Herd Mentality

THIS WEEK THERE WAS ANOTHER NEWS STORY ABOUT THE HORRIBLE situation we have in American schools because there is an "achievement gap" between Whites and Blacks. In Atlanta an AP story originated with the following opening:

AP ATLANTA -- Black and Hispanic students failed the Georgia's mandated graduation exam this year at higher rates than whites or Asians, a gap in achievement that the state's education superintendent called a "huge problem."
POSTED: 2:51 pm EDT May 5, 2007

How long has it been since you have heard a state or federal education spokesman call our national gap a "huge problem"? Think about it. As with everything else in this media control society, the direction of the road doesn't matter, as long as we all move together as a herd in that direction. The road to hell isn't paved with good intentions; it is paved with the bodies of fools who wanted to be part of the mainstream.

What do you think is more important for our schools: giving the best possible education to students; or leaving no child behind? This is not like the old cigarette commercial that asked whether you would rather have 'good taste' or 'good grammar.' The commercial tried to cover up an old advertising grammatical gaff by distracting people into thinking that you could only have good taste by giving up good grammar. It was so absurd that it worked for them.

The school question is directly to the point, because you can only have one or the other in a world where you have limited resources. We can either push the best and brightest to their limits so they come out the other end well educated, with skills honed to a fine edge, or we can keep the group together moving at the same laggardly pace until we have wasted all the years allotted for school attendance, and then graduate a group that has members equally educated at a very low level. No child was left behind because the group didn't go anywhere.

It is incredible that businessmen constantly complain that we don't have enough high quality graduates to run our industries, and so they import foreigners to do the job our uneducated youngsters cannot handle, while we are still hearing things like this from those in charge of our educational system—people who couldn't care less about our failing schools. All they care about is whether Black kids appear to be interchangeable with White kids because they have matching test scores.

It is the same as if a hospital did not care whether or not any of its patients is discharged in full health and vigor, just as as long all of its patients have the same final medical outcome. Why would we be outraged by a hospital doing that, but sit by and watch as our schools do the very same thing?

It all comes back to the herd mentality, and The Media knows how to play that for all its worth. If the herd is marching to the slaughterhouse, for Americans today it is better to die by walking down the middle of the road, right in the middle of the mainstream, walking in lock step with published (commonly misnamed public) opinion, than to live by taking another road that the group has not given its blessing to. It has the same sanctity as religious dogma. Being part of the herd is more important than life, liberty or the pursuit of happiness. It is the only thing that matters.

It is utterly absurd to assume that all children are naturally going to remain in step with each other. That can only be done by holding back the majority of students in order to allow the slower ones to keep up. It guarantees failure for your school before you even begin. And yet that is the goal of our school system.

The goal is not to raise the level of education for our best, or even for the majority of our kids. The goal is to close the test score gap between the races. Only a media brain washed people would tolerate this insanity without revolt. These schools cost tremendous amounts of money and you are paying for it through your taxes. Much of your work year is spent laboring to pay those taxes. You are a slave under the whip of this system and they are wasting your money trying to make Black kids perform like Whites, instead of making the Whites be as good as they can be.

By chasing these pipedream goals that can never be achieved, the maniacs have dismantled our schools. Remember, we had schools that were as good as any in the world back in the 1950s, before the Anti-American Revolution hit our land. Hold on to that thought. We were the best. No one was better. Where are we now?

Today, thanks to "turning the asylum over to the patients", we have "progressed" all the way to last place in the industrialized world. Our schools are trash. They are virtually useless except for reproducing the state promoted propaganda on race, gender, and homosexuals, in the minds of the students who pass through them. The children are encouraged to mate with other races, and members of the same sex. They are not encouraged to marry or raise solid families. Nothing, that the parents who sent their kids to school in the 1950s would have considered essential to an education, is taught any longer.

Taking the world's best schools and turning them into the world's worst schools is a truly "huge problem," but it is being ignored and The Media continues to pump out these stupid hand wringing stories about how, after 5 decades of governmental tinkering, Blacks still perform like Blacks, and Whites don't.

Are you outraged? If you aren't, you clearly do not understand what is going on around you.

Only you can
prevent extinction!

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