A Few Thoughts On
Holocaust Revisionism

I AM NOT AN EXPERT ON THE HOLOCAUST. I will say that at the start. So, I am in no position to give an opinion on whether, or to what degree, the Holocaust is fact or fiction, based upon either research or personal knowledge. But, I must say, though I had no doubt whatsoever of the validity of the Holocaust event prior to a mere few months ago, today I have questions about it that are becoming ever more grave. Why?

Methinks the establishment protesteth too much. If there was a holocaust, why are they throwing people in jail all over the world who say that there was not a holocaust? We do not see the people who claim that the earth is flat being thrown into jail! Evidence is produced which makes the Flat-Earthers a laughingstock, and then we let it go at that. You overwhelm lies with evidence, not jail cells!

Earlier this century, we attempted to jail people who taught evolution in schools. How effective was that tactic? Today, evolution is the only theory of origins taught in public schools. When the evidence in support of an idea is overwhelming, laws against it will not be enough to stop it. When the evidence is overwhelmingly in support of an idea, you do not need laws of support in place in order to make it thrive.

So, what is going on with the Holocaust debate? We have people who question the validity of the claims about the holocaust being called into court and being thrown into jail for presenting evidence in support of their point of view. This is completely Orwellian. Thought-crime has become more evil than physical crime. To think thoughts which are not PC is more evil than to actually harm someone or their property.

Remember Big Brother? His mental control was complete, and those who were crushed by his tactics, went down loving him. The members of the PC movement today are using his tactics. They claim love and compassion is the basis of all their actions. They “Feel your pain.” They want to save the children. They are a veritable fountain of good wishes, empathy and charity, while they take over half of your paycheck every week, and decide for you how you will lead your life in the most personal areas. Your freedoms are daily taken in the name of compassion. You must love Big Brother as he completely squashes your individual will under his iron fist.

History has taught us that iron fisted attempts at holding back the truth are only temporarily successful. Once a method for distributing the truth becomes available (such as the printing press in the days of the Reformation), somehow it leaks out to the masses. So, keeping in mind that the Internet is just such a method of distribution, rather than trying to squash the Holocaust Revisionists through heavy handed tactics, I would suggest that an opening of the doors to completely free discussions and exhaustive presentations of all the evidence, is the only possible way to bring this issue to a satisfying conclusion. Either there was a 6-million casualty Holocaust for the Jews or there wasn’t. The evidence for that many murders should be overwhelming if it happened. Let us gather around that evidence, examine it and stop trying to persecute those who disagree with the traditional dogma on the subject. If they are wrong, then the evidence can stand by itself to show their error. If not, we all have the right to know that we have been duped for decades.

I am left with the thought:

It is not the TRUTH that needs inquisitions in order to thrive.

Only you can
prevent extinction!

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