Land of the Free

HOW LONG HAS THAT BEEN A LIE? It certainly is so today. When the label, "Land of the Free" was first put on America it was referring to the freedom that white Americans had to live as they saw fit. They had white cities, and white schools and white organizations. The professional sporting events were all white. The nation was nearly all white, sitting somewhere between eighty and ninety percent white throughout its entire history, before the disastrous 1960s hit.

So, what happened to the once free nation of white folks? Today, we are having our racial base of power diluted at a frightening rate. If the present rate is continued we will find ourselves in the minority in a couple of generations. We will find that the freedom of white people to live white lives will be gone and it will be a fight to the death to see what race will survive in this nation. Is that really what Americans want?

I look at the nation today and I am forced to wonder how many of those out there are as disconcerted as I am at the direction America has taken. The brave, free men of the past, white and proud to be so, ruled the nation with benevolence and for the most part with honor. They made mistakes. One of those was bringing another race here as slaves, and then an even greater mistake was not sending them back to Africa when the first mistake was realized. But despite their mistakes, they also achieved some exceptional things.

When America started out the carpenter, the pewterer, the tanner and the printer joined with merchants and farmers in industrious labor and a wholesome ethic to form a solid foundation for the great future in store for this nation. We had men like Ben Franklin to whom is owed the electrical terms: battery, condenser, conductor, charge, discharge, armature, electric shock, electrician, positive and negative electricity as well as the concepts of a plus and minus charge. It was in the 1700's when his name was known all across Europe as the "Newton of Electricity."

Great men like Ben abounded in all areas, including philosophy, government and invention. Such things as the first airplane in a controlled flight came from Americans and the list of things which these great white men accomplished is unmatched upon the face of the earth. How is it that they were able to do so much, laying the foundation, and building the entire structure of this great nation with never any more than 20% and as low as 10% diversity within the nation of the United States? How is it that they were able to create communities where crime was nearly non-existent? How could they go through the Great Depression, where money was extremely scarce, and suffering was great, and yet not increase the crime rate one little bit?

I submit to you that there is no evidence in support of the contention that diversity of race supplies to this nation anything of real and lasting value. I further submit that diversity of race has a great deal to do with the increase in crime and decrease in the quality of life for most Americans today. If we look at the way things were before diversity set in, and look at them now we can see a marked difference between them. If indeed the white man built America without the help of the Mexican or the Oriental, then we have every right to exclude them from our nation today. We certainly have no obligation to allow them access to that which they did not build. Even more importantly, and really the only consideration, is that we do have an extreme obligation to our children and their children on down through the ages! We owe them the same white country that we inherited, made better through our own hard labor, but the same white America should be their heritage.

How many times have you heard the environmentalist bemoaning what we are doing to the future of our children? How many times have you heard the outrage about what the National Debt is doing to our children's future? It is clear to me that these things are insignificant when compared with what we are doing to the racial future of our children! If our children are given a white nation which is strong, they will use the same ingenuity that our race has been shown to have, to solve the other problems that we hand them. They will find a way to fix, work around, or escape environmental difficulties. They will find a way to solve their financial difficulties -- rather easily I should think once they identify the culprits behind those problems. But what will they do if their race is backed into a corner with nowhere to run? They will be faced with a war of survival pressing hard upon them. They will have no time or means by which they can solve any other problems. Can you do this to your descendants?

As Rome crossed a threshold a couple of centuries after Christ lived, it stopped expanding and started to fall. Its fall was gradual but unchecked until it ceased to exist as a nation. It is now no more than a city. Yet even still today we hear the reverberations from the great contributions of the Roman Empire. The Latin language is sprinkled through all the European languages. The philosophy and ideas of government they sent down the centuries are still with us. Yet, as great as they were, their nation died.

America is now fueling its own fall. Immigration is diluting the population, and the native born white Americans are not having children. It seems to me to be nothing more or less than common sense to realize that you cannot change the racial makeup of a nation without changing the nation itself at a very basic level. In fact, changing from a homogenous nation to a heterogeneous nation, no matter what the original race was, is going to produce great problems and little if any benefit to the nation. Do we stir in clumps of dirt, grass and twigs into the concrete when we mix it up? Would these things make it stronger? Of course not. Neither does mixing in other races make America any better off than it was.

At the root of this whole process is a basic, incandescent rage against the white man and his perceived superiority. Look at all the leftist rhetoric over the last 40 years. You see diatribes against the advantages that white children have over black children. You see complaints about how evil the original foundational concepts of America were. The leftists cried out for "change." Always change. We had to make things "better" than they were. I cannot, without getting ill, look back at the way things were before 1960, and the way things are now, while thinking about the ridiculous claim made by the liberals, driven and supported by the Media Lords, that they wanted to "make things better."

Look at the changes over those years. Divorce rates went up. Crime went up. SAT scores went down. Schools were found to be failing, and students were graduating without being able to read and write. White women were raped and murdered by nonwhites, incidentally without making the national news, at a rate 10 times as high as any white on black crime, which always seems to make, and stay, on the national news. White Americans are now having small families, courtesy of the leftist propaganda, and the nonwhites are having huge families. Nonwhite immigration far surpasses our birth rate, which just happens to be about even with our death rate. All of this was leftist change. Change that was screamed for by the pot smoking liberal amoral America-haters like Bill Clinton back in the 1960s. Change that has clearly been for the worse. Change that is potentially fatal to our white people and our nation. Change that has proceeded so far now, that it will require a concerted and strong effort by our people in order to save ourselves.

It is as if we were safely on the bank of a raging river, on a nice quiet sunny day, enjoying a picnic with our family, when a bunch of hippies came along and threw us into the river. Now, we are in a position that leaves us no choice. Accepting the status quo is fatal. We must struggle to avoid drowning in the raging torrent of government sponsored immigration, and we must crawl back out of this river to get back onto the shore we once possessed in safety. As time goes by the river grows stronger. The longer we wait the less our chances are of regaining our rightful place in the sun.

In order to recover from our plight, we must set our sites on a valid standard for our goal, that which we are striving for as a people and a nation. We must not look to some impossible and distorted standard to base our decisions on. The Media Lords have determined that the standard we are to use is anti-America, as in the concept of an opposite, like anti-matter or a negative image. Where America was white, the Lords want it to be diverse, or even better completely nonwhite. Where once America was safe and crime free, they want it to be chaotic and dangerous. Where it was once rich and powerful, they want it to be poor and weak. It is clear what they want, by just looking around us. Look and see what their policies have brought to our nation. Look at the inner city and see how even the black race has suffered from their insidious ideas.

We are approaching closer and closer to their ideals. We are ever more shaped into what they want. You hear them say on their TV shows, "We still have a long ways to go." Does that frighten you at all? Look at where they have already taken us from, and where they have led us to. LOOK AT IT! And they want to take us a "long ways" further down that same road. No thank you. I have gone far enough. In fact I have come much too far down this sick and twisted highway build from the stones and tar of the Media Lords demented world view. It is time to turn around my friends. Now!

The valid ideals we need are not the Media Lord's ideals of diversity, equality, and multiculturalism. Those are utopian pipe dreams from an evil pipe. It is clear that those ideals are false because as we approach closer to them, our lives and our nation are deteriorating. We instead must search out the true ideal, the ideal which brings strength to our families, power to our nation and health to our cities. That is what we must strive for.

Clearly that standard was approached far more closely in the years before 1960. Our families held together much longer in those days. Marriage was then much more likely to last for life. That is a good thing and something which should be a goal for any civilization planning to be around for a few more centuries at least. Our nation was the most powerful on earth and until the people of the Media Lords gave the secret to the Russians we were the only nuclear power on earth. Our nation was secure and safe from invasion. Our cities were growing and much safer than they are now. A drive by shooting was unheard of, since the close of prohibition, and people felt safe walking the city streets.

No it was not perfect. There was some crime. Some marriages failed. Some men mistreated their wives and some kids were abused. It was not the ideal itself but it was far closer to the ideal than what we have today. The ideals that we should strive for in our legislation, our court rulings, and our schools must be ones which move us closer to the society of the fifties and farther away from the one of today. The concepts of feminism, diversity, and multiculturalism must be abandoned and we must instead strive for reaching the ideals of homogeneity, masculine leadership, and an exalting of the traditional American and European culture. We have to strive to maintain the ratio of at least 8 of every 10 Americans being white. These ideals are ones which will move us in the right direction, and get us off this highway of destruction.

Have you ever been on a trip and suddenly noticed a sign along side of the highway which was for a town that you had no desire to visit and was not on your schedule route? You then realized that you had taken a wrong turn somewhere and had to turn around and get going in the correct direction again. As the mile markers pass us by today, and the marker 2000 looms ahead, we see a road sign along our path. The sign flickers in the Media Lords' typical and favorite television font, as it clearly says, "White Minority Status 2050." That town was never on the scheduled route laid out by our Founding Fathers! We are obviously and certainly on the wrong road and heading in the wrong direction. We need to find an off ramp quickly, and turn around. If you look back over your shoulder, on a sign positioned for traffic headed in the opposite direction, you will see the following written, "Population 85% White 2050." Now there is a destination worth aiming for! When we can once again head in that direction, our people can then populate the "Land of the Free," and have the freedom to live white lives in their white nation, as was originally intended. There is the off ramp up ahead, quickly let's take it!

Only you can
prevent extinction!

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