The Brain of an Ant

IT IS A DECEITFUL AND DESPICABLE act on the part of all politicians, the mass media, and every official department of the government to label as "Hate Speech" any expression of disagreement with the concepts of equality of the sexes, equality of the races, integration of the races in our neighborhoods and schools, diversity, and multiculturalism.

It is a grotesque distortion of our nation's history to imply, as all news commentators do, that we have traditionally been open to all immigrants at all times. It is just as much a distortion to claim that our nation, prior to 1960, was ever openly accepting of any race other than the White race, as a part of our mainstream society.

To try and label the views of nearly all Americans before 1960 as being "Hate Speech" is more than just wrong, it is an attack on the roots of our system of government and on our way of life. I, for one, am sick and tired of hearing speeches, by pandering politicians, condemning those who love America, as being un-American, simply because those patriots support the views of our Founding Fathers. Could anything be more absurd? Yet, nearly every day we hear it.

Washington, Jefferson, and Lincoln all believed that segregation was an integral part of any society which included the White and Black races. In fact, they did not want them living together, as free men, in the same country, let alone the same neighborhood. They all expressed fears for any society that was foolish enough to try and put the two races together. While not using the term, they expressly condemned diversity! When any member of the White race condemns diversity today he is instantly labeled a racist, and his views are condemned as "Hate Speech."

The position that most "conservatives" hold today is equally absurd as that held by the left wing. They point to the Founding Fathers, and proclaim that what the Founding Fathers envisioned for America should be the goal for America today. You would think that they worshipped the Founding Fathers, listening to these conservatives. Yet they are hypocrites! How confused such talk is, when coming from those who support diversity, and a multiracial society. The Founding Fathers envisioned a land of White people, with White laws. They envisioned a nation that was no more diverse than White people from a multitude of European nations, pulling together to form one people. Even the opponents of slavery among them, never envisioned integration of the races. Abraham Lincoln had in place a plan for returning the Blacks to Africa before he was killed.

The most amazing thing is that our Founding Fathers who lived over 200 years ago, took more time to educate themselves on our race's history than the so called "leaders" of our government do today. Today, in the information age, the people making our laws are completely ignorant of what the men knew in the 1700s. Today, with masses of scientific data available to educate oneself, the people who run our government ignorantly proclaim that the races are exactly the same, except for the "paint job," and that diversity is wonderful. Reality is not so blind, however. The races are radically different, all the way down to their very skeletons. History has shown that races do not live well together and there is perpetual trouble when any society has tried to make diversity work. History and science back up our Founding Fathers, and they condemn the view of the "modern" politician.

While thousands of White people are being killed each year by Blacks, congress meets, not to protect these innocent White victims, but rather to discuss ways to remove the free speech of those who wish to support the intelligent and correct views of our Founding Fathers. They are concerned about the handful of crimes by Whites against Nonwhites, while completely ignoring the much larger number of White victims of cross racial crime. They listen closely to groups like the "Southern Poverty Law Center," and the "Anti-Defamation League," who are affiliated with those who have promoted restrictive laws in Germany and other European nations, as well as in Canada; laws that have been responsible for the incarceration of men for merely expressing doubts about aspects of the Jewish holocaust. That is the type of counsel that our leaders are seeking, in order to determine whether or not our citizens should have the right to speak the truth out loud and in the open, or if free speech will be ripped from our Bill of Rights.

The Internet is the one path of access open to our people right now, where they can speak the truth, and reach a large segment of the population with it. The "Southern Poverty Law Center" and the "Anti-Defamation League," are trying as hard as they can to shut that door. They dishonestly provide "filtering software" for parents which they falsely claim will "protect children from pornography," as it performs its real task of removing all access to political thought that these groups do not like. With the huge number of pornographic sites popping up every day on the Internet, unsupervised kids will still be able to easily find plenty of porn on the net. But, just like on television, where sex is easy to come by and politically incorrect thought impossible to find, the filtered user will never get to see anything political that the "Southern Poverty Law Center" and the "Anti-Defamation League," do not like.

Even so, it is easy to see that filtering software will not be enough for these folks. Some people may not buy the software, and may be exposed to facts that our self appointed masters do not like. As they have demonstrated repeatedly in other countries, they will not be satisfied until they have a strangle hold on all forms of communication that might oppose their aims. They want it to be illegal to hold the views of our Founding Fathers, and express such views in public. They are the greatest threat to our first amendment this country has ever had.

Of course, they are working extremely hard to destroy the Second Amendment also. It would do every American much good to spend a few moments contemplating why it is that those who own the media, together with the "Southern Poverty Law Center" and the "Anti-Defamation League," all are working for the same goal of removing the White race's right to protect its own territory by disarming them, and at the same time working to remove the White race's right to even talk about what these people are doing to us.

If you have never read 1984 by George Orwell, make it a point to acquire that book and read it very soon. It presents a scenario where a government has created an entire system of state based upon "Hate Crime." It is called "thought crime" in the book, but the idea is exactly the same. Anyone expressing thoughts which the government has deemed as inappropriate, is dealt with very harshly.

Compare that with what has happened in Germany, where an American citizen, Gary Lauck, was sentenced to 4 years in prison by a Hamburg state court, which found Lauck guilty on charges of "inciting racial hatred" and "distributing propaganda of organizations that violate the German constitution." Gary Lauck is pro-Hitler and he questions the official version of the holocaust. In America his freedom to speak about such things is still in tact. In Germany free speech has been killed thanks to the wonderful folks associated with those behind the media, the "Southern Poverty Law Center" and the "Anti-Defamation League." You must realize, that is what these people plan for us here in America as well, and you should remember that they hate George Washington's views on race as much as Adolf Hitler's.

Today we are living in a time while the sun shines. We are free to speak about things which the majority of people disagree with. It allows those with an unpopular point of view to be heard, to have the right to attempt to persuade others that they are right. It is a process that allows error in majority opinion to be corrected through argument and reason. Of course those in power do not like this process. It could spell the end to their present prestigious circumstances. That is why we have the First Amendment. To protect us against tyrants who do not wish the people to be informed on what is really going on. The signs are in the air. The tyrants are zeroing in on the First Amendment. The sun will not be shining much longer!

It reminds me of one of Aesop's fables. In about 550 BC this Greek writer put down the story of the Ant and the Grasshopper. As a brief aside, Aesop stands as a rebuke to those today who complain that past slavery will hold a man back, for Aesop was a slave. He was freed and went on to become so famous that 2500 years later his name is still a household word.

In the fable of the Ant and the Grasshopper, it was a bright summer's day. The Grasshopper was hopping about, having fun and he noticed an ant struggling with a kernel of corn.

"Hey Ant, what are you working so hard for?" asked the Grasshopper. "It is warm and the sky is blue. Lets go have some fun!"

"I am helping my kindred lay up food for the winter," replied the Ant. "You would be wise to do the same."

As the summer wore on, the Ant continued to lay up stores and the grasshopper continued to jump around and have fun. But the sunny season passed, and Winter soon laid a blanket of snow on the ground. As the grasshopper found himself dying of hunger, he saw the wisdom of the Ant who now was eating well from the stores he has laid up.

Alexander the Great read that story when he was a boy! It is too bad that our own people are so ignorant of it and the lesson it teaches. Today we have the opportunity to lay up for the future. Today the sun is still shining warmly, though it is already tracking lower and lower towards the horizon on every pass. Winter is approaching. Of that you can be sure. But, today it has not yet arrived. Today you can exercise a right that is still open to you. Today you can tell people the truth, without being shot, or even going to jail. Today you can tell the truth, while there are still enough White folks left in America to straighten out the mess. When the winter sets in, you and all of your people will be frozen out of existence. There will be no warmth to be found in the anti-White multicultural society that is beginning to form around you. Like the Grasshopper, at that point there will be nothing left to do, but die.

Our people today are just like that Grasshopper. They think they have it good, and so they need not put any effort into preparing for the future of their children and grandchildren. They will not jeopardize that nice job, the house and new boat. The coming "Winter" is years off they think. Remember this, however. Nobody, but nobody, thinks that we can go on the way we are going without the Winter coming. The leftists are celebrating the fact of the Nonwhite America in the future. The so called right-wing is ignoring it. But it is coming, and we are all going to die like a bunch of dumb grasshoppers, if we do not get White America fired up soon.

When I was growing up, there was a commercial on television, where there was a cartoon bear who was promoting fire safety. The slogan was, "Smokey the Bear says, 'Only YOU can prevent forest fires!" However corny that sounds, it is fundamentally true. Only you, collectively and individually, can prevent the Winter slaughter of our race. You CAN prevent it. You must prevent it!

Only you can
prevent extinction!

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