Shall We Rest In Peace?

I JUST READ THE OBITUARY of the White race in the USA, and it was on a government web page. It was amazing seeing the most important thing that I am saying on my web page spelled out so succinctly. It was written with the detachment that you would expect of an archeologist writing about a Neanderthal enclave that had been wiped out by invaders, thousands of years ago; but it was instead talking about the elimination of the non-Hispanic White race from being a significant part of the United States of America.

It makes you take pause and think, what in the world is that man in the White House doing, chasing Israel's enemies all over the place, while letting our borders be overrun in a full scale invasion? How could this happen? Why are we not protecting ourselves instead of protecting Israel?

I had to smile at the prediction on this government page, when it said that Whites were going to be displaced, but the life expectancy would be increased from 76.0 years to 82.6 years in 2050. The Dark Ages will be getting under way and they think that life expectancy is going to increase. Amazing!

I think the most shocking paragraph in the piece was this:

Non-Hispanic Whites, the slowest growing group, are likely to contribute less and less to the total population growth in this country. Although non-Hispanic Whites make up almost 75 percent of the total population, they would contribute only 35 percent of the total population growth between 1990 and 2000. This percentage of growth would decrease to 23 percent between 2000 and 2010, and 14 percent from 2010 to 2030. The non-Hispanic White population would contribute nothing to population growth after 2030 because it would be declining in size.

The only reason that we are contributing anything to the growth of the population today is because our older Baby Boomers have not died yet. The Boomers will be having very few more children, but they will be holding on for a number of years yet, artificially inflating the numbers of Whites in the population, and hiding the fact that there are not very many White children being born. We are having fewer babies than it will take to replace those Whites who will be dying in the not too distant future. When the Baby Boomers start to die off in large numbers, the lack of young Whites will be shoved into the spotlight. Suddenly, it will be impossible to hide the fact that Whites have not been contributing to the rapid growth that the US population has been undergoing, but rather just riding the Baby Boomer numbers into old age, while the Hispanics and Blacks have been rapidly reproducing and adding their numbers to those of the huge influx of non-Whites in the full scale invasion that the Hispanics have successfully launched at our borders. All at once, the declining White population will find that it is weak, helpless, and impotent, and forced to build compounds to try and keep itself safe for the short time that remains to it to exist in this once great White country.

On yet another web page, that was created in order to whine about the lack of opportunity for non-Whites, and called Limited Progress: The Status of Hispanic Americans in Science and Engineering the point was raised that the White population's median age is 38.0 years old. That was contrasted with the median age for Hispanics, which is 26.9 years old. It was pointed out that over half of our people are already past the age of having kids, while well over half of the Hispanics are still in their childbearing prime, and they are taking full advantage of it.

It also pointed out that the Hispanic school age population will undergo an increase between the years 1995 to 2050 of 222.0%, while the number of White school age children will lose 6.6% over the same years. They are having lots of children, and we are not, but we are happily "doing our citizen's duty," and paying for theirs. Yes, I mean tax payers like you and me.

Returning to the government page, we find that it beats its message home like a sledgehammer. During the years from 1990 to 2050 -- the time that the White contribution to the population is drying up and then going into total decline -- the Hispanics will quadruple their numbers, the Blacks will double their numbers, and Asians will increase their population by 5 times.

According to the middle series[a conservative model], the Hispanic-origin population would be the largest growing group. By 2000, the Hispanic-origin population may increase to 31 million, double its 1990 size by 2015, and quadruple its 1990 size by the middle of the next century. In fact, the Hispanic-origin population would contribute 32 percent of the Nation's population growth from 1990 to 2000, 39 percent from 2000 to 2010, 45 percent from 2010 to 2030, and 60 percent from 2030 to 2050.

Did you get that? If Whites continue to have small families, and open borders, we will be exterminated in this land, and by 2050 the process will be nearly complete! This government web page is saying that very thing in plain English -- and most White folks, in spite of the anti-White propaganda filled education that they were subjected to, and despite their television watching, can still read English. It is time that each of them had their television cables cut and their noses rubbed hard and long into this government document. It is time that they stopped waving flags and bombing Arabs, and instead started having kids in large numbers, and taking their land back. Israel is not part of the USA, but California, Texas, Arizona and all the rest of the states under heavy invasion are. If we are going to deploy our troops, it should be to protect America, and we better start learning that fact soon!


Only you can
prevent extinction!

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Here you see part of what has happened to our nation, and part of what will happen if we don't stop it.

Please note that this is based on the "middle series projections." The latest data has shown that we are losing ground faster than this chart shows and we will actually be far less than 50% of the population in 2050.

I am surprised, since they are singing our death song anyway, that they stopped at 2050 AD, when adding just a few more decades would have shown the real picture of the extermination of the White race. All you have to do is draw a line connecting the tops of the bars to see where this will all end.

And they didn't even show you the real starting point of this disaster! In 1960, the US population was 90% White and not just 75.7%, and the there was no "Hispanic" category in the census at all. This graph makes it look like the changes are just continuations of past trends, when this is not the case. We are looking at a very radical change from the norm for American history, and we are looking at the end of our race if we do not act soon!

Source: U.S. Census Bureau, Population Division and Housing and Household Economic Statistics Division Maintained By: Laura K. Yax (Population Division)