Hate Crimes

DATELINE: 10-12-98

WHITES CHARGED WITH HATE CRIME! I saw a report on the news this morning, where two white men and two white women are being charged in the beating death of a man in Wyoming. This is terrible thing and these perpetrators should be prosecuted for murder. We have laws against murder and all murders should be prosecuted to the full extent of the law.

Yet, the thing that made this story national news, because there are hundreds of murders every week in our country, was the fact the man who was killed was a homosexual. President Clinton, the Hypocrite in Chief, called up the homosexual's parents to state how terrible he felt about the killing. How many white parents whose sons are heterosexual and are murdered by minorities never get such a call?

Clinton called for hate crime laws in response to this murder. The typical liberal knee jerk response to any crime against minorities or homosexuals is a cry for hate crime legislation. Yet, you will find that such legislation will do nothing to curb a rather small problem, but will do a great deal to take away your freedoms. I checked on the FBI's web page and found that only 20 people had been killed in 1995 in what they termed a "hate crime." That is a totally insignificant number of murders when compared with the thousands killed during the same year for other reasons. Yet here is our "fearless zipper" yelling for more laws to attack whites with, while he is doing all that he can to destroy the white majority in America through immigration.

Hate crimes are merely crimes. We have laws against crimes already. We do not need any laws which are trying to control thought! A hate crime is a thought crime and the government of a free people has no legitimate role in the area of trying to control thought crime ! If a man or group of men harm the person or property of another, the reason why they did it is not important. The fact that they did it is all a court should have to know to pass a stiff and appropriate sentence.

There is one thing that you can rest assured about our Coward in Chief: he will continue as long as he is in office, to promote laws against whites, against the moral sensibilities of the white Americans, and call it "doing the people's business." The man is a dyed in the wool white race hater and a traitor to the United States of America.

Only you can
prevent extinction!

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