PNW Mall Blues

September 18, 2004

I HAD A VERY DEPRESSING EXPERIENCE TODAY. I was at a shopping mall in Washington State, and when a man's eyes are open, there is much pain to see in such places. I was resting on a bench that rested upon a cross walkway that bridged the gap between the upper level's left and right main walkways. Looking forward from my vantage point I could see banners spread at various points from the roof, quite a ways down the mall's length. Each of these banners showed a picture of people shopping. The first three showed pictures of 5 individuals. All 5 were female. Well, that could be explained by the fact that women love to shop, and so they would be the ones who are being appealed to. However, all 5 of the shoppers shown were non-White. No, there was not a single White face among them. The racial diversity in the mall was much higher than you would normally see on the street in this Pacific Northwest town, but the shoppers were still at least 80% White this day. Later, I had the opportunity to see many more banners and posters, which had been put up by the mall itself; and of all the people displayed in those photos, at least 75% of them were non-White. The posters and ads in the shop windows did no better at matching the racial make up of the shoppers.

The blatant propaganda campaign being openly carried on against White people today is so very much more discouraging because of the simple fact that White people are having this stuff staring them in the face every day and they don't even see it for what it is. They are being told that they, as a people, are going to be exterminated and replaced, and it is just fine with them. As long as they can continue shopping at the mall and continue watching their television sets, these shoppers don't give a tinker's damn about what is going to happen to their country, their way of life, or their children.

Not only are they completely unconcerned about the future destruction of their society, but they do become extremely concerned if you are so bold as to point it out to them. You will find no interest or excitement in any of these White victims, unless you force them into looking at the truth. Then, it is not the truth that moves them, but the knee jerk hatred of you for expressing concern over their children's future.

It is not only the visual propaganda that is all around you in any public area these days. You also are "treated" to the sound of Africans screaming, or panting, or growling into microphones as if it were actual music to be appreciated. I find it hard to even consume a hamburger at an "oldies" diner. Instead of at least hearing White performers from the overhead speakers, when nearly all of the patrons are White, half or more of the songs are from Motown, with James Brown or another of his "brothers" pouring his foul sounding noises into your ears. I was very much struck a few weeks ago when I found that I was eating at a restaurant where only White classical music was being played over the PA system: all classical, all of the time. It has become my very favorite restaurant, and will remain so as long as it refuses to cave into the propaganda game.

The saddest part of all is what has happened to the White children. They don't even know any better. They have no clue as to what life was like before this obscenity was forced upon the White people of America. They can't even conceive of living a life where they go for months without ever seeing a non-White face, listening only to music produced by White people, and watching a baseball game where the batters don't grab their crotches or spit on the umpires. The clean White America that existed before this outrage began is as mythical to our children as is Snow White and the Seven Dwarves.

I watched the people in the mall as well, and it was something worth crying over. The White kids were dressed like Black kids. There were young 8, 9, and 10-year-old girls running around in skirts that were short enough to nearly make a whore blush. There were White girls with non-White guys, and a lot of obviously mixed race kids running around. All around were the signs of degeneration, deracination, destruction of everything of importance before our eyes, and of course our ongoing dispossession of what is rightfully ours.

Like a cursed man who can everywhere see demons dancing around and working mischief, whenever he puts on his magic glasses, while nobody else can see them at all, I feel that nobody else in my immediate circle is noticing the work of our enemies, as it loudly goes on around us: the continual presentation of non-White faces everywhere; the ubiquitous photos put up everywhere showing a blonde White lady smiling and happily standing next to a Black man, often looking into his eyes intimately; the Black music pumped out everywhere there is a public address system; and the obligatory television set pumping out a steady stream of "news" or other propaganda messages, placed in nearly any space where a White person might get a moment's peace away from the enemy onslaught.

To anyone who is aware of what is going on, the results of the propaganda program are just as easy to see as is the campaign itself, and even more painful to observe: the White kids dressing like ghetto rats, and coloring their hair in ways to make themselves look non-White; the non-Whites bleaching their hair and trying to look White; the mixed race couples becoming ever more commonplace; the White kids polluting our environment by driving by in cars that are pumping out anti-White hate rap at 250 Watts per channel; and idiots pretending like the presidential election is something that going to matter to the future of White Americans, when all of the candidates are ignoring the angry bull elephant in the living room -- the bull elephant of non-White immigration, which is quickly trumping all other issues in reality.

The White race seems to be currently very happy about walking to the slaughterhouse. Its members, like exceptionally thoughtful sheep, appear eager to provide lamb chops to those who hate them. We are a thoughtful and caring people...apparently right to the end.

Only you can
prevent extinction!

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