Thought Control and Hate

WHAT IS THE POINT? What is driving "hate crime" legislation? If you look closely at it, there is only one point, and that is to control thought. Those behind the hate crime movement are not interested in protecting anyone from any sort of physical harm by these laws. Instead what they are interested in is tearing down our way of life, and shackling the American majority, keeping them from rising up and removing these totalitarian minded leaches from our society.

It only has to work for a few more decades and they will have won. The White majority is already gone in Texas and California. By 2050 this disaster will have spread nationwide and the Media and Banking Lords will have won. They just have to hold on until then, holding the Whites in subjection with hate crime laws, and law suits, keeping the Whites quiet while they await the date of their own slaughter.

Look at the crime in Jasper, Texas where a Black man was dragged to death behind a truck by White men. Very few people in this country thought that dragging a man behind a truck to his death was a good thing to do, no matter what his skin color. The Media Lords did not need to program White Americans to reject that activity as disgusting. So, why did they the make such a fuss over this crime?

When Brandy Duvall, a young White girl was raped, sexually tortured and murdered in Denver, Colorado, about the same time as the murder in Jasper took place, there was not even a whisper across the nation by the Media Lords. When you contemplate the fact that there are at least 10 events similar to the Denver murder for every one similar to the Jasper murder, which of these two crimes is a more serious event? Which is the one that really needs more focus?

Hate crime laws have nothing to do with crime and everything to do with Politically Correct Thought. The murder in Jasper of a Black ex-convict by other ex-convicts was an opportunity for the Media Lords to reinforce their agenda of Politically Correct Thought upon the majority Whites. It was a case where the skin color of the offenders was "correct" and the skin color of the victim was "correct," to promote their agenda.

In the entire world the Media Lords could find nothing more important to report on than the activities of a group of ex-convicts who were drunk and out of control. Think of it! No other activities on the surface of the globe could compete in importance with the activities of a bunch of hooligans. The hundreds of murders going on in the United States during the same period of time just could not compete. People dying around the world just could not draw our attention away from this event. Ask yourself, "Why?"

While the morons in Jasper are naming a park after the ex-convict who was dragged to death by his old jail house acquaintances, what are the fine people of Denver doing for poor Brandy Duvall? Where is the sympathy for this 14 year old dead girl? Where were the anchors from the major news networks as that trial went on, demanding that Danny Martinez be executed for his racial hate crime against this defenseless White girl? Where is the park that will be named for this victim of a racial hate crime?

Nearly every single day a White woman is raped by a Black man. Whites are brutally murdered routinely in this country by Blacks. Yet the media never seems to get worked up in a lather over any of those crimes. The O. J. Simpson trial made headlines only because Simpson was a big name celebrity not because he cut up a White woman. What we see is an intentional overloading of the coverage on race crimes which cast Whites as the bad guys, and an intentional abandonment of national coverage of crimes which would show Nonwhites as the villains in interracial crimes.

Since it is impossible that this could happen by accident, we must understand this one fact: the Media Lords do not care about White people at all. No one who cared about a group of people could sweep all atrocities committed against that people under the rug and then turn around and bring all of their resources to bear to highlight when a member of that group actually does do something wrong. That is exactly what an enemy does during war!

Propaganda has its place in a war. It brings the people of a country together and joins them in support against the enemy. They are then willing to make sacrifices and to do what is necessary to win the war. The people on the other side of the war are never as evil as the war time propaganda says they are, but it serves a purpose.

Yet, with this in mind we are left with this thought: Why are the Media Lords using war time propaganda against White people? Why are they making White people out as worse than they are, while making Nonwhites out to be better than they are? Can it be for any other reason than that they are at war with White Americans?

The sickest part of this is that most of the war time propaganda is directed at White people themselves. Here are the master manipulators of the media, using their propaganda devices to convince White people that white people are the villains in this world. Alas, it is working. We have huge sections of American society who believe that Whites are evil racists who must be watched by the government, and the ADL, or else they will run around madly killing all other people.

That mental image is what is being massaged and perfected each and every time the Media Lords focus on an event like John King killing James Byrd in Jasper, Texas. That image is never allowed to be marred by letting stories about little White girls, like Brandy Duvall, being raped and murdered by Nonwhites, like Danny Martinez, to get into the national spotlight. Instead, White people all across the nation are led to believe that the murder in Jasper, Texas is the worst interracial crime that has happened, in ever so long, when in fact it was not as bad as other crimes that happened the same week!

So, the Media Lords have once again done their propaganda job. They have proclaimed the White man to be a terrible racist. They have proclaimed the Black man to be the victim. They have smeared the White race with their wartime propaganda and have left many of our people feeling a little more guilty, a little more controllable, and a little more willing to give up our freedoms in order to stop those terrible "hate crimes," against Nonwhites.

While we are going all soft over the horrors of Jasper, our people are being lobotomized on the issue of what Nonwhites are doing to Whites in our society every day. Brandy Duvall is just one of many White girls who were raped and murdered by Nonwhites this year. Whites do not feel rage at that. Whites do not get anywhere near as worked up over that as they do the fact that an ex-con, who happened to be Black, was murdered by other ex-cons who happened to be White. There is something very sick about that.

It is time that we brought our people back to mental health. The war that has been declared by the Media Lords against our people must be acknowledged and engaged. White people must once again learn to be White, proud, and in control of their own destiny. You do not have to hate Black people to want a White nation. You do not have to hate Hispanics or Orientals to want a White nation. The absurd connection that the Media Lords have been able to make in the minds of White Americans between "hate" and wanting to live in a White nation must be broken completely! We can no longer accept the accusation that it is "hate" to want to send your kids to White schools, and to own a house in a White neighborhood!

I do not hate anyone because of their race. Yet I want a White nation. I want to live in a White neighborhood. I want White schools in my White neighborhood. I want to watch television shows, that highlight positive things about my White race, and that use White actors to do it with.

Because the Media Lords propaganda campaign has been so successful those ideas are nearly criminal today. The Media Lords have continually bumped up against the First Amendment for the last few years, which has kept them from taking away our right to speak, as they have done in Germany and Canada. The Media Lords have been forced to come from a different direction here in America, by attacking thought crime, and calling it "hate."

Nobody is enamoured with hate. Hate is viewed as thoughtless anger directed at some object. Who wants to be controlled by that emotion? It does have its place, however. When you have been severely wronged by a party who is unrepentant, hate is a normal healthy response. That anger drives you to seek redress from the offending party, either through legal channels or even through war if the party is another nation.

But hate for no reason is a form of insanity. No one is interested in being insane. That is the trick being used by the Media Lords. They use their propaganda to paint all pro-White thought as being "hate" thought. That creates a great deal of internal pressure within each individual to avoid that kind of "insane" thought. Also, the society in general has been mentally manipulated into thinking along the same lines. So, there is external pressure as well.

Buzz words fly immediately if you should suggest that a White nation would be better than what we are growing in the American culture dish today. "Racist", "Nazi," and "bigot," are terms which immediately are produced and waved about. What is the point of these terms? Thought control!

A "racist" is, by liberal definition, a thoughtless hater who has no reason to feel the way he does. He is evil and his opinion is worthless. He is no longer considered human, nor does he have the rights and respect due to a fellow human.

A "Nazi" is, by liberal definition, someone who thinks all other races should be exterminated, and therefore is a crazy man who should be locked up and put away immediately. Not only is he less than human, he is a danger to society.

A "bigot," is, by liberal definition, one who hates without thought. He hates other races and women, and has no right to be breathing the same air as the non-bigot does.

So, when these words are hurled at a White man who is trying to stand up for his people, the liberal definitions of these terms (which are the only definitions that are ever seen in any media outlet) have sharp barbs attached, which cut, and painfully tear at their recipient. If a White man has not desensitized himself to the liberal definitions of the terms, he will immediately sit down and shut up. He will take a shower and hope the dirt from those labels will be washed from his person. He will have been controlled by the Media Lords!

If on the other hand he realizes that those who created this country, are now having these same words hurled at them, he will then know he is walking in very good company! He will understand that the Founding Fathers of the United States had it right. Those brave men thought that America was a nation of White people. They thought that only White males should vote. They did not subscribe to even one of the Media Lord agenda items. They were the definitive bigots. They would all be outcasts today if they expressed their ideas openly!

As the Media Lords continue with their undeclared war against White America, launching ever new campaigns of war propaganda against us, we must first of all steel ourselves against any fear of labels. Remove the stigma in your own mind of being a racist. Accept the label but give it the positive definition it deserves. Every man who stands up for his race is a racist. (Remember Martin Luther King Jr.?) He is promoting the wants of his race over those of others. This is normal. It will always happen and there is nothing wrong with it. It is the reason why multiculturalism and diversity are impossible concepts. The normal racism possessed by all of the races involved will ultimately pull the multiracial nation apart, as has happened in every case in history when it was tried!

If you are called a racist, realized that is like calling you a mammal. Yes it is true, but so what? All men are racists, admittedly or not. Accept it and give it no more mind than it deserves.

If you are called a Nazi, you can do one of two things: 1) if you are not a Nazi, point out where you disagree with National Socialistic ideas, or 2) if you are a Nazi, point out the reasons you agree with National Socialism. Bring it back to a discussion of ideas, which you win, rather than a thought control exercise which the Media Lords are going to win.

If you are called a "bigot," point out that you do feel more comfortable with your own race, AS ALL HUMANS DO! You do feel that your White culture is superior to any other culture for your White nation. In this you are fully supported by the ideas expressed by the Founding Fathers of our country, and so you are proud to walk in their company.

At all times be aware, anytime you hear the term "hate" being used by the Media Lords in any of their outlets, it is intended as a thought control device to rob White people of their natural racial self-defense tendencies, and to continue to hypnotically fool them into thinking that they are sheep rather than members of the White race. Whether it is "hate crime" or "hate speech" they are always talking about thought control. You do not have the right to your own thoughts. They want to tell you what to think, and are using all of their resources to make those PC thoughts a reality.

The Media Lords think of you as the enemy. It is clear in all of their work which White Americans consume. (You are what you eat!) In every play, every movie, every television sitcom or drama, every news broadcast, you can see the real hatred for America and the White race which created her. Watch closely. Look for it. You cannot help but see it!

So far it has been a pretty one-sided war. So far White Americans have let the Media Lords have their own way. So far White Americans have lost every battle. The bombing of Pearl Harbor did far less harm to our nation than has the programming of the Media Lords. The combined forces of Japan and Germany were not sufficient to plant as many alien forces upon our land in the entire Second World War, as we DAILY have brought into America by the Media Lord program of Nonwhite immigration. No bombs were effectively dropped on our cities by Japan in W.W.II, but if they had can you imagine them doing anymore harm than the Media Lord-backed welfare program has? Look at our inner cities! They are war zones, thanks to the Media Lords.

Awaken everyone you know to the fact that we are at war and it is time to stop watching the Media Lord propaganda programming as if it were entertainment. It is time to stop voting for candidates because of anything you hear or see from any of the Media Lord outlet devices. Do not be a cog in their machine, but be a wrench in their gears. Inspire others to avoid the television and look for alternate forms of education and entertainment. It is amazing how different your world view becomes if you just eliminate the propaganda for a while. Every White American needs to do just that!

Most of all do not give the Media Lords the weapon of any label being able to control your actions. Do not be afraid of being called a "racist," be proud of it. You know that you do not hate based upon race. You want to live among your own people and those people are your race. So, yes you are a racist, which is a good thing. It is time to de-claw the Media Lord monster and take this nation back.

Only you can
prevent extinction!

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