American History - X

A Study in Propaganda

THIS MOVIE IS PROPAGANDA. It is promoting its propaganda message, rather than dealing with reality. It takes facts and ties them to violence and other unacceptable behavior, in the mind of the viewing audience. It takes a fictional character, builds him up as "THE skinhead," and then moves him to reject his race. It completely ignores the facts of life, and the unavoidable repercussions of the real changes going on in our society today. It tries to equate or balance the two murders of members of the White Vinyard family -- an unarmed fireman doing his job, and an unarmed kid in school -- with the murder of two Black hooligans, in the process of committing an armed crime.

The movie brushes on the changes that have taken place in Venice beach, California, where this story took place. When the Vinyard family moved there originally, it was mostly a White town. As time went by, just like the rest of America, thanks to the Leftists, it became more and more Nonwhite. This increased the crime and decreased the presence of White culture. Now White kids are attacked in the school rest rooms by Black kids. Now racial tensions blanket all areas where kids live their lives. Now violence is continually just around the corner. But the movie is not about that. In fact, once it brushes against this piece of reality, it pulls back to continue the study of one man's path of hate.

The director of the movie admits that what he wanted to do was to create a character, Derek Vinyard, that skinheads would relate to, someone that they would be excited about and want to be like. Then the director wanted to portray that character giving up his point of view for a "better" one. That way, the skinheads in the audience would do the same. If anyone in the audience is as stupid and controlled as the White characters in the movie were, they should run right out and join the ADL and the Simon Wisenthal Center in trying to destroy our race. Those morons in the movie were going to do nothing but screw things up anyway, and they can do more good for the White race disrupting the enemy camp by joining it than they ever could in ours.

And yet the real implication of the story was to say that there is no positive way to save America. We are told to face up to the fact that America is going to be destroyed, and it is going to become a completely Nonwhite nation, and there is nothing positive that you can do about it. The only "positive" reaction left you, is to curl up and hope they don't beat you too badly as they are kicking you and robbing you of your land and your future. Anything else is "hate."

The propaganda in the movie was out in the open for anyone who cared to look for it:

There were other points of propaganda in the movie, like the absurd and phony looking swastika on Derek's chest, and the scene where he is having sex with is girlfriend while she has her combat boots on. If you wish to go through the movie with a fine toothed comb, you will see a number of subtle and not so subtle brain manipulating tactics all intended to lead the viewer away from thinking, and instead towards emotionally hating any White who would be so brazen as to stand up for his people and his nation.

One of the most amazing things in our society today is that such a one sided view of the world is portrayed from all media outlets. However, everyone goes around ignoring that "elephant in their living room." In a free society, where people can really think their own thoughts, there cannot be only one point of view expressed. It is only in a controlled society where just one point of view is tolerated in general discussion. It is only in a controlled media where only one voice is heard. Such is the society where we live, and just like in all movies and television programming today, that one view is clearly shown in the movie, American History-X.

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