The Founding 'Scoundrels'

TONIGHT, I HAD THE MISFORTUNE to be listening when a liberal made a comment about the Founders of our country. He waved these honorable men aside as if they were nothing. It was on the Drudge Report that I heard the guest Steve Dunlevy, a columnist for the New York Post, state that he did not understand why the Senators, involved with the trial for the removal of the President of the United states, kept harking back to what the Founding Fathers had to say because they were just a bunch of "Slave-owning displaced Englishmen."

Matt Drudge just sat there nodding his head as this man, in an off hand way, slimed those who created our country. He, like liberals have been doing for years, completely dismissed what our Founding Fathers had to say by simply putting a label on them. They were slave owners. Therefore they need not be listened to. For those who are believers in the Bible, one must dismiss many of the most prestigious of the characters mentioned therein because they had owned slaves. Slavery has been a fact of life for mankind for as long as there has been a mankind. From the most barbaric to the most civilized nations on earth, some sort of slavery has been included in all of their histories somewhere.

If what the founding fathers intended has no meaning today, then the nation which they created has no meaning or value. It is a sham and is floating a drift at sea without destination, chart, compass, or anchor. Steve Dunlevy has said  tonight, right out the in the open, what all liberals believe: America was a hostile, backward and narrow-minded country at first and all the changes that have been created this century have made it much better than it was in the 1700s when all those stumbling racist and sexist pigs created her. This is what we are up against. People in the media who truly believe that the Soviet Union was better than the United States in principle and in practice. These men have put their treasonous ideas into every story that they have written for nearly a century, and blatantly so in the last half century. They have convinced the majority of people that they would be wasting their time to vote. (Over 60% of Americans did not vote last election.) They have convinced the American people that all the socialist goals of the communist nations are good and should be implemented here within our borders.

All day today I have heard commentators asking the question, "Why did the people come out in Buffalo and cheer Bill Clinton so enthusiastically, right in the middle of his impeachment trial?" If you think about it, there can be only one reason for it. This man has done nothing at all as president. What little bit of legislation he has passed of consequence has been mostly been items which the Republicans thought up and were striving to implement before Clinton even ran for the office of President. His liberal agenda of national health care and various other Marxist programs have been shot down. He has been an extremely ineffective president. (When asked by Bill O'Reilly on the Fox News channel what Bill Clinton had done for blacks, Jocelyn Elders - who had just proclaimed that Clinton has been a great president for blacks - stammered around and could think of absolutely nothing except that he had appointed some blacks to appointive office.) So, why all the yelling in support of this man who even his supporters admit committed perjury, and obstruction of justice? Do the American people really love Bill Clinton for himself, and do so all on their own?

The American people do not even know Bill Clinton. Most of the supportive screamers have only listened to some of his speeches and the rosy way that the major networks comment upon them. Clinton gives a great speech for anyone stupid enough to actually believe what he is saying. He obviously does not believe what he is saying because he always does something quite different after the speeches than what he promised he would do during the speeches. The news media, coupled with the movie and television industries which are all owned by the same group of people, create an environment in which Bill Clinton can thrive. His lying is categorized as unimportant. His ineffective leadership is blamed upon the Republicans. The credit for the good economy, which started its turn around before Clinton took office and in spite of all of his attempts to mess it up (remember his misguided tax stimulus package?) which were fortunately killed by the Congress, has been awarded to Bill Clinton's leadership. The American people have been conditioned by the raunchy, amoral programming and movies which they consume every day in their own homes and at the local theaters, to view a con man like Clinton as a man to respect and to look up to. He is seen as a fast and slick man, quick on his feet and ready to do battle with those mean people who want him to stay within the law and the constitution.

Why do the people of Buffalo love Bill Clinton? I would suggest to you that the large black population in that town would have something to do it. Clinton is the Candy Man, handing out goodies right and left to those who have no shame or concern in taking charity from the government. So, why should we be so surprised that these people should come out in full and eager support for the man whom they view as Santa Claus. In fact he is better that Santa Claus because he does not care if they are naughty or nice! He would be just as happy to give goodies to an illegal alien as a native born citizen. He does not care if the recipient is a continual producer of bastard children or a drug seller. It does not matter to him. If that sort of thing appeals to you, of course you will come out in enthusiastic support of the Slick man.

And that leads us back to the Founding Fathers. Here were men who pledged their sacred honor as well as their fortunes and lives to the founding of this country. Clinton has no honor, sacred or otherwise. His only fortune has come from dirty dealing in politics, and he dodged the only chance he had to pledge his life for his country. But our Founding Fathers are labeled as racists and of no consequence by this same media which loves and praises Clinton. Now you tell me, what in the world are we doing by allowing a bunch of traitorous rats like that to hold all of the major channels of communication to our people? Bill Clinton is scum and not fit to be spoken in the same breath with any of the Founding Fathers, and yet these "unbiased" media men proclaim his praise, and come running to his defense any time that they must mention anything negative about him. The Founding Fathers, on the other hand, are cast aside as immoral backward men. It is an outrage that is impossible to fully express in words!

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