November 2000

I DROPPED BY HATEWATCH TODAY to see what the HATE people were up to. I came across a section on their page called, "Criteria used to determine whether a web page should be cataloged as a 'hate site.'" I thought this might be interesting, since those losers had listed my web page on their list of "hate sites" I thought perhaps I could determine how their twisted little minds had come to the conclusion that I was promoting "hate." Here is how it started:

So that we might give our patrons a better sense of our work monitoring the evolving nature of online bigotry, we have included a list of some of the elements that go into determining whether a web site should be cataloged and listed as a hate site at HateWatch. Please note that this is not an exhaustive list and should not treated as such.

The primary reason that any web site is initially deemed to be a possible hate site is if it advocates violence against or unreasonable hostility toward a person or group based on race, religion, ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation or disability. If it is determined that a site falls within this definition, we then look for some of the following elements to see if the site merits inclusion in our catalog. It is important to note that a web site need not have all or even most of the following elements to be considered a hate site. Some of the elements we look for are: . . .

They claim that the primary reason for any site to be listed is for advocating violence, or "unreasonable hostility" towards special groups arbitrarily selected by this group of hypocrites. If a group of people are destroying your schools, and your neighborhoods, your country and your culture, and you object at all to what they are doing, you are "unreasonable" and your objection is instantly categorized as "hostility" and therefore "hate." You do not have to promote violence (obviously my web page does not do that) or even rude behavior (my page does not do that either). All a web master has to do is point out that diversity is a negative thing and must be opposed, and he is guilty of "hate."

Once they have arbitrarily selected your site as one that they do not like the attitude of, they go down a check list to see if it really qualifies for being a "hate" site, and one to be included in their "catalog." Does anyone else see a problem with a "chosen" group of people trying to tell you what to think and what not to think? If they wanted to put up a site promoting the "wonders" of diversity, I might laugh at it, but I would not petition congress to have it banned or try and instigate legislation to outlaw their free speech. Why is it that they attempt to destroy free speech in this country, and the mainstream of society fails to see that these malicious trolls are the real haters? Perhaps a monopoly on control of the media helps a bit?(1)

So, lets look at the checklist and see if we can locate what these happy haters think is unreasonable behavior from someone that they disagree with politically.

Is there an address or Post Office box given for people to request information?
Is there a telephone number listed for interested parties to call?
Is the site using a registered domain, (i.e. www.kkk.com) rather than a page on free web service?

What an interesting list of items this is. If you go to HateWatch and visit their Contact Page you will see that they are requesting donations They have an address listed, a phone number, and are using a registered domain name. It is clear that HateWatch is promoting unreasonable hostility towards White Americans and all those who hold traditional American views. Also, these first 3 items on their checklist obviously apply to Hatewatch.

Note that on my page there is no mailing address. I do not solicit funds or ask anyone to join an organization. While I use a registered domain name, so does every serious web site on the web. Look at all businesses and organizations. You will find that even Christmas sites and web pages on nearly any topic you can think of are using registered domain names. How absurd to condemn a web page for having its own domain name! How hypocritical when the very site where this list is located is using a registered (www.hatewatch.org) domain name!

Of course another point raised here is that of using a "free web service." The people of HateWatch realize that anyone using a free web service is not going to keep his site very long if he does not play by the rules laid down in the Politically Correct Handbook of Mind Control. As soon as a White person starts up a web site and suggests that maybe White Folks are not too bad, poof! His web site is deleted. Naturally HateWatch does not waste time listing such sites, when they just have to reach out and push the control button on the free service provider, and the site will disappear.

Is this site part of, or an affiliate of, a larger "real life" hate group?

Since HateWatch is backed by the biggest hate group in the world, it looks like they qualify on this one too. They of course do not define what a "hate group" is exactly. Any group that disagrees with their ideas on diversity and multiculturalism is automatically a hate group. There is no group on earth that hates more deeply and more egregiously than the ADL does.

I Love White Folks is not affiliated with any group or organization, other than the White race, and the United States of America. Of course both of these are hated by the HateWatch boys.

Does the site advertise current events or activities for known hate groups?

If being politically active is hate, our founding fathers were filled with it.

Note the HateWatch hypocrisy. The HateWatch site is just loaded with lists of events and activities for the haters of White folks. Also note that their web page has been "guilty" of every one of the points so far listed.

Is there original content created specifically for that web site?

Every newspaper on the web is guilty of this one. How in the world does "original content" qualify as hate? Of course HateWatch has original content too, such as it is.

So far, the only things they have listed that I Love White Folks has is its own domain name, and it has original content. I doubt that either of those would impress too many people as a criteria for "hate."

Is the majority of the web site dedicated to a bigoted or extremist ideology, and not just a single page as part of a larger site?

HateWatch is, like I Love White Folks, dedicated to a single theme. It, however, is dedicated to pure hatred of the White race and all White nations, while I Love White Folks is dedicated to love of White folks everywhere. What could be more bigoted than to proclaim that White folks do not have a right to their own land? What could be more extreme than the extermination of the White race by eliminating its breeding grounds? There is nothing more hateful than to destroy the culture of the White race through the promotion of FORCED diversity and multiculturalism, and to daily lessen the odds that the White race will continue to exist indefinitely into the future.

Is the web page updated on a regular basis?

HateWatch is constantly being updated. So also are all serious web pages. An obsolete page is of little value to anyone. This list looks like the twisted working of a sick mind. They are actively attacking any pro-White individual who is organized and dedicated to a cause. At the same time they are doing exactly the same thing that they are condemning. It should turn your stomach looking at such vulgar hypocrisy.

Is there an element of fundraising or e-commerce attached to the web site?

I am still waiting for something that applies to my page but does not apply to HateWatch. They have a large section on their page dedicated to raising funds. I have none. Their web page has qualified for a "hate page" on every one of their points so far!

Is the language on the web site written as to possibly encourage acts of harassment and/or violence by sympathetic patrons or "lone wolves"?

It is amazing the number of threatening emails, phone calls and other harassment many of the pro-White web masters and mistresses have had to deal with thanks to HateWatch and the way its web site is written. On yet another point HateWatch qualifies as a dangerous hate site, and I Love White Folks does not.

Is there a photograph or personal information of the web site owner or sponsoring group?

Not on I Love White Folks. However HateWatch has a listing of its staff. As an aside, I ask you, is it any surprise that the Executive Director is named David Goldman? They have links to biographical sketches of their staff of haters. The bio-sketch pages were down when I attempted to access them, but they obviously exist. Not to miss a single item, HateWatch again qualifies on yet another point of their own list as a hate site.

Is there a sophisticated or expansive use of technology (i.e. video, MP3 files, web radio, secure financial transactions)?

Well, how about that. HateWatch has a weekly web radio show. They have all sorts of high tech frills on their web site. Once again they qualify themselves for the HateWatch list of "hate sites."

I do have to admit that I have added a few audio files to my web page. However, I did that after I was on the HateWatch hit parade.

Is there an e-news list or bulletin that a patron may sign up for?

Well they got me there. I have a small mailing list on my web page. You would figure in America such things would be accepted as normal and healthy. But not for the anti-speech, anti-White boys at HateWatch.

However, should we be surprised that they have "HateWatch's Free Daily E-News" advertised on their site? Not only is it a newsletter but it is a daily newsletter. Must be a cushy job to have nothing else to do with your time but spread hate against White folks all day. I wonder who finances that project? (As if I didn't know.)

Is this web site also a web host or does it link out to other online hate groups or racist persons?

HateWatch has a long list of links to sites, most of which they claim are hate sites. Therefore, they have qualified for their own condemnation on this point too.

I Love White Folks is proud to link to other sites, and has attempted to create a useful list of links to pro-White sites. The webmaster neither promotes nor condemns most of the sites listed, but merely makes them available to the page readers. I have promoted several sites that are listed on the HateWatch list but none of them are hate sites, because I do not promote, nor wish to inspire hate.

We generally are interested only in those web sites that are indicative of the evolving nature of online bigotry and that give our patrons a sense of the online state of hate. Thus, HateWatch does not usually include bigoted sites that we refer to as "cut and paste" hate sites. These are web pages with little or no original content, run by a single person, that perhaps have a few links to hate groups or uses a racist symbol for its graphic. If the purpose is for little more than the self-promotion or "enjoyment" of the webmaster, rather than for the purpose of propagandizing, recruiting, organizing or e-commerce, then the site is generally not included. Though "cut and paste" hate sites are disturbing, they are generally not indicative of how the Internet is used by individual extremists or hate groups to further spread their message.

Note that any site that does what the HateWatch site does is a target. If you have a classy site, that is attempting to promote your own ideas, and seeking to inspire others to join with you in combating hatred against your people, you are attacked. If you have original material, and use high tech, like HateWatch does, you are a target.

If on the other hand, some yahoo, drinks a couple of beers and actually spews hatred all over the Internet on his web page, that guy is ignored. The only ones who are targeted are the ones who have a real message, are opposed to hatred, and just might make a difference in the battle for the continued existence of White people and White lands. In other words, this hypocritical site is intentionally misnamed. It should be called DeathWatch, because it is focused on killing all of the White nations on earth, and watching them die. They are set upon terminating any real possibility of the continued existence of the White race in any meaningful way. It is a concentrated gathering of the most vile hatred against our people, while hiding behind the lying name it proudly posts.

HateWatch does not include web sites that are hosted on web providers which have explicit "no hate page policies" as part of their terms of service contract. If HateWatch is alerted to such a site, we may notify the web provider of this potential violation of their rules.

Of course these anti-speech people do not list sites on any of the "free" providers who are already on their knees to this organization. Such providers will delete any page that the HateWatch crew deem unfit for the web. Does this outrage bother you? Are you offended by some group of people deciding for you what you can read, what you can think, and what you can say? Does the audacity of these hypocrites infuriate you?

Every time I see a show on television or the Internet where the producer is trying to make all pro-White activity appear to be hatred, I am amazed that the David Goldmans of the world somehow always make it onto the show as "experts" on hate. Of course they are experts at practicing hatred but the show puts forward the ridiculous idea that these folks are combating hate.

I am outraged, thoroughly outraged, that my web page is listed as a "hate" site, on a web page that promotes the extinction of my people and my way of life. I am disgusted by the media which give voice to such hypocrisy, while denying my voice to tell the truth. I have never even suggested that a reader of my page should go out and harm anyone. I would be appalled if they did! While I am fully aware that the salvation of my people may require a war at some point in the future, it is with great sadness that I contemplate that event. I am not filled with hate and loathing for other people. There is no one on earth that I hate, as much as HateWatch hates my people and my culture.

The position of the hypocrites at HateWatch is untenable. It cannot withstand close inspection. That is why they are so intent on killing web pages as soon as they start to shine a light on what HateWatch, and their affiliated peoples are doing. They scream, "hate!" in order keep people from listening to what I, and other webmasters have to say. They promote software "filters" to ban my web page, and any other pages they disagree with, not because my page spreads hate, but because my page shows what they are doing in far too clear a light for their liking.

So next time you visit HateWatch and look down the list of sites there, just see if you can find any other single site listed that meets all of the HateWatch criteria they use for including sites in their "catalog," even half as well as the HateWatch web page meets them itself.


1.    Who Rules America?

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prevent extinction!

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