; overviews which could easily stand alone as very worthwhile reading.

Like a good reporter, along with describing all of the important, positive things that he observed about his subject, without criticizing, Professor Griffin also honestly points out things that strike him as odd, or even unpleasant, but in a dispassionate way. They are part of the story, but not part of a judgement. He seeks to help the reader better understand his subject: Dr. Pierce, a human -- with both strengths and weaknesses. In my opinion Professor Griffin was successful. At the end, the reader is left with the feeling that Dr. Pierce is not a god, or a demon, but a man who cares deeply about what he is doing, and who is driven to save his people, or to die trying.

The Fame of a Dead Man's Deeds is definitely on my "must read" list!

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Fame of a Dead Man's Deeds

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