The Savage and the Teacher

I don't want this to be perceived as a racial thing because I'm a white woman from the suburbs and my attacker is black from the inner city. Education is not a racial thing, and safety is not a racial issue. Teaching kids is my career, and I don't separate the teaching of black or white kids. I teach children to enable them to fulfill their own dreams. I used to do that. I was a teacher. Now I don't know if I can do that again.

I AM GOING TO SHARE WITH YOU A STORY that is nearly 3 years old. I was made aware of it only today, and when it happened is not what is important. What is important is that in the multiracial Chicago school system in the school year ending in 1997, there were 1,198 reported cases of assault against schoolteachers. Were you aware the numbers were so high? The year before there were "only" 978. A thousand teachers assaulted each year in a single city. And we wonder why our schools are going into the toilet.

The story was reported in The Tribune for July 22, 1997. In order to protect the innocent as well as the guilty the names were changed by the author but here is what happened. A White woman, a dedicated teacher, who was doing her liberal duty, drove every day from her home in an "affluent and predominantly white suburb" to Chicago's West Side, where it is neither affluent nor White. Why did she do this? Here is how she described her motives:

The challenge isn't with a classroom full of children who have had all the advantages of family and discipline and high standards of academic achievement. The challenge is to teach children who haven't had those advantages. Because if we don't, who will? What advantages do they have?

As the story unfolds we see that it contains all the same trapping that have always appeared in the news media. First off, the description of the neighborhood where this White woman lives is described not only as being affluent, but also as being predominately White. You know that this description is redundant. If a community is affluent in the USA you know that it is predominantly White. If it were not predominantly White, the best that it could hope for would be to have formerly been an affluent neighborhood, when it was also predominantly White. When the Whites leave a neighborhood they do not take their fine houses with them. The only thing they take with them, are their personal possessions and themselves. They leave behind them the homes that they sweated to build or to buy, and a community that had a tradition of being relatively crime free. The Leftists always find a way to avoid that fact, and they still try to lay the blame on the Whites when the neighborhoods that the Whites had built and maintained for generations, collapse into decay and chaos when non-Whites move into them. The non-Whites did not need to create a nice, clean, safe neighborhood, because it was already there! All that they had to do was to maintain the neighborhood. Instead they created a ghetto where once a paradise had been.

In this case the teacher went from her safe White neighborhood over to "one of the most violent neighborhoods on Chicago's West Side." Note that the story does not get redundant on this description. It does not say that this neighborhood is predominantly Black. You know this to be true, and the author knows that you do. The fact that it is one of the most violent neighborhoods around tells you that. The idea is that White folks should feel guilty about being affluent, and that is why they have their noses rubbed into the fact that they are living well off. The Blacks on the other hand, should not be made to feel guilty by having their noses rubbed into the fact that their communities are always the most violent in any town. Now, correct me if I am wrong, but I always thought that living in an affluent community was a goal that one was supposed to work towards. In fact it was something to be proud of once accomplished. There is nothing to feel guilty about living in a good neighborhood. On the other hand, living in a violent community is something that you should be ashamed of. You should be completely intolerant of crime, and doing all that you can to drive it out of your neighborhood. Why is it that "your" media is continually attacking that which is legitimate and worthy of praise, and praising that which is worthy of ridicule? Once you answer that question for yourself you will have taken a major step upon the path of wisdom!

This poor teacher is pathetic in her reasoning. She finds no "challenge" in teaching clean, peaceful, eager White kids, who have worked all of their school lives to be the best they can be. Those White kids don't need a good teacher. According to her thinking, they need some loafer who does not care. She thinks that the people who need the good teachers are the Black, uncaring, violent and openly hostile students. Those are the ones who will truly benefit from a good teacher. Have you heard this nonsense before? Whenever they have moved these Black students into White schools, the schools have hit the skids. Why? Another step on the path to wisdom awaits any that will answer that question honestly for themselves.

Which is more of a challenge: teaching a classroom filled with Isaac Newtons or a class of dummies? Where will a good teacher make the most impact upon the lives of the students? I have spent over a decade in front of adult students teaching technical material and I can tell you that the ones who are the biggest challenge are the bright ones. They are the ones that push your abilities and make you do your best work. The slow ones require a great deal of patience, but not a great deal of talent. I have had success with both types of students but there is no challenge like the one posed by the bright student.

When you are teaching in a jungle, where arrows and clubs are everywhere, you do not need a good teacher, but a merely adequate teacher with a black belt. The finesse in technique that will draw out the very best in a classroom of students, who are there to learn, is completely lost in a classroom where the kids are high on drugs, or contemplating joining the local gang. It takes a strong will, and perhaps even martial arts skills to survive in that environment long enough to have an impact on the students, and you will still have a classroom of students with relatively low potential when you have finished.

So, we have a misguided teacher who is leaving her safe home every day, to teach writing to the young members of the race that never invented a written language in their entire existence. She had been doing this for nearly 2 years and had actually improved the kids' ability to write. We are not told how much, but there was some improvement. And then the inevitable finally happened.

There was a kid in her class, and he had failed 8th grade, in a Black school. Now, you have to understand the amount of effort it takes to actually be held back for academics in an all Black school. This guy must have not even been able to spell his own name yet. He was 14 years old, stood 6 feet tall, and weighed 170 pounds and the Tribune story described him as "the class troublemaker". Mr. Troublemaker brought to class some gang paraphernalia and started showing it around. Our White liberal teacher put her foot down, and said that he would be expelled if he brought that stuff to class again. Remembering what gangs act like might have made you or me think about what might happen next, but the teacher went on with business as usual.

The next day, the usual routine was disrupted somewhat by Mr. Troublemaker. He had brought an assortment of items to school that a Clue game would have been envious of, that he planned to use to get back at the teacher. Of the hammer, knife, and wrench that he had stowed away in his backpack, he chose for his assault, the hammer. The reason for the choice I am not sure of. However, it appeared to be the nice shiny claws on the back side, that he was most interested in using, as he swung it with all of his might right into the face of the woman who was dedicating her time, talent and love upon this little savage. The claw ripped into her eye gouging it out and shattering the eye socket, it caught a good grip and he pried out a chunk of bone just like pulling a nail but Mr. Troublemaker was not yet done. He had another go at her face and that blow shattered her cheekbone, and mangled a great deal of her face. The only reason that Mr. Troublemaker stopped at this point was because there was a male teaching assistant who fortunately was in the classroom at the time and he put a bear hug on the little creep, stopping him from inflicting any further damage.

Today the teacher can see out of one eye that is held in by surgical mesh under her skin. The five plates in her face help make up for the bone that Mr. Troublemaker's hammer ripped out, or shattered. She suffers from short-term memory loss and is no longer very excited about teaching.

After all of this what is she most concerned about? A true liberal until the end, she is most worried that this event may take on racial overtones. She doesn't want it to become a "racial thing". Read her quote at the top of the page. She still does not get it. After Ebonics and all the other racial warning signs, these poor pathetic liberal clones do not get the fact that education is racial, and always will be. Everybody but White liberals separate out students by race. The Negro College Fund and many other scholarship funds select out by race. Where did African-American studies come from? Why do liberals always claim that White education techniques are culturally biased against Blacks? And most of all, what must follow from that assertion? It is inherent in that assertion that you must separate students out by race in order to teach them effectively!

Any intellectually honest man would be forced to realize that the very ones who have promoted integrated schools are perfectly aware that integration would be, and is, a complete failure. They believe that testing of all sorts is biased against Blacks. Since testing is an integral part of White education, why would they wish to put Blacks into that system where all those tests are? Hmmm? It certainly is not to benefit the Black students, the vast majority of whom will not be able to compete on an equal basis. Another step on the path to wisdom can be made at this point when you answer the question of why, for yourself.

The liberal teacher later learned some additional facts about this event that she was shocked by, but I am not. Mr. Troublemaker had bragged the day before that he was going to attack the teacher. The kids in her class were aware of it, and as soon as he had finished bashing and ripping at her face, some of her students ran out merrily to brag to Mr. Troublemaker's younger brother that he had made good on his threats. So, the kids were accomplices, the very kids that she was so concerned about. Even after the fact they were far more interested in reporting the news than what happened to the teacher. She survived, but not because any of her students gave a hoot about her. Those kids were raised to hate White folks and the teacher still has not figured it out.

Next the legal system went to work on the teacher. They chose to not prosecute the 14-year-old kid as an adult. She found out that he would be back on the street after a year. Why? Because the DA was frightened of the Black community's reaction. They just slipped the case by with minimal effort and now the White liberal teacher understands where she fits into the New American Order. Even if that little monster had bashed in her skull and killed her, our Mr. Troublemaker would have been right back on the streets again.

In a follow up article we find that Mr. Troublemaker's dear old mom was angry that the newspaper had published an article on the event, even though her son's name was left out of it. She would not talk to the paper, but Mr. Troublemaker's little brother in the 7th grade was happy to share his opinion of what happened. Mr. Troublemaker, Jr. model, is following in his brother's footsteps, because he was expelled from school for threatening to kill another teacher on the same day as the hammer attack occurred.

Here is what the little guy had to say. I am sure you will have to agree with Art Linkletter and Bill Cosby that "Kids Say the Darnedest Things!"

"She was tricking on him. She deserved it for threatening suspensions. I can't fault him for what he did. She deserved to get hit, but not with no hammer. A stick or his fists maybe. But no hammer. Maybe just hit her upside the head a few times. With his fist."

Well, you can tell that this kid has been set down and talked to about what is right and wrong. He really has his head on straight about civilized behavior. If only his brother had used a stick or his fists to beat the hell out of his teacher, that would have been great. Imagine the nerve of that uppity White teacher threatening suspension. The very idea! A wise man would draw a very important conclusion at this point concerning the viability of our society, on its present course.

In the White school that I attended, when a student was threatened with a suspension, his parents usually came right down to the school in an attempt to straighten the kid out, even if the kid was a senior in high school, let alone an eighth grader. No one ever brought a hammer to school in order to "teach the teacher." There appears to be a basic incompatibility between the idea of education (or even civilized life) and the philosophy of life followed by those in a predominately Black society. The whole Black community is quick to get angry, even fighting mad. Yes, they are ready to go out and literally burn the place to the ground. Why? Not because a Black kid rips the face off of a White teacher with a claw hammer. Nope, it is something far more evil than that. They are ready to riot because the judicial system might actually make a member of their race pay for what he has done. You will never see Black folks get up in arms because of something that one of their own does by way of violent, heinous crimes. They only get really upset when law and order is applied equally to them, as it would be to a White man.

So, what is the moral to this story? What can we learn from it, to put into our piggy bank of philosophical truths? What would Aesop say is the point? Perhaps it is that the price of accepting liberalism will always be paid sooner or later. Those poor White fools in South Africa are learning that lesson very well these days, as they are being raped and murdered at a terrible rate. President Clinton would say that the moral is: we need better hammer legislation.

I think that the real moral to this story is that there is no hope for diversity. The White neighborhood is where you can live like a civilized human being; the Black neighborhood is where you can live like a jungle savage. By moving the jungle savage into the civilized neighborhood, you will merely disrupt and ultimately destroy the civilized neighborhood. By sending "missionaries" to the jungle we do not make the jungle savage civilized, but merely supply food for the cannibal's cooking pots.

Only you can
prevent extinction!

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