White History

NO WAY!" you might say. "It cannot happen here. Not like it did in Egypt. Not like it did in Greece. We can't be making the same mistakes the Romans made!"

I have been reading, MARCH OF THE TITANS - A HISTORY OF THE WHITE RACE. It is enough to make you want to cry. The blond and redheaded pharaohs of Egypt, whose mummies we can see today, did what we are doing. The "fair haired" Romans did what we are doing. The blue-eyed Persians were destroyed by the same mistakes.

It is clear that Americans, who have neglected their study of white history are doomed to repeat it. The blond mummies of early Egypt are grinning at us. They laugh at our foolishness. The paintings of the blond, blue-eyed Persians are grinning in a knowing way. They have seen it all happen before. The white race comes into a land, creates a tremendous civilization, conquers large areas of land, only to start mixing their genes with the locals, and allowing immigrants in to water down the race...

You have probably heard of the Sumerians, who were there when civilization was new. For those familiar with the Bible, you must have heard of the Amorites. Both of these groups were Indo-European, in other words, they were White. So were the Hittites, who created a vast empire.. Hammurabi, who is often credited with creating the first written code of law, called himself the "white king." Of course you have heard the name Philistine, often used as a term of derision. They were another group of Indo-Europeans for whom the country Palestine is named for. The Indo-Europeans were there when each of these areas were at their peak. They built a large empire and then they made the fatal mistake of bringing in slaves of other races, and allowed immigration. Right after that, they settled down to some high quality miscegenation, and their empire deteriorated and ceased to exist.

Every time. EVERY TIME this is what happened. One of the critical mistakes of modern scholarship is their tendency to ignore race as a factor in world events. They tend to look at the effects, rather than the cause when studying the collapse of an empire. It is a law of mankind that a society will exist only so long as the racial makeup of that society remains constant. As soon as the original race, which created the society, ceases to exist as a people, then the society ceases to exist as well. The examples in history are too numerous to ignore. EVERY TIME a strong and vibrant society has changed its racial makeup, it has collapsed. It is NOT almost every time. It is every time. There are few, very few, examples of societies which held on to their original racial makeup but still collapsed anyway.

In Chapter Nine of MARCH OF THE TITANS - A HISTORY OF THE WHITE RACE there are four points listed that are responsible for how a white empire falls:

As the racial makeup of a nation changes from White to something else, then suddenly the culture and civilization changes from the vibrant and a healthy condition, into a decaying and lesser condition. As the people who created the society disappear, so does the civilization which they built. This has historically happened in every case.

Many call America the modern Rome, as well they should. Look at all of the technological innovations which the world enjoys today because of American ingenuity. America is called the only "Superpower" on earth today. At the very least, it is safe to say that America is a great and powerful nation. It was created, just like Persia, and Greece and Rome, by white men, who conquered an area, and then made it flourish. And just like those other white nations, America is making the same fatal mistakes.

Item number one is occurring today beyond any doubt. Today we have Wild Bill cheering and applauding as the nearly 100% Nonwhite illegal immigrants are joining the 90% Nonwhite legal immigrants inside our borders. We have a government whose official policy is that Nonwhite immigration is a good, and desirable thing. "Our" government is promoting it with all of its considerable resources.

We have official projections for the USA of a white minority status by the year 2050 AD. We actually have white people, people who should know better, running around inside of our country with inane bumper stickers that say: "Celebrate Diversity." It is like crying for us to celebrate lung cancer or Multiple Sclerosis. Our work is really cut out for us.

Item number two should be obvious to anyone. The only race that takes birth control seriously is the White race. By contrast, if you look at the Nonwhite families you will see large families. The other day I heard of a movement by some white moron who was promoting the "Single Child" family as the only "responsible" choice. One child, for white people that is. Somehow, nothing serious ever gets said about the huge Nonwhite families, often produced by single mothers. Why is that do you suppose?

Item number three is another area where official government policy is a driving force behind it! We have officially overturned anti-miscegenation laws all across the nation.

Additionally, a point often forgotten by our people is that broadcast airways belong to the people, not the television corporations. Today, we have "entertainment" programming on television and in the movie houses which glorifies miscegenation on our national airwaves.

NOTE: If you are watching , or especially if you are letting your children watch this filth, you are a contributing part of the problem! Beyond programming your own children's minds with the wrong message, you are telling the sponsors who pay for the broadcasting of the programs, that this material is just fine with you, which only produces more of that type of programming.

We have mixed race couples popping up all over America today. When I lived north of the Boston area, in observing people passing by at a shopping mall, I noticed that there were very few black faces there at all usually, but when I saw a black man with a woman in that mall, it was at least, with no exaggeration, 8 out of 10 times that he would be with a white woman. That is the direction we are going.

Item number 4 once again finds our government taking a hand in helping it along. The birth rate and death rate is very close to the same for white Americans today. We are no longer growing as a race. The government promotes birth control in our schools so whites will not have children. They claim we are over crowded, that there are too many people inside our borders for us to have large families. At the same time they are feeding us this story, they are letting in Nonwhite immigrants in droves. What is wrong with this picture? If we have no more room for population growth, what are we letting people in for? If we have room, why are we curtailing white reproduction? I hope that you do not think that this is a coincidence.

We are being set up friends. The facts are that what is going on here today, has gone on before, to the complete destruction of the white civilization that it happened to. As it is happening again to us today, our government is in full support of what is going on.

Search as hard as you will, yet you will find no example of a strong and vibrant multi-racial civilization in history. The civilizations which endure are homogenous, while those that collapse, usually collapse because of their celebration of diversity. It could not be any clearer than that. If we have any reason to study history at all it should be to understand what works and what does not work. A wise man learns from others' mistakes. A fool thinks it is wise to try that which has been tried numerous times before, always with the same dismal results. Instead we should try that which no white empire has ever tried before: maintaining our homogeneity!

It is clear that if we are going to survive as a nation and a civilization, we must reverse each of the four points mentioned above.

1. Nonwhite immigration must be stopped. Now!

2. Nonwhites who are having large families must not be supported by the government and eventually must be told to leave.

3. Miscegenation must no longer be tolerated.

4. Whites must start having large families again.

Once we have stopped adding new ones, ultimately we will need to find a humane solution to the presence of Nonwhite races inside of our borders. We may have to give them land to form their own country. We may have to provide transportation to another land, and a small nest egg to get started with. Some solution can be found and will be found. Our choices are:

Establish and maintain homogeneity


Die as a nation.

No other options exist. History has spoken. I think it is about time that we listened!

Only you can
prevent extinction!

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