Bravo Florida!

Would you like proof that my web page is raising a legitimate cry? Do you want to push aside all doubts that the direction we are moving in today is a destructive one, and that the "justification" behind it, is based upon lies and hypocrisy? Today you can watch the liars at work, right out in the open in Florida, and they are pleading my case better than I could!

The state of Florida has decided that it will no longer consider the race of the applicants for entrance into its universities. Now, compare the actions of the Leftists today, with what they have been saying since they took over in the 1960s. They said that all they wanted was for the minorities to get a fair shake, an even chance at the "American dream." Now Florida says, "You have it."

Do we hear a warm round of applause from the Left? Do we hear a loud cheer, for having reached the point that they claimed was their goal? On the contrary, they are up in arms! They are screaming bloody murder, as if all their rights were being taken away. While their rights have not been touched, what they just lost in Florida is their special privilege, and that is why they are angry. They know that, just like I have been saying on my web page, Blacks and Latinos are not going to be able to compete with Whites for top notch university seats. They know that merit standards will filter out these groups, not because of White racism, but because of racial differences.

Throughout the last 40 years we have watched the Left at work. Why, you should be asking yourself, have they striven throughout the entire process to force schools and industry to accept unqualified minorities into top skill positions, instead of striving to educate and qualify minorities for these positions? At no time have these Leftist egalitarians made the attempt to actually create a pool of creative, well educated and trained Blacks who could go out and compete on a level playing field with Whites. Instead the "Civil Rights" totalitarians have put all of their efforts into forcing Blacks into places for which they had no qualifications to be. There can be only one reason for that: they know that Blacks cannot ever be qualified in equal per capita numbers for high prestige jobs as Whites. Or, in other words, playing on an "level playing field," will create a society where Whites are on the top and Blacks are on the bottom.

If the Leftists did not know this to be true, they would not have needed to create the hate and unrest that Affirmative Action has generated in the USA. They could have taken the "high moral ground", as the state of Florida is now doing with its position on entrance to its universities, that qualifications trump privilege, and then the charge of unfairness could not be levied against them. Why would they put themselves in such an ugly, and unfair position, if they had a choice? They knew that they had no choice. They knew that Blacks have shown little potential for advanced education anywhere in the world. Their ability on average has always lagged far behind Whites. Even Blacks who have been adopted by White families have abilities that are far closer to their genetic relatives than their legal ones. Anyone who cares to study the facts will understand why we do not have any huge, dominant Black companies in this country even after decades of government assistance that has been provided.

Instead of attempting to create large groups of Blacks who would be reconstructing their own neighborhoods, and raising law abiding children, who would be attending safe and effective schools, the whole Leftist program has actually been nothing but a campaign of disruption. They have disrupted White neighborhoods, schools and industries by using the law to force Blacks into them. Of course the Whites who could, left integrated neighborhoods in "White flight" but many others could not, and they were brutalized, along with their wives and children. What had these Whites ever done to anybody to deserve this? Nothing! Not one of them had ever owned a slave. Most of them had no dealings at all with Blacks in their lives. They were innocent victims of a racist attack upon them by their own government, under the control of the Leftists.

As they attacked the Whites in our society, the Leftist actually caused the education level of the average Black to go down as well. By removing the restrictions upon their illegal activities, and paying their women to have illegitimate children, through the Leftist welfare program, we have destroyed most Black communities. Their schools have turned into drug infested, gang wars, and it is only getting worse. While Martin Luther King, Jr. claimed to have visited "the mountain" his people have been led into the valley of destruction. If that were not bad enough, they are also taking us down with them!

Have you ever wondered why nobody can picture an all-Black community that is happy, safe, clean, well groomed, where the occupants live in middle class bliss? What is so difficult about the idea of a neighborhood of well mannered, upstanding Black kids who are more interested in seeing that a little old lady gets safely across the street, than in what is the next thing that they can vandalize? The reason it is so hard to visualize, is the same reason that visualizing a goldfish, spending the day out of its bowl, breathing air is difficult to picture. The reason is that you have never seen it before! Whether it is in their native homeland of Africa, a Caribbean Island which they inherited from Whites, or Washington DC, wherever they have lived, they have failed to grasped the basic workings of a safe and healthy neighborhood common to most parts of White Western society.

Black schools are not just populated by unruly students, they are populated with less intelligent students. In the book The Bell Curve it documents very well the fact that IQ levels for Blacks are on average 15 points below that for Whites. If we were talking about the difference between 105 and 120, it could show up in the difference between a man being a construction worker and being a doctor. However, what we really are speaking of, is the difference between 85, the average IQ for Blacks, and 100, the average IQ for Whites. What we have is a group of people whose intelligence level is much below the average Joe on the street. When intelligence for a racial group is located below the average construction worker by 15 points, there is very little opportunity available to thrive in a society where IQ is directly tied to opportunity. School will be a challenge at the very best. Tests will be impossible to pass, if geared to the 100 IQ level. Merit based educational opportunities will be completely out of reach. In a recent speech, David Duke pointed out that this last year, in the entire country, there were only 16 Blacks who passed the entrance test with a mark high enough to qualify for a prestigious Texas university. As bad as that sounds, it is not the whole story. These 16 Blacks were the only Blacks in the entire country who cut a high enough score. It was not just in the town where the university was located, nor merely the entire state of Texas. It included Blacks tested throughout the entire United States.

So, it becomes very clear why the Leftists have not wasted a lot of time trying to bring Blacks up to a level where they can compete on a level playing field. They do not even dream that impossible dream. Instead, pragmatically they have focused upon that which was possible: destroying White society by forcing integration, not based upon equality of qualifications but based upon nothing but race. It seemed so strange to me, back in the 1960s when I saw this going on. I wondered why it was that the egalitarians were interested so little in the abilities of their pet special groups, and only in whether members of those groups were present in any White institution. There was zero focus on the number of Blacks who could cut a high score on entrance exams, or who could get a high GPA. All they were interested in was whether or not there were Blacks sitting in the desks in White schools, and working in White businesses. I was baffled at that lack of concern then, but no longer. They knew all along that Blacks would never be able to compete! Their goals had nothing to do with helping Blacks out.

Of course the force behind the Black movement was not MLK or any Blacks at all. It was the Leftist Media Lords, who wrote the speeches for "Dr." King, and choreographed "his" movement. These people who hate Whites, and Western civilization, had the overthrow of our White society in view the whole time during which they orchestrated the Civil Rights Movement. They were bringing the White man down, not lifting the Black man up.

We see in Florida exactly where we are today. After 40 years of special treatment, special programs, trillions of dollars of White tax money and many thousands of deaths, Blacks are still educated at a much lower level than Whites are. Per capita, Blacks make up a very small percentage of high paying jobs. We must listen to the Leftists in Florida. We must understand what it is they are really saying. They are saying with their protests, that Blacks will never be as capable as Whites, and special privilege will always have to be afforded them. For anyone willing to look, this casts a beam of brilliant light upon the entire Civil Rights process. It is impossible to get around the hard, cold, facts of life admitted by the Left in Florida!

In a free society, such as the society of America prior to 1960, it will always be impossible for Blacks and Whites to live together side by side. That is what the Left is saying in Florida, and what I have been saying all along on my page. It is what George Washington believed, and what Thomas Jefferson said. Abraham Lincoln felt the same way. If a society is going to be built upon merit, and freedom, the Black and the White races much be separated from each other. If Affirmative Action is required, then it directly follows that hard, unavoidable differences in ability must exist in the races. Affirmative Action is a set of chains placed upon the White race, to hold it back for the Black race to try and keep up. Even with the chains, Whites are still outperforming Blacks, but think what they could be doing without the chains.

It is truly amazing that these charlatans have been able to get away with their lying snake oil show for so long. For over 40 years they have been putting out the same lies and the same old, tired, and obviously misplaced excuses for their point of view. It is clear, from what they are doing in Florida, and have done other places to oppose the removal of racist tactics against Whites, that they do not believe their own lies. It is time that Americans wake up and stop believing them too!

Only you can
prevent extinction!

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