The Final Solution

NEWSWEEK PROPOSED IT, but feared that it would take longer than they would like. Bill Maher proposed it to David Duke during the Politically Incorrect television show. You hear it everywhere as the only solution to the problem of race. It is the Leftist's Final Solution, the extermination of the White race. They make it sound so appealing. The Leftist normally spends a great deal of time condemning simple solutions to complex problems, and yet this is an extremely simple solution to a very complex problem and they just love it! What am I talking about? Creating one race of man through race mixing.

There will be no more White race. No Black race. No yellow race. There will only be some mongrel brown race, without blond hair or blue eyes. After thousands of years of each race growing and developing on its own, its members struggling to perpetuate their own species, these White haters are set on destroying all the differences, all of the advantages created by developing in unique conditions.

Why is this an attack on Whites specifically? Are not all races equally threatened by this idea? It does not take much work to move below the superficial surface layer of this idea to get at the heart of what is proposed. Assume that we set out to do this stupid thing. Now look around the world and tell me who will be impacted by this idea. China? Are you kidding? Who in the world is going to breed the Chinese into some mongrel race? They are overrun with pure Asians and will be for longer than the Leftists can plan ahead for. How about Africa? They may die of AIDS some day, but there are few people running over there in search of sexual favors. There will be Blacks aplenty on the Dark Continent for many generations ahead. When push comes to shove, the Leftists are talking about White countries. They are only interested in mixing up the races wholesale in countries where the result would be the complete elimination of the White race. The whole intent of this process is to commit genocide, the real Final Solution, upon our people. There is no other goal at all.

This goal is promoted continuously on television, especially in programming created for our children. It is shocking to see how effective this propaganda is. The number of White girls, growing up today, who think it would be just wonderful to have brown babies is appalling. Obviously, there is no normal reason why these girls would think that way. A normal individual would want to have children that would look like himself, not like members of a different species or race. It is the natural tendency of creatures in the wild, and for humans throughout history, to mate with their own kind. For a White woman to have a brown baby, she must turn her back on herself. She is turning her back on her people, her heritage, and her country. She is showing self-hatred and hatred of all her ancestors who faithfully passed their genes on to the next White generation. Parents that let their young children watch television, are putting a gun to the head of our entire race, because that is the aim of those who create the programming on television. Even adults are programmed by this device, and it keeps them following along behind the other sheep, heading for the slaughterhouse in blissful ignorance. But our children. Oh how sad to put their great potential, their wonderful, curious little White minds in the hands of the great haters of our people. It is truly criminal!

Our situation has the same quality as that of a dream. Here we are. We have a nation that was 90% White but is quickly being modify into a Nonwhite nation. It is being done by design. There is no accident about it. There is nothing inevitable about it. It is happening because the Leftists will it to happen, and for no other reason. It is easy to see this, but no one is looking. You call out, in this nightmare, and people who hear you only laugh, and call you names. They refuse to see what has happened already, and what will happen if they do not do something to stop it from happening. They go on with their unreal lives, plugging their ears to your pleas for them to wake up. They sit down every night and turn on their living room god, to worship the Media Lords, while disaster is descending ever faster upon them. The only trouble is, this nightmare is real, and you are not going to wake up from this one, and find that everything is really okay after all. This nightmare will crush you , your children and your children's children for all time. It will crush the children of all White folks in your nation, and ultimately in the entire world. There will be no more White children ever again. No more blond haired blue eyed Norseman warriors, no more beautiful White women to grace our lives with their beauty. No more William Wallaces. No more Sir Isaac Newtons. Finished forever.

When one contemplates the direction we were heading when this nightmare began, it is very painful to see where we ended up. In the 1960s we were struggling to the stars. White men created the technology to send some of their own to the Moon and to walk around on its surface. After so many men of so many races had looked up to the sky and contemplated the Moon, and even worshipped the Moon, we walked on it. If the Leftists had left us alone we would have had a White colony on the Moon, a White space station from which we would be launching manned flights to Mars. We were set to take that next step to the other worlds, and the Leftists stabbed us in the back, and pulled us down. All of the money, trillions of dollars, that we could have used to move to space has been wasted on Leftist programs to finance Nonwhite breeding. We have not set foot on the Moon in many years, and we are only sending tinker-toy cars to Mars now. This is very probably the greatest disaster that ever happened to our race. Instead of spreading out to the stars, perpetuating our genes in great numbers, we are trapped on Earth and fighting for our very existence.

As the Leftists are zeroing in on us with their Final Solution, we must react. We cannot sit quietly by as we are being exterminated through miscegenation. We cannot assume that any activity is all right for our children, just because "everyone else" is doing it. (I used to try that stupid excuse on my parents when I was a kid and they did not buy it! Why do I hear PARENTS use that excuse to justify letting their own children do things? It is crazy!) It is up to every White parent to take his child's future in his hands and to make sure that child does not grow up thinking that the death of the White race is acceptable, or that having brown babies is okay for Whites. It is up to you to counteract the Media Lords. You have to train your own children, and other children in your circle of influence. Our race must survive, but it only will if you do your part to make it happen. It is up to you. What do you say? Shall we save our people, or not?

Only you can
prevent extinction!

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