Real Homophobia

September 19, 2002

THE HOMOSEXUAL CROWD COINED A WORD that is intended to misdirect people from the truth. In fact this coinage should be labeled as counterfeit! The term literally has nothing to do with the sexual perversion of homosexuality at all.

What is HOMOPHOBIA really? According to the Merriam-Webster Unabridged Dictionary, the prefix HOMO means: one and the same : similar : alike *homogeneous* . The word PHOBIA, according to Webster’s New World Dictionary, means: an irrational, excessive, and persistent fear of some particular thing or situation. Therefore the term Homophobia literally means: An irrational fear of a homogenous society!

HOMOPHOBIA, a completely irrational fear of White homogeneity, is exactly what the media is proclaiming today as a holy doctrine. The White society that I was born into was safe, relatively crime-free, and had schools that would match or beat any schools in the world at the time. It is clearly insane to be afraid of that, but that insane fear is exactly what the HOMOPHOBIC media is promoting.

The reason that the Media Lords(1) are so frantic to suppress “hate crimes,” and the reason that “hate crimes” have been defined in such a way that such crimes can only be perpetrated by Whites, is motivated by HOMOPHOBIA. The Media Lords are terrified of a homogenous White society. If Whites ever figure out what has been done to them by these Media Lords, there will be a very high price to be paid, as is always the case when destructive tyrants are overthrown. As long as Whites are mentally beaten down, the Media Lords feel safe. They also know that if an image were ever to get into the minds of the world population that non-Whites might have bad things happen to them in America, they may stop coming, and that might lead to a Whiter America. But that will never happen with HOMOPHOBIA running rampant, thanks to the media propaganda machine. With Each day that passes, with the Media Lords' immigration policy in place, they know that America grows weaker, and less White. In time it will be too diluted to pose any threat at all to their power.

The fact that it is Whites who are suffering as victims of cross racial crimes, far more often than the reverse, is not considered worthy of mention by these HOMOPHOBES. They feel that the worst that can come from non-White actuated cross racial crime is that Whites may flee in terror, and that is just fine with the HOMOPHOBIC Media Lords.

HOMOPHOBIA is a true phobia, and the media propaganda has been able to pass it on to White people themselves! White people are terrified of openly appearing to prefer a homogeneous arrangement, where they can live with their own people, in their own countries, as they were doing for thousands of years. Of course they really do prefer homogeneity, as is demonstrated by their attempts to move away from non-Whites when their neighborhoods become overwhelmed by the darker invaders. The Media tries to ridicule this, calling it “White Flight,” but even the HOMOPHOBIC Media Lords admit this tendency is a fact of life.

There was nothing wrong with the White America that existed before 1965, and there is nothing wrong with promoting that type of country for the future. A homogeneous society is a healthy society, which has very little internally to fight over. The people can agree on national culture, and a way of life. It is a safer, stronger society. There are no race wars or riots. Everyone looks the same, and speaks the same language. There is no jostling for a bigger piece of the pie for this racial group or that one. It is far more stable, as history has repeatedly demonstrated. Only a fool suffering from HOMOPHOBIA would seriously demand that you “celebrate diversity.”

Don’t be fooled by lying terms. It is your children’s future that is being destroyed by the Media Lords’ HOMOPHOBIA!


1. See    Who Rules America

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