A Walk Through Time

I TOOK A CASUAL TOUR TODAY of the advertisements in the National Geographic magazine. I walked through the years from the nineteenth century up to the present. I found that after almost a whole century of magazine issues with nothing but White models used in ads, suddenly, in the 1970s they started throwing in some Nonwhites in the background. At that time, Nonwhite models were used almost exclusively for political ads and Black promotional ads. All models used to sell products were still White.

In the July 1985 issue I found one ad with a Black female model pretending to be an operator, in an ATT ad. There were also some White models in that ad. All the rest of the ads exclusively used White models.

In Dec. 1989 I found an ad for foreign exchange students and there was a Latino male and a White Female in the ad but their pictures were at opposite ends of the ad box. They were starting slow you see.

In the same issue, there was also an ad for Citicorp Bank that had a half page picture that showed 6 people standing in two rows. The front row had from left to right, a woman who had a large smile on her face, and she appeared as if she could almost be White but on closer inspection she was a Latino. Her right hand was cut out of the picture. The man next to her was a serious looking White man in his late 50s to early 60s. His right hand was raised as if he were being sworn in. Next to him was a young White man in his twenties, who also looked serious . His hand is also raised as if swearing. No other hands are visible in the picture. In the back row, on the left, standing "out of formation" slightly was a blond woman. She looked serious and was standing slightly forward and to the right of where she should be. This brought her closer to the Latino woman , and the White man, who were in front of her, and also "coincidentally"closer to the Black man who was right beside her (what a surprise!). The Black man has this silly semi-smile on his face that is probably supposed to simulate pride at what he was doing. Next to him was an Asian woman who also had a semi-smile on her face. Clearly this was supposed to be some sort of swearing in ceremony and from the text of the ad it is clear that they are being sworn in as US citizens. With 3 Whites and 3 Nonwhites, it is already becoming clear that the mask was beginning to slip off of the immigration sham, but they were still lying by pretending that half of the new immigrants were White.  

All of the rest of the ads in that issue of the magazine that used models, used White models. There were no in your face Blacks or Asians trying to sell you anything.

Next as I looked through the latest issues and watched the 1990s run their course there were more and more Nonwhites in the ads. While the change was rather slow at first as the decade proceeded the situation we have today was rapidly approached, where Blacks were being used to sell products to Whites, and White models were being evermore pushed aside.

It was quite obvious that the change was begun in the 1970s, but did not really hit hard until the 1990s. But this article is not about the way it is today. We can all see the way it is now, where Nonwhiteness is promoted as being more American than Whiteness is. As the media lies to us each day, telling us that we were always diverse and diversity is what made us strong, it is important that we expose this dishonesty for what it is. So, I will share with you what I found in the National Geographic Magazine before 1970, to show what life was like in these United States before the invasion hit us.

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In 1966 the ads were all White except for one, and that one said more about our racial makeup than all the rest did. This one was for New York State, though it is really talking about New York City. In this ad there are three Asian women talking with each other and the reader is asked, "Hong Kong?" And then the answer is given, "No… New York State!" The ad goes on to describe the fact that there was a China Town in NYC where Nonwhite people could be seen in the flesh. They are called "exotic" in the ad, which means they are "strikingly different or unusual" according to Websters. We are here treated to a clear statement on the fact that America was a White nation in 1966, and other races were exotic! Today a White man will be attacked as a racists if he points out the simple fact that America was a White nation before the Leftists took over in the 1960s. However, this ad proves him right.

In the December, 1964 issue, I saw this ad which was very interesting. Here is a White man carrying a football as a number of sets of White hands are trying to tackle him. All of the other players that are visible are White. Can you imagine trying to find such a picture today? Even sports were mostly White in 1964. White kids looked up to White role models. There were no known criminals allowed to play professional sports at the time. No drug felons, no rapist felons, no known felons at all. Sports were not perfect of course, and there were some rowdy athletes, but unlike today, the image of wholesomeness was promoted to our children. 

What originally set me off on this venture of looking up the White history of ads in National geographic was an ad that I spied in an old Life magazine that I had on my shelf. The issue was January 18, 1963. In the ad you can see three White boys who are obviously basketball players for a school team, and they are all talking to a blond cheerleader who has her back to the artist. All of them are drinking Coke and they are having a great time as they are seeing who can impress the girl most. The Whiteness of the basketball team, as well as the cheerleading squad demonstrates how different things were before the invasion. The whole setting was White, clean and wholesome. It shows some of what we have lost already.

In the December, 1960 issue I found this ad which is representative of other ads that ran through the previous decades. Here was a White family, which included a blond mother and daughter. The father, mother, son and daughter all were together on Christmas morning sharing a present (the product which was a Hammond organ). The home was solid American, White through and through. All the ads in this magazine that used models, used White models exclusively. That was the norm, because that reflected 90% of the population in America at the time!

In that same issue there was an article on New York City. It was exciting to see. Here were pictures of the city at a play and White faces were everywhere! They did a spread on Central Park and you saw almost all White faces. White children were playing with other White children. White women were sitting on blankets in their sundresses. Whites were completely dominant in Central Park, just as they were throughout America. Elsewhere in the article, there was a shot in winter time of a snow covered hill with the city in the back ground, and there was a huge crowd of fun seeking White folks sledding and playing in the snow together. I did not see a single Nonwhite face in the crowd. Is it any wonder that John Rocker asked, "How did all those people get into this country," when he saw how New York has been completely overrun by Nonwhites?

As I moved back in time, I found in the December, 1952 issue of National Geographic, a representative ad for the New York Central train company. The ad showed a little blond White girl, on the train, looking at a book with her White mother, with a White conductor looking on. Out of the window was beautiful white snow scene passing by. At the bottom of the ad was another picture of a White father watching as his son was running into the arms of his grandmother. The ad was promoting the idea that the train ran no matter what the weather, and the family values of the White folks of the time were being played upon with that ad. It said a lot about the White folks of December, 1952, which was published only a few months after I was born.

I found as I went back through the years that each decade had variations of the White family shown in a loving situation. I picked the December, 1926 issue here as an example of that type of ad. Even though the technology in the ad is antiquated, the ad is not so different than the one 34 years later in 1960 for the Hammond Organ. The racial makeup had not changed and therefore that which was important did not change. A White husband, with his White wife and White children is a standard selling idea for ads before White America came under attack by the leftist, White-haters.

In the August, 1909 issue there was an ad that showed a White man driving his wife and their two children in the family car, on a family outing, with a White observer along side of the road waving at them as they pass. Throughout all of the magazines of that time, there were only white folks seen in the ads, and the articles in the magazine that dealt with America, showed how very White this country was before the invasion hit us.

Moving back through the issues for the earlier years, clear back to the first issue in 1888, I found that they had a good deal less advertising in them. Some had none at all. But the ads that showed people in them, had only White people in them. From the beginning right up through the 1960s the consistency was quite apparent: A White America! Then suddenly a change came upon us, darkening our nation.

The experience of walking through time was a thrilling one for me. It was wonderful seeing America in its golden age, White, strong and proud. It was inspirational, and it makes me even more determined to continue my struggle to make America once again the great White nation it was before we were invaded. Do not let the lying leftists ever confuse you. America was a White nation before 1965 and it can be again. When the past is studied and understood, one cannot help but realize that things were infinitely better before, and they can be once more!

Only you can
prevent extinction!

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