The Man in the Bottle

September 21, 2003

I have been going through the original Twilight Zone works of Rod Serling. Like most authors and directors who come from Jewish descent, Rod Serling spends a lot of time making Germans look bad, and Jews look good. The number of episodes that I have seen so far that have been directed at the Nazis has been substantial. It is also not surprising that in all the years that the Twilight Zone ran, Serling only produced one Christmas episode, and it was more a slap in the face of White society than a celebration of Christmas. Well, Jews don't celebrate Christmas except in their stores, so why should we expect them to embrace the Christian holiday in their entertainment offerings?

One Twilight Zone episode that I found very interesting, was called, The Man in the Bottle. Here the story was taken from the old Aladdin's Lamp myth, but was set in the 20th Century. A middle aged Jewish antique dealer was depicted as just scraping by, and seemingly was unable to make ends meet. In spite of this, he was visited by a very poor old lady, who came into his shop in search of money. She had a bottle that she had pulled out of a trashcan that she tried to sell to the shopkeeper as an old family heirloom. He naturally saw right through the ruse, but being the big-hearted philanthropist that he was, he gave the lady some money anyway. She was ever so grateful and left with a smile on her face on her way to the grocery store.

The shopkeeper's wife came downstairs and discovered what he has done, and lightly reprimanded him; but what are you going to do with such a generous lover of mankind? During their discussion, somehow the bottle that he had just purchased was dropped, the lid popped off, and you guessed it, out came a genie. This one was dressed in a dapper suit, with top hat and cane, but he had all the same powers you might expect. He even was running a bonus this week, because he gave the shopkeeper four, count them, four wishes.

Although kindhearted, the shopkeeper apparently was not the sharpest pencil in the box, because standing there and watching the man come out of a bottle was not enough to convince him that these wishes might be for real. He burns the first one on repairing a broken pane of glass. His other wishes were not much better in their results. He wishes for a million dollars, and the IRS takes all but $60,000 of it - $60,000 which he had already given away by the time the auditor arrived. So, that came to nothing. (Judging from the look on his face, his philanthropic sprit was not large enough to make his sizable gifts to the needy appear to be sufficient cause for celebration.) His third wish was something that seemed very out of character for this "benevolent old man." He wished to become a "dictator in a foreign country that could not be voted out of office." He didn't specify which country, or any other details. And once again you guessed it, he suddenly became Adolf Hitler sitting in the bunker with the cyanide tables in front of him. He was blubbering like a baby and uses his last wish to get back home as himself. The only thing left of notice from this entire experience was the repaired glass pane, which he then inadvertently broke with his broom, as he was cleaning up the genie's broken bottle from the floor. (The magic bottle later magically repairs itself, and fills with smoke, once it is outside again in a trashcan.)

This is classic Serling. He gets to play with magic and our heads all at the same time. We learn how nice Jewish shopkeepers are (when they are not plotting to rule the world as a dictator that is) and how much of a coward Adolf Hitler was. (No matter what any knowledgeable person says about Hitler, they never call him a coward. Fear was not one of his failings.) As time has gone by, it is clear to see that the campaign against Nazi Germany continues to intensify. Like Hamaan of old, Adolf Hitler is destined to have his own Jewish holiday where they can dance on his grave for thousands of years.

However, I am not writing about how the Jews water and nurture their hate of others, but it is about what I might do if I were given four wishes by an all-powerful genie popping out of a bottle. It is a heady thought. Naturally, in the movies and books where these stories are told, the people given these wishes look only to gratify the whims of themselves or their immediate friends and families. They think small. Here are four wishes that I would like to see granted:

My first wish would be that the speciational process for the White race that began long ago, would instantly be completed, making it impossible for White people to produce offspring from the other races. This would remove one of the greatest dangers to our people, protecting us from genocide through miscegenation. From this day forward you would never see a half-White child in the arms of a White woman. Any White woman who would turn traitor to her race and go with a non-White male, would be barren of children, and would never produce progeny for the other races. This would be an added incentive to White women to avoid non-White males, when they are too ignorant to make the right choices for the right reasons. White males with Asian women would produce no children to be tortured by their mixed race status in a world where they are neither White nor fully Asian. That whole dreadful process would be halted immediately.

My second wish would be that the White birth rate would increase to match the highest birth rate of any race on the planet. Today the White birth rate is around 1.5 per couple. It has to be 2.1 in order to just maintain our population. If we are to grow, we need more still. As long as other races are having more children than we are, we will be losing ground in the survival game. As long as we are having fewer children than is required to replace our deaths, we are committing racial suicide. In order to thrive we have to reproduce. The United States is experiencing a tremendously high population increase, despite the fact that its native population, the White race, has put a strangle hold on its own birthrate. Clearly if we would have had children the last fourty years instead of importing non-White immigrants to fill up our land, we would be far better off. We must reverse this trend that is destroying us.

My third wish would be that all the lands of Europe, the North American Continent, and Australia would instantly and forever become 100% White gentile. (All Whites would live in these lands, but no non-Whites would.) The way this would be accomplished is that anyone of whole or part Black blood, would be sent to Africa. Those of part or all Asian descent would be sent to their ancient homeland. Those descendants of non-White Mexican or South American border-crossers would be returned to their homelands. Part of this process, which would be included in the wish, would be that when the non-Whites arrived at their destination, they would be able to continue their existence at the same financial level that they had while living in a White land. (Housing, and food would be available at the same level for the rest of their natural lives.) There would be no loss of life from this wish. All of Europe, North America, and Australia would become 100% White. The non-White natives of North America and Australia would be moved to a portion of the continent that is all their own, where they can be self sufficient. No non-White, or non-gentile, will ever immigrate into the White lands again. South Africa and Zimbabwe would be returned to the Black tribes and the Whites there would be brought to the White lands, with compensation for the loss of their homelands. The Jews would all be moved to one nation, outside of the White lands, where they will be forced to rely on their own production of goods in order to maintain their homeland, and not use control of the mass media and the monetary systems of the world to accomplish their ends. From this day forward the gentile White race would be allowed to perpetuate its genes, its culture, and its science into the future, without the threat of genocide hanging over its head as it is today. On planet earth, the future of the White race would be assured.

My final wish would be for an established and flourishing space-based civilization exclusively populated by the White race. (This is what we would have had anyway if those who hate our people had not interfered with the natural process.) Included in this wish would be large self-sufficient White colonies (containing multiple millions in population) on the moon and on Mars. No one who is a non-White, or a non-gentile, would ever be allowed to immigrate to any White colony. These colonies would be complete with spacecraft and circling space stations coupling the interplanetary system with shipping and transport. Should our high birthrate become too much for planet earth, we will have plenty of room for expansion to the stars. Not only will the future of the White race be assured on planet earth, but it will be assured in the solar system as well.

I know from past experience that the better off the White race is, the more likely that the other races will benefit as well. Africa would still be entirely in the Stone Age, and would not have emerged from that situation for thousands, or maybe hundreds of thousands of years if the White man had not brought modern medicine and technology to the Dark Continent. With the White race safe and flourishing, there is no doubt that Africa would receive a tremendous amount of help from the White nations in eradicating disease and hunger. The same is true of South America and many parts of Asia. The Japanese and some of the other Asian nations are strong and worthy people, and I have no doubt that they will find a way to survive even on their own. But even they will benefit from having a viable White race surviving into the future.

I feel that the first two wishes would be enough by themselves to ensure our survival as a race. We could not then be crushed by others who are out breeding us, as is starting to happen today, and we could not be exterminated through interbreeding which is not only happening today, but is being very strongly promoted by the controlled media to our children. I see the results of that brainwashing every day in the world around me. It is only going to get worse unless we put a stop to those who are promoting it.

Given enough time, the first wish would have been a natural result of separation of our race from the other races. It has happened with all animals on earth that have been separated from others of their species for a long enough time. It would have happened to us as well in time, if we weren't so darn clever and hadn't started reaching out to the rest of the world with our innovative forms of transportation. Now that transportation is being used against us to import non-Whites into our lands, who breed fast and will ultimately overwhelm us, if we don't act soon to stop it.

The second wish was something that was true in the pioneer days of America. White families often had 10 or 12 children or more. It could happen again right now if we wanted it to. We pretend like we can't afford to have large families, while we import non-Whites by the droves who are having huge families with no income at all. WE ARE PAYING THEM TO HAVE THE CHILDREN WE SHOULD HAVE HAD OURSELVES! We didn't need to stop having children. If we did, why have we had an ever-increasing demand for GROWTH? Growth is promoted as being wonderful, while having large families is put down as a bad thing. There is only one outcome for anyone stupid enough to buy into that nonsense: the local population will be exterminated and replaced by a flood of immigrants who don't listen to the lies. The White race is being replaced by non-Whites who are having large families. This is a fact. It is happening today as you are reading this.

Your having a small family only creates a vacuum for non-Whites to fill. You are destroying your own race, while doing nothing to stay the population explosion on the planet. You are in fact contributing to it, because even if the non-Whites had still had large families in their homelands, those children would have had a high mortality rate. They would have not added to earth's population. But now, thanks to you and your medical system, which you are paying for so the non-White invaders can use it, they will add to the population explosion. Now all those non-White kids will survive to inherit what should have been your children's future. Only it will not be that future. The future, that should have been created by your kids, will be replaced by a replica of the societies left behind by the non-White invaders. Your way of life will die. Your culture will be replaced. Your children will not look like you, and the White race will be exterminated by this process.

Oh yes, there is one finally consequence of our stupidity. As has happend in every land where Whites have been replaced by non-Whites, the non-Whites kill the White farmers who are feeding them, and they end up starving in huge numbers. So, by by letting this process continue, you will be responsible not only for the death of your own race, but for the starvation of millions of those of other races in the future. Of course if the first item doesn't bother you, I suppose the second will probably not be a motivator either.

The third wish should be the natural order of things as well. If White folks had used their foresight to imagine what the results of letting other races into their home breeding grounds would be, they never would have fallen as dupes for the lies being told to them. Even after the stupid way our race has allowed this invasion of our homelands to begin, this wish could still easily be accomplished today, without the aid of a magic genie, if only White people would wake up and smell the coffee before they are destroyed as a people. We have gone from arrogant rulers of the world to timid morons who will believe anything that our televisions tell us is true. There is still hope, but it grows fainter every day.

The fourth wish is the most natural of all. We put a man on the moon. We invented science, and we were headed outwards to space to begin a whole new age of exploration and pioneering. Instead those who hate our people have yanked us back and stripped our resources from that critical project, and turned them instead to paying for non-Whites to breed like insects in our lands. This final wish also could still be accomplished, but only if we have the courage to make wish number three come true. As long as aliens(1) rule our media, we are doomed to destruction. It will only be once we take back our lands, and our destiny, that we will once again be heirs to the stars. Until then we will be nothing but a pitiful bunch of might-have-beens who will be headed for extinction like the dinosaurs.


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