Move to the Head of the Class

November 20, 2002

IS IT JUST ME, OR HAS AMERICA GONE COMPLETELY INSANE? Every day on the radio, all of the so-called conservative talk show hosts are screaming for the scalps of Arabs and Muslims, as if those people were inherently in need of beatings, incarceration, and even execution. We are told that the Islamic faith is flawed, and that it is at the root of all the problems that the US has had with the Arab peoples.

What is it that they think we are going to do? Kill 1 billion Arabs? Seriously, am I the only one who wants to look beyond the obvious actions and search out the actual cause of the Arabian man's hatred of America? There are others looking, but their number is far too small.

Why is it that Arabs are so eager to kill themselves in order to kill Americans? Think about it. They are not killing themselves to kill Nigerians. They are not killing themselves to kill Japanese. Why is it that they have chosen to pick on us? Let's play Sherlock Holmes for a moment and see if it doesn't fall out as something that is truly "elementary."

What is it that normally inspires one group to use weapons to attack another group? There is always a cause. It is unlikely that 1 billion Arab people have all suddenly been overtaken with insanity. Therefore, they must have a reason. It may or may not be a good reason, or one that catches your fancy, but it must be a reason. What is that reason?

Perhaps it is because we have been buying their oil? Does that make sense? No, that would be a reason too crazy for even media controlled Americans to accept. Perhaps we are the most evil nation on earth and they just have to destroy us because of that? No, most of what we do in America is done in other countries as well. We do export a lot of things that a civilized person might find objectionable, but not enough to bring suicide bombers against us. Even if they didn't like our filthy movies, they would be blowing up Hollywood, not the World Trade Center.

So, what is it that they don't like? Our freedom? That is so ridiculous that it is hard to fathom how the President of the United States could put it forward without choking on the words. People living thousands of miles away, are going to skip over all of the so called democracies between them and ourselves in order to attack us, because we might be marginally freer than France, Germany, or Spain? Ha! This lie is pitiful.

What are we left with? Is there anything at all that the US has done that might make the Arabs fighting mad? Perhaps we can find something that we have done, that if the Arabs had done it to us, we might be fighting mad in return. Then we might be able to understand what has happened, and be able to fight terrorism in such a way as to actually make it stop. Now, wouldn't that be better than to sacrifice several more hundreds of thousands of Iraqi lives in a futile gesture of macho impotence? I for one feel that it would be a superior course of action.

In this vein, I would like to point out the reason, the real reason, and the only reason why the Arabs are trying to terrorize America. The reason is the state of Israel, and our relationship to it. While President Bush is ready to kill Iraqis in huge numbers (dare I say mass numbers?), because Iraq has failed to observe the demands of the UN less than 20 times, Israel has completely ignored nearly 70 UN resolutions. President Bush is not beating the table and demanding that Congress give him the power he needs to bomb Israel into the Stone Age. Why is that? Israel ignores the UN. Israel routinely tortures its prisoners. Israel continually is killing innocent Palestinian civilians at a rate at least double that which the Palestinians are killing Israelis. Israel is a nation that has stolen its land, using US dollars and weapons to make the snatch. Israel has denied basic human rights as a matter of official government policy. Israel has amassed the largest nuclear, biological, and chemical arsenal in the entire Middle East, and all of those illegal weapons came from the USA. The US has backed Israel as Israel has committed its atrocities against Arabs. We have bankrolled their crimes, and we have now taken over the job of destroying their enemies, like Iraq.

Imagine for a moment that the United States of America has no more military capability than an Arab nation of comparable population size today. In other words, we have no nuclear arsenal, or even a decent air force, and our army is poorly equipped. Now, if China were to invade America, take over all of California, kick out all the Americans living there, and then begin a systematic program of murder and torture of American prisoners, do you suppose that the American people might be a little upset over that? And if Japan started bombing Texas, because it considered it a threat to the Chinese now living in California, do you suppose the Japanese could expect just a bit of hostility from Americans in general? The coffee's percolating on the stove buddy, and it's time you woke up and took a whiff!

Here's a bonus question for you, worth 5 extra points: Under these hypothetical conditions, what do you suppose the Japanese would have to do, in order to stop Americans from hating them? If you can figure the answer out to that one, you can figure out the answer as to how to stop the Arabs from hating us, and thereby ending the war on terrorism without further loss of American life. Be an honor student, I know you can!

Only you can
prevent extinction!

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