Speaking to the Future

WHEN YOU LOOK DOWN UPON A CITY from high up in the air, it looks like an insect colony, pushing into the crevices and hugging the terrain. It is clearly a way to deflate your ego when you realize that someone standing on a planet circling even the closest sun outside of our solar system, couldn't even see Earth. How important can we be?

Indeed, how important can any of us be when we ourselves do not remember the vast array of humans who have lived and died on this planet, leaving not so much as a mark to be questioned or studied? The shop keeper of Babylon, the baker of Rome, or the commoner who worshipped at Stonehenge, all have gone, completely gone.

It is true that the universe is temporary, not built to last forever. The stars are born, grow old and die, exploding into a nova or merely winking out into blackness. Earth and its sun appear to be about half done with their life cycle. Scientists throw around numbers like billions of years, as if they could have some possible meaning to people who live on a planet where the oldest living thing is only four thousand years old, and they themselves usually end in under a century. What is a billion years? Even a million years seems too great to comprehend. A millennium is a little easier, because it is only ten lifetimes back from today, if you select the right lifetimes. A man who lived to be a hundred was born one thousand years ago. On the day before he died, another man who was to live to be one hundred was born. The process continues until ten times it is repeated and thereby brings you to the present. The question comes to mind, "Where did the chain start and where will it end?"

Today we struggle to overcome some difficulty at work. Stress is felt, energy expended and in the end the problem is overcome. What now? Do we savor that sense of accomplishment for the rest of our lives? In most cases, no. We do not even remember the vast majority of our victories over the problems we encounter every day. If we do not remember our own accomplishments, is it any wonder that no one else does either? Is there nothing of substance that we can send to the future? Is there nothing of long lasting importance that we can do today?

Since time will continue to move on, we will be forever pushed further and further into the distant past, where our memory will fade into the black. It may well be that the only truly lasting thing that we may pass on to the far distant future is our own genes. Our written works, our religions and our art will fade and become obscure to all but the dusty historian, and even he will have to speculate upon what we hold to be commonplace. Do you feel strongly about politics? The future generations will wonder what possible significance the issues of today could hold and what all the fuss is about. Your passion will die, as well as its object. Yet your genes can continue. They will not be perfectly retained, for life is change, but they can exist for millions of years, as demonstrated by a myriad of animals who are relatively unchanged from their distant ancestors. We do not know what thoughts or beliefs a man of the Arab desert might have had three thousand years ago, but we do know what genes he carried and what he looked like by looking at the men who live there now!

Now, having suddenly come upon a new perspective, perhaps we should re-evaluate what we hold as being truly important! Your genes, and the genes of those most like you should be preserved for the future, if you desire to speak to future generations, especially future generations of a thousand years or more from now. Your written words will be gibberish to the average man in that era, but your genes will be seen in the faces of those who will be walking the streets of the future, no matter what planet they may have migrated to, or what language they may be speaking there.

Stop placing value only upon that which will not endure, and start focusing on that which is the only thing which can endure. Either the genes of yourself and your race will continue or it will be as if you never walked the face of this earth, no matter how famous you may be or become. There will come a time when there is only one possible contribution of yours to humanity that will continue to exist. You will only have made it however, if you strive to do so.

Start by mating only with  a member of your own race. Your genes will be confused and lost if they are thrown into a mongrel mixture of color and characteristics. No one would recognize your contribution in the faces of future generations if you have mixed your race with another, no matter how well they knew you and no matter how hard they looked.

Follow this first step with a second: having a large family. You do not need to have a dozen kids but do not turn your back on the idea just because the liberal white haters tell you that it is not right. The white race cannot grow if you do not have at least three children who survive to adulthood. Whites have been unable to even reproduce themselves the last few generations while the other races are growing very steadily. For the future that looks very dark. The white race is doomed to destruction if it does not start having large families again! The world is not filled with starving white people! Those who are unable to feed their own children are the ones who are filling the planet and choking the lands of the white race. If you are to make a contribution to the distant future, you must reproduce! And you must reproduce at faster rate than the other races competing with yours for the future.

Thirdly, be very keenly aware of any attack upon your genes. If you look and listen to the liberals of today, you will find that they are hell bent on removing the white race from this country. They attack all forms of white solidarity as racist, while supporting all forms of minority racism. They teach your children in school that having a large family is bad, while never condemning other races for having too many children. They support having as many nonwhite immigrants as possible, while refusing to promote and even restricting white immigration to America. In the news you very often hear attacks on white racism yet it is a very rare event when you hear about non-white racism. One example is Louis Farrakhan. The news media will mention the fact that he is a racist but then will promote his racist activities, like the "'Million' Man March." Racism, to the media, is a good thing, as long as it is not white racism.

If you have any doubts that there are strong forces at work in the world today to rid the planet of your genes, put those doubts aside at once! The liberal world would love to see you disappear from the biological human dialog which will be expressed in the faces, brains and bodies of future generations. Do not let the liberal white haters win! Do not allow them to exterminate your only permanent contribution to the future. Look at all the time and biological struggling it took to bring you where you are today! Do not let all that disappear just because the liberals wish it.

When the universe winds down, and stars wink out into the eternal night, there is but one hope, and that is that man will find a way out of the future dark, collapsing desolate remainder of what today appears to be a bright universe. Will you make your contribution to that great end? Will you pass on your genes to the pool which will one day save the future generations of man from the universe's end?

Shall we debate which race has been the most inventive so far? Shall we look at the hurdles that were overcome by the white men who first flew? Automobiles and medical diagnostic tools are the fruits of the same race which brought us the wonders of electronics and the printing press. Great political systems under which art and freedom have flourished have also come from this race. It would be a very great handicap to the human animal to lose the very race which has shown itself so able to overcome the difficult challenges that nature has presented to us, when it will one day face the ultimate challenge of a dying universe. Let's give humanity its best shot at survival by perpetuating the white race. This should be our primary goal!

Only you can
prevent extinction!

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