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July 15, 2002

I TURNED ON A RADIO TALK SHOW TODAY A BIT BEFORE NOON, while eating my lunch. The host of the show said that he feared that the large influx of Mexican “immigrants” we are experiencing today was going to cause a war in the future when California tried to secede to Mexico. I thought to myself, “Wow, here is somebody that is seeing the real path that diversity always takes, leading to bloodshed.”

I was surprised a bit to see someone on the radio actually putting forward this idea in 2002. It does not take a genius to see that diversity is death to any society that embraces it, but it does take some grit to point it out on the radio. The host got a point for grit in my book. And then he fumbled the ball completely.

He went on to say that the Mexican government has stated that the reason that we are plagued with so many of its citizens in our country is because their economy stinks. He went on to say that he thought all we had to do to stop the invasion is to beef up their economy. He then suggested that we build power plants in Mexico. Then the Mexicans could get the revenue from the power plants, and we could get the power.

This sort of thing explains why conservatives will never save us from destruction. They just don’t get it. They have accepted the most important lies that the Leftists fed us in the 1960s and now they are “conserving” a Marxist diseased philosophy rather than the traditional American philosophy that once was their heritage.

What is wrong with his reasoning?

  1. The problem is not the Mexican economy. The Mexican economy was bad long before we opened our borders for unimpeded invasion of our lands. It is not America’s primary concern to save the economy of any other nation. As a humanitarian aside, of course we all would like to see other nations do well, however that is only a concern once we have made our own nation secure. Invasion is the problem, and the invasion must be resisted with all of our might. We will be facing a war in the future because of what is going on now. Instead of shooting invaders who illegally cross the border today, we will be shooting our own people in a civil war in the future. It is an outrage that this completely avoidable future war is being allowed to have its foundation laid without opposition. Before we worry about fixing the Mexican economy we need to fix our borders and make them leak tight. We need to take every illegal alien from Mexico, every child of every illegal alien from Mexico and every grandchild of every illegal alien from Mexico and ship them back to Mexico. Mexicans, all of those who celebrate Cinco de Mayo, belong in Mexico not in the USA.

  2. Have we forgotten the Panama Canal so soon? Anything that we build in another country is something that we will lose at some point in the future. Power plants belong in our country, not in some unstable, backward nation where any change in the wind’s direction will find some rebel blowing up our electric power source. A fall of their government could easily put our power into the hands of a hostile political group. We already have too much of our national interest being held in the hands of other nations. We don’t need to create even more of that sort of problem by giving it to a country that has demonstrated no concern for the trauma that its people have caused us by invading our land.

  3. We do not solve our problems by taking responsibility for other nations' problems. First we solve our problems and then we worry about other nations' problems, out of the goodness of our hearts. Mexico’s problems are Mexico’s problems, not our problems. It is complete idiocy to buy into the Leftist lie that we owe Mexicans or anyone else, a better life. Our government owes the American people, and only the American people. Our government is bound to preserve the American nation, and it is bound to preserve our rights as citizens. It is not bound to do anything for any other nation. Any commitment that our government makes to any other nation is bound by our constitution to be for the betterment of the interests of the USA and its citizens.

What this “conservative” talk show host doesn’t understand is that our problem, one that he even admitted that he sees, is first and foremost a USA problem, not a Mexican problem. We could throw back any attack that the weak Mexican nation could mount, if we brought our power to bear. Our failure to stop the Mexicans has nothing to do with the Mexican economy and everything to do with our traitorous government, which has allowed the invasion to take place without even calling out the National Guard, let alone the US Army, Navy, Marines or Air Force. Today, thanks to our worthless government, we have been invaded by millions more people since 1965, than the total number of all of the foreign invaders, from all the previous wars in our history, combined. Not only have we been invaded, but the invaders are not leaving! We have made no real effort to repulse the attack, or to forcibly return the invaders to their point of origin. We have instead forced our people to run and hide, in “White flight,” looking for a safe place to raise their families where they can get away from the Mexicans.

Conservatives fail to see that there is nothing left to conserve today. To reach the point where we can safely go into the conservation mode, we will have to go through a radical revolution just get us back to where we were before the 1960s' radical Left took control of our country. To try and walk “the middle of the road” today is insane, because we get “solutions” to problems like the one this talk show host was proposing. While we continue to get a million and a half non-White invaders coming into America each year, we have conservatives thinking that the problem lies somewhere else, rather than within our own corrupt government.

If you consider yourself a conservative it is time to wake up and smell the frijoles hombre: before you can conserve what the Founding Fathers created, you now will first have to RESTORE IT! If you conserve what we have now you will be making sure that what the Founding Fathers had in mind will lay dead and buried beneath the rubble created by the 1960s Anti-American Revolution.

Only you can
prevent extinction!

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