Gran Torino

I DON'T KNOW IF YOU ARE OLD ENOUGH TO REMEMBER when All in the Family first hit the airwaves, but it was the single most important piece of Media propaganda used by our enemies to undermine the American Whites. It leaped to the top of the rating charts, was "very entertaining" and continued to be the number one show for 5 years. It first aired in January 1971, four months after I was first married, and it featured a main character who also was happy to throw out racist slurs and "bigoted" ideas.

Archie Bunker now has entered our language as a euphemism for a stupid White man who thinks racism is good and diversity is bad. Any man who wants to head up and support a family and have a wife and children who are dependent upon his labors and whom he can protect and love, is a sexist pig, and another example of being an Archie Bunker.

Week after week that show slammed into our White civilization's foundational concepts and destroyed them. It was entertaining, and that was all the excuse the vast majority of Americans needed to return to have their brains twisted by that show. It was funny, and well acted, so it was “okay.” It featured the man who drove taxis, and who didn't like "coloreds" (of course no one was allowed to use "the N word" even then) or anyone who was not White, and he was made to appear utterly ridiculous, thereby making those who Love White Folks appear to look utterly ridiculous.

A friend was suggesting that I should watch a movie, that I later learned was Gran Torino, starring Clint Eastwood. She started describing the plot to me, thinking that she would talk me into watching it. What it turned out to be, from her description, is a new All in the Family with Clint Eastwood playing the new Archie Bunker.

Of course, this wasn't a laugh-em up sitcom farce, ridiculing White American males, but instead it was a drama with a tough Eastwood, who uses guns to back down hoodlums etc. However, just like with Archie Bunker's unthinking racist attitude, Eastwood throws out racial slurs right and left, and “hates” all these immigrants invading his neighborhood. But he ends up fighting for them and gives his life for them in the end. Net message to the sheep viewer: he was stupid in his dislike of foreigners, and his actions showed that when the chips were down, he really supported diversity. If he were only a bit "smarter," he would have rushed out to welcome all the Asians who took over his life and left him nothing of his old neighborhood, before ending his life for him literally.

After listening to her description, I explained what was going on with the movie as she described it, and what the intentions were of those who made it. She got a little upset and said, “I only watch it for entertainment.” I replied, “That is what everyone is doing, and that is the problem.”

I think we need to evaluate the question: Do we really need to go and see movies to have full and productive lives? Is this an activity that will move our people forward to survival and towards a land of our own?

For quite some time I have said that putting a White child in front of a television set today is CHILD ABUSE, because it will rob him of his racial pride, his value as a person, and of his personal roots.

If your child is ever exposed to this sort of propaganda, it is your obligation as a parent to sit down and discuss what the messages were in the movie or TV show, calmly and deeply, and to explain why these messages are destroying your child's future.

Calling the invaders and destroyers of our neighborhoods, schools, country, and people, scathing names, while laying on racial slurs, is doing nothing productive. It doesn't do a thing to save us. Watching some fool doing it in a movie doesn't either.

The point being made was exactly the one that Eastwood stated after the fact:

“I’m a weirdo in it. I play a real racist . . . . But it also has redemption. This Hmong family moves in next door, and he has been in the Korean War, in the infantry, and looks down on Asian people and lumps everybody together. But finally they befriend him in his time of need because he has no relationship with his family.”

As you can see, all you have to do is love those who are invading your land, and REDEMPTION awaits you; you have it straight from Dirty Harry himself. IF YOU LOVE WHITE FOLKS YOU ARE LOST AND ARE IN NEED OF "REDEMPTION." No matter how brave you are, or how tough you are, or how many guns you have, you are of no real value unless you have been redeemed by embracing the Media Lords' blessed racial diversity.

That is the message of this movie, just like All in the Family had the message that if you were a traditional thinking American who loved his country, his way of life, and his people, you were a imbecile only worthy of being laughed at. If you want to check how effective this horrible propaganda is, just check the Archie Bunker meter and see how many people today, 30 years later, still understand what it means to "be an Archie Bunker."

Gran Torino is just a repackaging of an old poisonous message, and it is going to hammer home that message to millions of White people who are too young to have watched the first run of the TV show, and who can't remember what life was like before All in the Family did its dirty work.

Only you can
prevent extinction!

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