The Lord of the Rings

The Fellowship of the Ring

A Story of Middle Earth


I wish things had not happened as they have.

Gandalf: That is not for us to choose. All anyone can choose is what he will do about it.

ONE OF THE MOST COMMON OPINIONS THAT I HAD HEARD expressed about this movie before I went to see it, was that it “followed the book well.” It also was commonly expressed that it was a very good movie. I must concur with both of those opinions. While it compressed and cut, (e.g. I missed Tom Bombadil) the basic story was not distorted too greatly by the movie making process.

However, there are many movies made today that are very entertaining, and some even "follow the book" fairly closely. What is astounding about the The Fellowship of the Ring is that it is a story about White people, and their mythical companions of old, without a single non-White face openly depicted in it. I was amazed to see up on the screen so many pairs of blue eyes. They were everywhere. And the beautiful White women were portrayed proudly. My heart swelled within me seeing such a sight.

There were some stupendous scenic shots throughout the movie that will be lost to those who only see it after it is released on DVD and tape. I am glad, for the first time in years, that I spent money at the theater on a movie to see the big screen version of the film. Technically it is a great movie, with astounding special effects. It is acted extremely well. The photography is excellent. It has qualities that Hollywood could be routinely putting into movies today, if Hollywood were not intent upon destroying America with its Leftist agenda of diversity, feminism, and its anti-traditional-America hatred.

Just think of it, races fighting for their survival! There is a scene where two men were talking. Boromir lay dying from Orc arrows filling his body, and Aragorn attending to these final moments of life left to the dying man. Boromir in passing along his final thoughts suddenly had a light appear in his eyes and he said, “My people.” He was in rapture over the existence and the importance of his own people, his own race.

The entire movie was based upon the importance of people, and racial existence. The races were Elves, Dwarves, Orcs, Gobblins, and Man but that only assisted in conveying the concept that while they joined together for this fight, they were never going to become intermixed and when all was done, they would all return to their own lands, to live with their own people.

The main villain that we were exposed to in this movie was named Saruman. He was a Wizard who had gone bad. He mixed races between goblins and orcs and created a new race that he used as his pawns to attack the other creatures in Middle Earth. I was struck with the similarity of what people with names like Solomon (which interestingly sounds so close to the way Saruman is pronounced) and their kin, have done to the USA with their terribly successful campaign to promote race mixing and forced integration of our society. They have used their tools as Saruman used his orcs to attack their pretended friends, leaving our women raped and our children murdered by the thousands every year, and our young girls are enchanted by the “magic” of the evil wizard’s media into thinking having non-White babies is good, destroying our future generations.

Saruman pretended to be the friend of the people around him. They depended upon his honor and friendship, and he turned on them. Again the similarity to what has happened in America, Germany, England and other White lands is impossible to ignore. Where friendship was expected, treachery has been found instead, and we now find ourselves in a fight for our very existence as a people.

The battle was fierce in the movie and very graphic, just as was the case in the book; there was much fighting and killing. This is what happens when an attempt is made to create a New World Order as Sauron the Dark Lord is doing in the movie, and the Media Lords are doing in our world today. The message in the movie is powerful, and we should heed its warning.

This is not a “delightful tale” of a happy and magical land where surprises are jumping out to entertain you. This is a serious and deadly tale of murder, treachery, and war. It is a story of a battle for political power and for racial existence. Great forces are brought to bear and it looks grim indeed for the people at the center of the story. They must depend upon firm and brave action from their heroes, and above all else, not give in to the Dark Lord. Surrounding this core of serious issues we find many occurrences of magic and surprises and some of them are even delightful. But that does not change the heart of the story, which we are actually living today in our own way.

I Love White Folks highly recommends The Fellowship of the Ring. Watch it and be amazed to see all of the White people who are there on the screen before you, fighting for their very existence. You may never see another movie like it again, until we take back our lands for ourselves once more, and our own Dark Lords are defeated.

   Elijah Wood ............... Frodo Baggins
   Sir Ian McKellen .......... Gandalf
   Sean Astin ................ Samwise Gamgee
   Viggo Mortensen ........... Aragorn (Strider)
   John Rhys-Davies .......... Gimli
   Legolas ................... Orlando Bloom
   Hugo Weaving .............. Elrond
   Sean Bean ................. Boromir
   Dominic Monaghan .......... Merry
   Billy Boyd ................ Pippin
   Cate Blanchett ............ Galadriel
   Ian Holm .................. Bilbo Baggins
   Christopher Lee ........... Saruman

   Director .................. Peter Jackson
   Producer .................. Barrie M. Osborne
   Producer .................. Peter Jackson
   Producer .................. Fran Walsh
   Producer ...................Tim Sanders
   Original Story Written By ..J.R.R. Tolkien
   Screenplay By ..............Fran Walsh
                 ..............Philippa Boyens
                 ..............Peter Jackson

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