Smoking Out Racism

IN THE METRO SECTION OF THE OREGONIAN newspaper for November 1, 2001, there is an article called, ďSmoking Out Racism at the Fire Bureau,Ē written by Steve Duin, the typical huffing and puffing ďjournalistĒ who thinks that White people who like to live and work around other White people are the lowest form of life on planet earth.

After his bluster and hate are vented at the Portland Fire Department for not executing some of the firemen who objected to working with a Black man, Duin closes the article with the following:

"There are no more racists in burning buildings," Sather said, "than there are atheists in foxholes."

Ah, but yes, there are. And they apparently arrive on the red trucks with the long ladders and the flashing lights.

A strong finish, that I am sure he very proud of himself for it. But perhaps we should take a closer look at what he is saying, rather than just letting emotion carry the day.

The first item in the quote above refers to a point made earlier in the article that a victim trapped in a burning building doesnít care what the race is of the firemen who is coming to rescue him. Of course you could just as easily make the point that as a man is dragging you out of a burning building, you donít care if he is a murderer, rapist or much of anything else. If it were a trained dog that was pulling you out, you would welcome that rescue.

That being the case, it doesnít go very far towards making the point that Duin wants to make with that quote. I have known men who were under fire in foxholes, and who remained atheists throughout the process, and I think that race does matter in a fire department, and almost any other job.

In this era of the fireman as hero, I suppose it should not be surprising that the media would take shots at these brave men who risk their lives routinely for others in their community. Firefighters are down and dirty kind of guys. They get in and mix it up with one of the most frightening things on earth, a runaway fire. They are far more impressive than the drug taking, woman-chasing athlete who is held up by the media as a "role model" for our children. These men are heroes in every sense of the word, and they have been for a very long time.

Unlike the moronic actors of Hollywood, who think because they can play "letís pretend" so well, that their leftist political opinions are more important than those of people who work for a living, the fireman quietly lives his life, out of the spotlight most of the time. His opinions are not sought after, or put in the headlines. Unless, of course, what he thinks is Politically Incorrect, and then his opinions are attacked.

The fact that Portlandís firefighters happen to like an all White environment could be put up in the headlines as an alternate point of view to the steady drum beat of diversity promotion. That would be a legitimate expression of the truth. But we find in the USA today, freedom of expression does not extend past the PC crowd. If a man is seriously quoted in the newspaper, without being attacked for what he said, you will find that 100% of the time that man is saying something Politically Correct.

Contrast that with the treatment that John Rocker received when he spoke his mind. (See Hereís to John Rocker.) Is it a sign of a free and uncontrolled press that only one point of view can be expressed on many of the most important subjects of today? Is this the "land of the free" when the opinion of many of Americaís White people are constantly attacked, or completely ignored?

One would think that having "journalists" expressing their own opinions to the complete exclusion of the facts, day after day, just might make some of the White folks in America uneasy. Some of them just might come to the realization that their country is no longer their own.

How can an American make an educated decision on any topic, if topics cannot be discussed at all, or if discussed, only discussed with one point of view being tolerated? Night after night he sits in front of his television set and watches one of the major talking heads professionally promoting the PC party line. The little sneers, and the cutting names that the head uses to label anything, or anyone that is not PC, are an insult to any thinking manís intelligence.

Alas, there are not very many thinking men left in this country. Perhaps there never really were, but the leaders of the past were not aliens, with only their own best interests at heart. I donít understand how a fully-grown man can sit down in front of that television night after night and watch the material that is presented there. Aside from the fact that the poisonous message of pro-diversity is being shoved down his throat, the entire package is written for a brain that would scarcely challenge the abilities of a monkey. The inane, shallow and predictable "jokes," and the plots that only a simpleton could find any difficulty at all with predicting what the ending is going to be, should turn the stomach. Instead it captures the viewer night after night, like the eyes of a snake capturing the attention of, and then hypnotizing a bird to be eaten.

What is even more surprising is that each year the television manages to sink to even new depths, with less and less concern for the White manís system of ethics, sliding deeper and deeper into the jungle mentality. The parents of the White girls in the audience, not only program their own minds into accepting the disgusting as being okay, but they let their daughters sit and watch that filth night after night too. Those girls are programmed into whatever bizarre or twisted mental image that the media desires to promote. Ask the average White girl today, who has spent her childhood glued to the television, about any topic that you can come up with. You will get a canned PC response nearly every time. For example, they think that blonde girls should be dating Blacks. They canít understand any other point of view, because they have never been exposed to any other point of view. The television has taken over the job of parenting for the White kids of America. It is no wonder that things are deteriorating so fast.

There have been many surveys done of the media personnel, and these surveys consistently demonstrate that these journalists, whose opinions are continually being pumped into American minds, are overwhelmingly leftist. They are hard core PC soldiers, who are fighting for their point of view each and every day on the airwaves. They have no toleration for other points of view, even when smugly, and sneeringly condemning others of "intolerance." Anyone who watched what happened to John Rocker, or Jimmy the Greek, would have to admit that there is only one point of view that is tolerated by the media. All other points of view will be hunted down, and exterminated with a vengeance, which is powered by hatred normally saved for a religious zealot, who is in the middle of burning a heretic.

You will find pieces, like this one done by Steve Duin, everyday in one or more papers across the country. The witch-hunt is constantly on, for those who want to think for themselves, rather than let Dan Rather or Tom Brokaw do their thinking for them. No military formation every held together as tightly as does the PC brigade, which is controlling the media.

And while the media propaganda soldiers constantly beat their drums, pounding out the Politically Correct cadence for each American to march to, the thoughts of the men who count, like the Portland Firemen, are covered up, either with silence, or an avalanche of Steve Duin type hate. Our fire fighting heroes have a lot more prestige in my eyes than all of the basketball playing filth, who are promoting decadence everyday in their lives, or the power hungry leftists running our media.

When a man is risking his life everyday on his job, it makes sense that he would like to work with others that are like him. His opinion on that subject is 10 times more valuable than Steve Duinís opinion. I would much rather have a crew of firemen attacking a fire who were confident in the skill and courage of the other members of their team, and who felt a familial spirit between each member of the team. While you will take help wherever you can get it in an emergency, when things are quiet and thoughts are clear, that is the time to realize that similar people bond with each other, and perform more effectively than dissimilar people do, all else being equal. You will not find a discussion of that fact in this, or in any other, column of Mr. Duin. That should concern all of us.

The results of actions always matter. But the media has always ignored results and talked about their twisted ideals, as if they had come down from on high. The fact is that racial diversity has created huge problems wherever it has come to be. Therefore, it should be looked at as a destructive force, which should be avoided if at all possible. The media promotes racial diversity, not with facts or results, but with revelation from their leftist god, who spouts one lying command after another:

"Diversity should be celebrated!"
"Because it is has been commanded, and you better follow the command."
"What about the fact that diversity is destructive?"
"What are you, an unbeliever? Break out the stake and burning material, we have a heretic over here."

That is the approach used by the media on many topics, including racial diversity, feminism, and all forms of thought hostile to traditional American thought. The fact that they have gone a long ways towards disassembling America, and replacing it with a non-functional facsimile, filled with diversity and toleration for anything that is anti-American, and completely devoid of toleration for that which has traditionally been respected in America, is justified by them by calling our attention to the commands of their phony god.

The leftist says that something is so, and that makes it so, even when the facts show them to be completely wrong. You canít reason with a leftist, because his opinion is not based on reason, but revelation. He believes that diversity is good because that is what his party has told him to believe. No fact will be considered even for an instant that might run contrary to his dogma.

Those who are fighting to restore a White and healthy America must remember that we do not fight against a system of logical thought whose adherents can be reasoned with. We are fighting against a religious monster who demands total commitment in its followers. There is no room for discourse or reason. None! The items of belief for these fanatics are not negotiable, nor can they be questioned. Their response to serious questions is a mad feeding frenzy, which accompanies their full-scale attack.

The PC religion is a sick and twisted belief system. Just like any church where facts must be ignored in order to maintain the faith, and no questions can be asked, the PC zealots march in lock step with their fellows. To be overcome, they must be removed from power, because they can never be converted to some other religion. They only pray to the PC god, and they only worship at the PC shrine to PC dogma. Remember whom you are dealing with every time you turn that polluted propaganda box on, and you place your children in front of it. Just think, would you let your children swim in a sewer?

Only you can
prevent extinction!

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