Slipping the Hook

June 23, 2002

AHE FISH SEES THE BAIT FLOATING ON THE WATER TEMPTINGLY. Its stomach tells it to go get the food right now. So, it swims up to the tantalizing tidbit and bites down. It is eager to swallow the tasty delight, and to have its hunger satiated, when all at once it feels a stabbing pain in its mouth. It tries to dart away and get rid of the pain, but it finds that it can no longer go where it wants. It now is under the control of the fisherman. It can swim this way and that, but ultimately, it will be dragged backwards to the boat where it will become dinner.

In our society today, we have had a hook set into our collective mouth. It allows us to swim this way and that, but just like with the fish, we find powerful forces opposing us whenever we try and swim to freedom. We have been trapped into a zone of capture, by those who have control of our media.

If you talk to most Americans today, they think that they are still free. They feel that they have freedom of action and freedom of speech. However, it is merely the freedom to swim from side to side, and towards their own destruction, but not the ability to swim away to freedom and survival. As long as they accept the PC doctrine as valid and live lives that are compatible with the media's agenda, they are free to do whatever they want. Just like Henry Ford said about his customers, they are free to choose whatever color Ford car they want, as long as they want the color black. As long as you want diversity, and you want multiculturalism, you can have whatever you want. As long as you want to end the existence of all White nations on earth, through unlimited non-White immigration, and you are willing for your children to marry out of your own race, you can have your heart's desire. You can swim this way and that, appearing to be totally free, while you are ruthlessly being drawn into the boat for your own destruction.

For anyone who cares to test out his own hook, and to see how deeply it is set, try thinking about how you, and those about you, would react if you, or anyone you know, openly expressed any one of the following items, from this severely abbreviated list of true but Politically Incorrect ideas:

1. The White race created the United States of America, and brought it to its current level of development.

2. Diversity of race played no significant part in making America great.

3. What racial diversity there has been in the USA, has led to a great many problems. The Civil War, the Civil Rights movement, and the racial riots, as well as all of the hate that is running rampant in non-White America today, are all things that could not have existed without racial diversity.

4. There has NEVER been a truly racially diverse nation that rose to greatness. Any that was already great, and then became racially diverse, fell to never rise again. (E.g. Egypt, Rome, Greece, etc.)

5. American heritage is White heritage.

6. American law is based upon White concepts from White European thought.

7. The American all-White neighborhoods of the past were demonstrably safer, and freer of crime of all sorts than integrated neighborhoods of today, and their associated all-White schools were clearly superior to any integrated school of today.

8. September 11, was predictable. The Arabs only started hating the USA after the USA placed the interests of Israel ahead of its own. All of the problems that we have had in the Middle East have stemmed from our support of Israel, which is a nation that stands against everything that America claims to be in support of. Israel, which has no legal claim to any part of Palestine, is the only nation in the Middle East with a stockpile of nuclear, biological, and chemical weapons (thanks to the USA). Israel is the only Middle Eastern nation that has terrorism, torture, slavery, and ethnic cleansing all supported as official policies of its government.

9. Even if all races were exactly the same, if there were no racial differences whatsoever, the fact that Whites created the United States of America, means that we are completely within our honorable rights to restrict entrance into our country. We may honorably allow only White immigrants, or no immigrants at all.

10. The number of Whites, as a percentage of world population, is now down into the single digits and falling fast, while nearly all of the White nations on earth are now accepting large numbers of Nonwhite immigrants. The only one of the three major races of earth, that is in real danger of falling into a minority status in its own racial home, is the White race. This could easily lead to extermination of the White race.

Recently, I was reading a description of my web page, where it was stated that my page was a "hate page" for no other reason than it was in support of racial separation. There was no claim that I was advocating harm to anyone, or that I even wished harm to come to anyone. And yet, the fisherman has the hook set deeply into so many mouths that just stating absurdities like that actually carries weight with many normal White folks. The fact is that racial problems cannot exist within a racially homogenous society. Why is it that anyone who promotes a society where racial problems cannot exist, is automatically considered a hater? For only one reason: we are being reeled in.

A simple rule of thumb hook identification test, is for you to think of how things were in the 1950s, with 90% of the US population being White, and nearly all of the predominately White neighborhoods being close to 100% White. Think of the White schools, with the excellent scholastic achievements, and the non-existence of a drug problem. Think of the nation where divorce was uncommon, and marriages that lasted for a lifetime were the norm. Now, for the test. Think of any step that you can take to return America to a similar state of existence as it was in the 1950s. There! Feel the hook? You bet you do.

You can't even express that as an idea without being attacked right and left. The Republicans, Democrats, Libertarians, Socialists and any other party you can think of that actually has candidates on the ballot, will all as an orchestrated unit, castigate you, and call you a hater. You are yanked back immediately. You have hit the end of the line. You can swim no farther in that direction, and you will be turned around by your masters.

Does that frighten you? Just think about it. All that you want to do, is to recreate your heritage from your history. You just want to shape America, using the form of its past as a mold. And for that, you are treated as if you were Benedict Arnold! But who is the real traitor here? Who is it that is intent on destroying the America that was handed down by our forefathers? It is not I, or those, who like myself, are crying out for a sanity check on what is going on in America today. It is those who are manning the fishing lines who are bringing America to destruction, as they falsely proclaim that you have freedom. They point out that you can easily swim from side to side, and even swim towards your own destruction. They then claim this "freedom of motion" proves that you are free. But they are vicious in their attack if you should attempt to slip the hook, and to swim to real freedom away from the diversity boat.

It is time that Americans discovered that they are hooked, and they had better do something about it soon!

Only you can
prevent extinction!

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