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What if we do nothing at all? What would happen if the current trend of accepting the New World Order is allowed to mature until it has become World Gov? What if those who hate our race are allowed to proceed unhindered to their goal? What sort of world will our descendants be living in?

The entertaining, though frightening story contained in Hold Back This Day, held me captive until the very end. The events in this story could happen, and the seeds for it are already planted.

Meet Jeff Huxton, a White guy. That which many of us take for granted today, Jeff could barely manage. The world around him just barely tolerated his light skin, and that fact stood out everywhere he went. He was stared at and shunned. He even hated himself, and was thankful that people who looked like him were nearly all gone from the planet. The few remaining Whites were being systematically bred with those of the darkest people, to produce a medium brown color, which was the politically correct norm.

And as the physical reality of the White race was about to expire, the historical reality was even closer to extermination. Students were taught in school, an extrapolation of what our students are taught today in school: non-Whites invented everything that Whites really invented. The airplane was not a White invention; it was invented by Lian and Shaiming Wong of China. The first man on the moon was said to have been an American African female named Neela Armstrong. To say otherwise, as Jeff’s son found out, had very dire consequences.

While Jeff had found an uneasy acceptance of his lot in life, as a member of a dying breed, and he had bought into the lethal lie that everyone was better off because of the intentional extermination of his people, and even found tolerance for the loss of his people’s rightful place in history, his son had not. And through his son, Jeff found his world about to be radically changed.

There was a group of Whites who had escaped to Mars years before and were living in a colony there, the very last pocket of White civilization left in the solar system. World Gov considered their existence to be a slap in the face, and had tried to destroy them, but so far had been unsuccessful. The story moves smoothly through an attempt of Adam, Jeff’s White son, to escape to Mars, with the help of an extraordinary, intelligent, and deadly man. Jeff finds out about the plot and attempts to “save his son” from the “foolish” thing he is about to do. The remainder of the book is a thriller in the best tradition of the genre. Will World Gov wipe out the final vestige of our people, even though it is on the verge of collapse upon itself, because of the teaming brown masses it has created, but who can no longer be fed? Will the White colony survive, and will Adam and Jeff reach sanctuary with their people, or die as outcasts among the people who so despise them?

In my opinion, this is a great book, and one that no White man should miss the opportunity to read for himself. It clearly shows what the ultimate results will be of the policies the government is currently inflicting upon us. Beyond being a merely entertaining story, or even a story with a message, as with all great books, it captures the feelings, the atmosphere, and the daily life of those who exist in the world its talented author has created for us all to live in for a while. It is a story that will thrill you, anger you, and make you proud all at the same time. It is a story that will remain with you the rest of your life. Even a “lemming” just might catch a glimpse of what is being done to him by reading this novel.

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