The Frightened American

PICTURE DAN RATHER SMILING as he reads the lead story which is a piece on a Senator from Texas who states that the invasion of Nonwhite immigrants and illegal aliens from south of our border is a terrible tragedy, and in order to save America, the invasion must be stopped, and reversed, immediately. That is a pretty tough mental image to create, is it not? You probably would find it easier to imagine an invasion of Earth by beings from an underground empire from the moon! You know that our political "leaders" would never have the courage to state the truth about immigration in public. If even a rumor were to circulate that a politician had made such a comment IN PRIVATE, that politician would be strongly denying that rumor as soon as he got wind of it.

Our leaders are living in mortal fear. They have built up walls of political imagery about themselves to protect them from even appearing to be outside the controlled limits set up for them by our masters. These politicians all worship at the shrine of the great "Dr." "Martin Luther" King. Most will claim to have marched with MLK, and they all will proclaim complete adoration of the man and his cause. How is it possible to get universal agreement between all those men who normally cannot agree on anything? The answer is fear. Our senators and congressmen are terrified of the consequences of speaking the truth.

If you are led to think that our politicians are just a bunch of crooks anyway, and they have no backbone or morals to speak of, you are not to be faulted. A very strong case could be made for that position. However, it is not only the politicians who are driven by fear. You will notice that the most powerful businessmen in the country are just as universally in support of diversity in their companies. Men who are otherwise strong, independent and outspoken all fall into lockstep, and like spineless "yes men" mouth the partly line. Each and every one of them is fully in support of diversity, feminism, and multicultural sensitivity. None of them will speak a single word in favor of the White race. Considering that the White race was instrumental in the formation of this country, it is more than passing strange that this is so. How is it possible to force all of these powerful, egocentric men into this position of mental servitude?

If you are inclined to chalk this paradox up to mental instability brought on by the pressures of running a company, you will not find any solace there. These men are not unstable in any other area. They are strong willed, intelligent men who use their sound judgement to operate their companies. If they were unstable, they would either be fired, or else they would run their company into bankruptcy. It is fear and nothing else which controls these powerful men.

Following these business leaders are all the upper managers, middle managers and low level managers. They are just as much in sync with the party line as is the CEO of the company. This in turn drives the average worker at the lowest level to keep his mouth shut, out of fear of losing his job. At every level of our society there is fear to be found, tremendous fear, fear of going against the party line of our Masters. The average White guy on the street will be happy to pass along the latest blonde (White) joke, but he would be very careful before he would even consider telling a Black joke. It takes a great deal of fear to make a man freely ridicule his own people, while hesitating to ridicule others.

Fear seems out of place in a land that, everyone seems to agree, is a "free country." Should not the people of a free country be at liberty to organize their neighborhoods as they wish? Should they not be unfettered in their efforts to create schools which are molded to their own wishes? Should they not be unimpeded in maintaining the demographic profile for their society which they visualize as the ideal for themselves? Each of these things should be an integral part of any free society, and yet they are all missing from the society of the United States of America today!

Whether it is in the anonymous setting of an Internet forum, the private conversation of friends, the public conversation in the workplace, or an official discussion in a boardroom, you can see rigid conformity brought on by fear. The more formal the occasion of a discussion, the more closely does its image of conformity align itself with the politically correct ideal. But it is present everywhere.

Think about how strange this is: more Black people are killed EACH YEAR by other Black people than the total number of Blacks killed by the KKK in its entire history. Yet, the Media Lords are still making movies about the Klan as if it were the greatest enemy of our entire civilization. The KKK is vilified as a great menace to Black folks. From the lowest member of our society to the highest, there is a universal image of horror associated with the Klan, but at the same time an image of benevolence and acceptance of the Black race. The Klan in nearly all cases acted in hopes of protecting their people, righting wrongs, and/or punishing crimes. This is a fact that is not discussed by folks today, because fear blocks this subject from seeing the light of day. At the same time, discussion of the high crime rate maintained so consistently by the members of the Black race is just as restricted.

The White race is being herded towards the cliff through the use of fear. Anyone who doubts that need not leave the privacy of his own thoughts to demonstrate the fact. He merely has to use the technique of visualization. Visualize yourself at one of your company's meetings, and you are mentioning that you would prefer to work on a team that is all white, rather than a diverse team. Can you picture the reaction? Now, imagine the White Entertainment Network, the Caucasian College Fund, or the Miss White America beauty pageant. No one who has been raised in the USA would have any trouble at all visualizing the extremely negative reaction that any of these things would receive. Any outward sign shown at the workplace, that one is anything but ecstatic about diversity, will be dealt with harshly. While White organizations and functions are immediately labeled as racist, the Black Entertainment Network, the Negro College Fund, and the Miss Black America beauty pageant not only exist, but they are viewed as being far beyond merely acceptable, they are seen as wonderful. Anyone who points out this inconsistency is, without delay, relegated to the category of "racist," and if he actually pushes the discussion to the point where he clearly expects an answer as to why this inconsistency should be allowed to continue to exist, he will be attacked with sarcasm, and vitriol. The anger underlying such attacks is fueled by fear.

What does the average American think about what happened to the American Indians? The savages that inhabited this land before the American nation was created, were living without progress, and in such small numbers that if the current American population were spread that far apart, they could fill up the land surface of the world 4.8 times! Even if the oceans were removed, thereby creating huge new areas of land, at that density the current American population could cover the entire earth's surface almost one and a half times. Image 313 planets the size of Earth, with the same amount of land mass as our home world has on it. That is what it would take to house the 6 billion inhabitants of this world if they were to live with that sort of spacing between them. In other words, the land upon which America exists today, was virtually unpopulated when the White man came here.

Compare that with what is America today. The White race has created a nation with nearly 300 times as many people living comfortably within the same land area that the Indian nations lived in. Besides feeding our people from the fruits of our labor, we have fed many mouths from around the world. We have brought our technological wealth to the world as well. America has been a blessing to most nations in one way or another. All of that would have been lost if the White man had not taken over the undeveloped and virtually unpopulated land, and then built the United States of America on top of it. It was a very positive thing which the White man did. It was a good deed, and a necessary deed. I am very glad that he did that. If it had to be done again today, and I think it does, I would support it completely.

Visualize a news anchorman reading those last two paragraphs on the air. Are you having a little trouble doing that? To boldly state certain of the obvious facts of life, is not done in our society today. Sure, we can now talk all about our bodily functions, in what once was called "polite society." We can, and do, use vulgarity and talk about many vulgar topics in mixed company, which was not commonly done prior to the 1960s leftist revolution. However, to state that the White man rightly took this land over from those who were small in number and making no progress, is considered sacrilege. To be proud of the conquest of this land is looked upon as evil. People are fearful of standing up and proclaiming their pride in the White man, and his accomplishments. Today, fear overrides honor, honesty, valor, and truth. We are terrified.

The saddest part of all is that we are perfectly capable of dealing with our fears, and removing the source of our fears. In reality the situation is very much like a little Chihuahua dog scaring a big mean Rottweiler. The Chihuahua (foreign invaders) yells out, "Give your territory to me!" And the Rottweiler (us) runs away whimpering. It is not to be believed, except I see it every day. I see White people acting like they do not even notice when one of their women walks by on the arm of a Nonwhite. I see White folks acting like nothing is wrong as they take a taxi with a driver who does not speak English. I see White folks keep their mouth shut as their cities are gradually overwhelmed with Nonwhite invaders. I see the White race being driven from America when all it would have to do is open its big, tooth filled mouth and roar, "No!"

White people are usually nice folks. We have been polite to the point of nausea. Each insult to our race, our history and our culture has been tolerated as if it were really justified. We have kept our hands at our sides as we have been slapped over and over. We have turned our bruised cheek away and let them bruise the other one as well. Still we are too frightened to move. Is this our last hurrah?

I am reminded of a deer trapped in the headlights by its fear. It could easily jump off the road and be safe. But it cannot move, its muscles immobilized by terror. Will we stand frozen until we are hit by the rapidly moving truck of Nonwhite immigration? The time grows short, and still we stand and watch the approach of the death dealing vehicle as it barrels on towards us. The smell of diesel fills our nostrils, the deep rumble of the engine vibrates through us, the low pitched blast of the horn fills our ears, and still we stand without even twitching.

Only you can
prevent extinction!

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