Hyphenated Americans

TO THE EXCLUSION OF ALL COMPETITIVE NOTIONS, we have established, beyond any retrieval, the concept of the "Hyphenated American." There is no such thing as an American. It is clear that there never was but the white population of this country was sold the idea that we lived in a melting pot where all races and nationalities were joined into a common bond of Americanism and each member became an American. No longer is that myth promoted, even by the left wing radicals. Oh no. Now the only ones mouthing that nonsensical drivel are the poor white people who actually believed the lie that they were originally told by the liberals. They haven't yet figured it out that all the non-whites are more concerned with their race than their Americanism.

This puts the whites into a fight for their own country which they originally were kind enough to share with other races. They had no such obligation to other races. If they had kept all other races out of their country no one could have legitimately objected to that position. (Abraham Lincoln, before he was shot, had already put in motion a plan to send all blacks back to Africa. After his death the plan fell by the wayside.) So, if the non-whites in America are not satisfied to be just plain Americans, then the whites should not be either. It is clearly time for white Americans to realize that they are under attack by minority groups who wish to rip the American country right out of their hands.

The whites conquered a wilderness sparsely filled with savages, raised up a civilized democracy where freedom thrived. Whom did the Indians fight against? The white man. The American president was the Great White Chief. The White United States of American would have been a completely accurate name for the US in 1776. There was no need of diversity then and there is no need for it today.

Contrary to the liberal mantra put out by Bill Clinton and his fellow socialists, there is no strength in diversity of race. It may be tolerated but it is always a potential problem. Just look at what the media has to say about race relations. In the US where minority races are treated better than anywhere in the world, and at any time in history, we are bombarded with stories about hate crimes and race problems. If diversity is such a good thing, why is there no case in history where it has worked out well? Differences cause strife. That is a simple fact of life that will never change. Either we minimize differences or we will suffer more strife.

A case in point was the O. J. Simpson verdict. The evidence said, "Guilty!", the jury said, "Innocent." The members of the white race were expecting a guilty verdict, because the evidence said he was guilty. The members of the black race DID NOT CARE whether he was innocent or guilty! They celebrated that he got off just because he was black. What does this tell us about race relations in the US and even further, the possibility of them ever working out well?

First, there can never be a peaceful coexistence between two groups of people who disagree so completely on the one foundational element of our society: law. Either we accept the rule of law or we do not. The white people of America have so far accepted that rule. It was the basis of this great country right from the start. What solidified the western states into civilized building block for the continued growth of America was the total acceptance of the rule of law over the rule of the gun. The rule of law is American, and even further it is America itself! Many members of the black race have chosen another path. They are not interested in the rule of law. They do not trust the rule of law. They are even antagonistic to the rule of law. This leaves us with an insurmountable obstacle to peaceful coexistence between the white and black races.

Second, we have offered all possible opportunities to the black race over the last 30 years. There have been racial preferences in place to allow blacks the opportunity to earn paychecks that they were not qualified to earn, to enter schools that they were not qualified to attend and unbelievable support and understanding for their members who participated in criminal activity. We have supported their illegitimate children to the tune of $3 trillion dollars! And what do we have to show for this? Over two thirds of the black children are born as bastards. Their schools are turned into battle zones where drugs and gangs abound. Their "music" of choice is rap where there is no melody but a great deal of hostility to all things dear to the American heart, including the special role of women, the law and the police. The problems for the black race in America today are far greater than they were before Michael "Martin Luther" King Jr. changed his name and started marching.

Third, a possible answer for why blacks have performed so poorly in school can never be discussed in open forums. The book, THE BELL CURVE points out that IQ tests have clearly demonstrated that the members of the black race have a mean IQ of 85, or 15 points below that of whites. (The results are constant even when culturally leveled, or neutral tests are used.) Can we discuss this information? No! If indeed this is a fact, it would be absurd to expect blacks to compete on an equal basis with whites in the same schools. By forcing integration, in the name of equality, we have created a situation guaranteed to fail. We have destroyed our schools for whites and blacks. Diversity has been totally destructive for our school system and always will be.

It is very clear that there is no hope of maintaining a strong America if we continue to increase diversity. The white race is holding the whole thing together right now. They are paying the taxes which support the huge federal bureaucracy, which supports the illegitimate children of the blacks, and pushes for more diversity. As the white race becomes a smaller portion of the society, the burden becomes greater upon them. This will sooner or later lead to a revolt and/or a collapse. All the while Bill Clinton keeps demanding more and more non-whites be allowed to immigrate into America and that the white race must support these new comers with their tax dollars. It is very much like the government demanding that you allow foreign people to come and live in your house, and you must feed and cloth them too! Each year you will be forced to accept more and more of these foreigners into your home.

As time goes by, and the white race's percentage of the total US population goes down, we see the crime rate, and the tax rate continue to escalate. All the while, the white children are exposed to liberal propaganda in school telling them how wonderful it is that their country is being taken away from them. It is  phrased as to sound so benign: "Celebrate Diversity." Does that not sound  wonderful? The only trouble is that it is without sense or justification! Why not, "Celebrate Civil War," "Celebrate Car Bombs," or "Celebrate The Death of Your Neighborhood," as more realistic and valid slogans for their Destroy America Campaign?

Worst of all, the white parents send their children to these propaganda centers and do not give it a second thought. They often worry that the kids are not learning the Three R's like they used to but they do not worry enough about what they are learning all too well: White Is Bad. White European culture is ridiculed and all the foundational concepts upon which America was built are under attack. The liberals do not care that they are creating students who cannot read and write well! They only care that the students completely accept the anti-American PC point of view. This is treason and it is unforgivable!

So, when you hear the term African-American, Mexican-American and Asian-American you had better realize what you are really hearing is a declaration that America is under attack and under siege. The enemy is determined and organized. The speaker is not at all concerned with the America you know and love. He is only interested in a different, darker America within which you and your children will have no place. Listen to what the Hyphenated Americans mean, as well as what they say!

Only you can
prevent extinction!

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