And why beholdest thou the mote that is in thy brother's eye, but considerest not the beam that is in thine own eye? Or how wilt thou say to thy brother, Let me pull out the mote out of thine eye; and, behold, a beam is in thine own eye? Thou hypocrite, first cast out the beam out of thine own eye; and then shalt thou see clearly to cast out the mote out of thy brother's eye. Matthew 7:3-5

LOOK BACK TO THE 1950s when the civil rights movement was just getting up a head of steam. What was it that made the pursuit of "civil rights" so important for the Black man in our country? Here are the primary reasons we were given:

Taking all of the claims in that list at face value, which is just what the Media Lords pretended to do in their newspapers and television broadcasts, it looks like the situation was one of the White man oppressing the Black man. All that was needed to make the Black man exactly the same as the White man was remove the foot of "Whitey" from off the neck of the Black man.

After 40 years we can look back and see that what was perceived as oppression was very little more than simple and necessary restraint. Now that the "oppression" has been removed we find that conditions are not better for the Blacks in society, but rather they are far worse!

Blacks are still poor. Their per capita earning is still well below that of Whites. It can no longer be claimed that the White man is holding Blacks down however. Blacks have been the recipients of tremendous advantage in our society over the last 40 years. They have been preferentially hired, and kept in jobs that they were not qualified for. They have been given trillions of dollars of White tax money, in the form of welfare. They have been given training programs, and every other conceivable program that the government could produce to improve their lot.

Why are they still poor? If the hypocritical Media Lords would remove the beam from their eye they just might be able to see the facts, just like they could have done before they embarked upon the mission to force the Civil Rights movement down our throats. When White income and Black income is compared in America today, it is found that both are almost exactly the same when adjusted for IQ ratings.( 1 ) Yet still the vast majority of Blacks are well below the poverty line!

In a free society, which the Founding Fathers created for us, the producers have, and the non-producers have not as much. While Blacks of the 1950s did not have as much as the Whites did, they had a lot more than the Blacks of Africa had. They had much more than Blacks had anywhere else in the world. The beauty of the original American system of government, was that even the poorest member of society did not starve. The American people would never let anyone starve within their own borders! They have even put many millions of dollars of their own private money into trying to eliminate starvation abroad.

When a society is built upon the precept of opportunity, the individual will rise or fall based upon his ability. In a high tech society, it is evermore a fact of life that the higher the IQ of a citizen, the higher his wage. The converse is also true: lower IQ means lower wages. The beam in the eye of the hypocrites (which they know is there!), is the false claim that races are exactly the same. Blacks, on average have significantly lower IQs than Whites.( 2 ) The lower IQ is passed on to them by heredity. So, it can no longer be claimed that it is the White man holding Blacks down. The supporters of the Civil Rights movement failed, as they themselves knew they would, to raise the Black man out of poverty. As long as we have a societal system which bases status upon opportunity and ability, Blacks will never be equally rich. They will in fact always be poor when compared with the Whites in this society.

It is a critical point that all Americans much understand: Our way of life cannot exist if Blacks are expected to have equal results of financial success as Whites have. Until that fact is known and accepted by Americans, we will continue to see our society taken from us. As long as our government is going to destroy our neighborhoods and schools, by forcing into them, those who cannot participate in them fully, our society will continue to decay further towards ruin. Either we are going to have the nation that was given to us by the Founding Fathers, where society is composed of those who are willing to live within the law, or we must relinquish it forever! In order for the Black race to live in our society, our society must become like the Black race. Look to Africa and see how the Black race lives.

Blacks are still not as well educated as Whites. It no longer can be claimed with any credibility that it is because their schools are not as well funded as the White schools. After 40 years of forced integration, forced bussing, increased spending, free breakfasts and lunches, and decrease ratios of students to teachers, it is seen that Blacks have not improved their lot at all on average, and are actually less well educated today than in 1950.

When students with lower IQs are placed in a school system with students with higher IQs it is clear what will happen. There is no possibility of the slower students keeping up. They will become frustrated with the process and move towards disruption rather than cooperation. The high IQ students will do far better than the low IQ students, but they will not do as well as they would have if the low IQ students were not there.

If the beam were removed from the eye of the Media Lord hypocrites, they would stop trying to grasp the mote of unequal education out of the White man's eye. Instead they would attempt to create a school system which is just like the world class system America had in the 1950s. The White students attended White schools, and the Blacks attended Black schools. The Blacks did not compete with Whites and they were educated to their own ability. The frustration of not feeling equal with their fellow students was absent. Expectations were in line with reality.

While the Blacks would be getting an education that matched their abilities, so would the Whites. We would no longer have to listen to hypocritical politicians crying out that we are not producing enough well educated Americans for high tech jobs. Whites would be educated just like they were in the 1950s, at the top of the world standard. No Nonwhite immigrant would be required to fill any high tech job.

Blacks still live in run down neighborhoods where crime is very high. In fact the Black crime rate is not only much higher when compared with Whites, but also when compared with the crime rates of Blacks in the 1950s! It can no longer be credibly asserted that this situation is in any way due to White oppression.

There is a common misconception that is continually promoted by the Media Lords. The claim is made that America is a violent country. We are much more prone to commit murder than other Western nations. In order to strip us of our means to resist oppression these hypocrites claim that it is our guns which are at fault. Once again that beam is in their eye.

The murder rate in the United States is 9.3 per 100,000.( 3 ) That is much higher than other Western nations. France is only 4.5, Germany is 4.7, and Britain is 4.8. There are others even lower. Is it the guns which makes our numbers so high? No! In Switzerland, they have a law that nearly every adult male must own a gun and keep it at home for national defense. You should not be surprised to find that their murder rate is only 3.2 per 100,000!

So, why is our murder rate twice as high as that of our White kin in Europe? Do Americans just not know how to handle guns? In Utah, there are a lot of gun owners. The laws on guns in Utah are far more lax than in many other parts of the nation. If guns were the problem, here is a place you would see a high murder rate. Instead we find in Utah that less than 1 murder per 100,000 occurs.

It boils down to a single unavoidable fact. When you look at the race factor it becomes crystal clear. The murder rate for Whites in America, even when you include the Hispanics in the number (which the FBI does!), is only 4.78. If the Hispanics were removed from the numbers we would favorably compare with Switzerland itself! White America is not a violent nation, but our resident Nonwhites are very violent.

As the Civil Rights movement took control of our country, it opened Pandora's Box. The people who are producing most of the murders today in our country are the ones that the hypocritical Media Lords have loosed into our neighborhoods and schools. The Black murder rate in America today is 44.9 per 100,000. FORTY-FOUR AND NINE TENTHS! Blacks are 10 times as likely to murder than Whites are. The Media Lords forced Whites to accept into their neighborhoods and schools people who would murder them at a rate 10 times higher than normal. And the young Blacks are the most likely to murder, creating a dangerous environment in the public schools into which we had to put our White children.

As the restrictive rules and enforcement of law upon the Blacks were released, beginning back in the late 1950s, the lawless natures of the Blacks were allowed to express themselves. They created neighborhoods that even policemen were afraid to go into. The residents of these nightmare conditions have to fortify the locks on their doors and bar their windows in order to have a relatively safe night's sleep. Only a fool or a hypocrite would claim that the conditions today are better for ghetto Blacks than they were in the 1950s.

Blacks were being lynched in the South. Blacks lived in terror for their lives from the White man. There were 3,442 Blacks and 1,294 Whites lynched between 1882 and 1962.( 4 ) During the years of 1947 to 1961 the rate was less than one lynching per year. I certainly do not condone lynching, but compare that with what is going on today.

More Whites are raped and murdered by Blacks each year than all of the Blacks lynched since the Civil War. Let me repeat that, in case you did not get the full impact. More Whites are raped and murdered by Blacks each year than all of the Blacks lynched since the Civil War.

When a Black or a White was lynched in the past, it was almost always because those doing the lynching believed that the guy on the end of the rope was guilty of a rape and/or murder. No such claim can be made for the victims of the Black rapists and murderers. It is for their own gain that Blacks commit these crimes.

Perhaps the most insidious part of this hypocritical lie, the "beam" that needs to be removed from the eye of the hypocritical Media Lords' eye, is that Blacks do not have to bar their doors at night for fear of the White man! It is their own people who are the greatest danger to them. As Jesse Jackson pointed out, more Blacks are physically abused and murdered by other Blacks EVERY YEAR than all of the Blacks who were abused and killed by Whites for the last 100 years.( 5 )

Blacks had to ride at the back of the bus, eat at "colored" restaurants, drink from "colored" fountains, and use "colored" bathrooms. It can no longer be claimed that the White man is keeping the good things for himself and forcing the Blacks to live second class lives. And yet, look at any predominantly Black neighborhood. They live in squalor. They have high crime rates. Their buses and subway cars are painted with graffiti, and prowled by gangs. Their water fountains are broken off, and their restaurants are dumps where no civilized White would want to eat, even if allowed to. We do not even need to discuss the restrooms.

Whether or not we are comfortable with the solution our forefathers came up with of having separate facilities for the Black members of society, it is very clear that it was a superior solution than what we have now. Now, the Whites must tolerate the destruction of their society by those who have no respect for it.

What the best solution would be, as Abraham Lincoln( 6 ) and other great Americans( 7 ) believed, is to arrange a safe, one way trip to Africa for all the Blacks in the United States. There the natural spirit and tendencies of the Black race can be allowed to run free. There they can live among their own kind and have expectations that match what their abilities are, instead of being forced to compete with the White man who has different tendencies and abilities. Barring that solution, the next best thing is to segregate the races apart from each other and allow each race to live according to its own tendencies and spirit. Attempting to force the races together has been proven to be a disaster. It must stop!

We have been controlled by those hypocrites who have the egalitarian "beam" stuck firmly in their eye, blocking their vision completely. They have taken the great White nation of the United States of America and brought it to its knees. They have done it by blindly poking at that "mote" in our eye of unequal treatment of those who act in an unequal manner.

If there is one thing that history has taught us, it is that White nations remain great and viable only when they remain White. The hypocritical Media Lords know this as well. Their goal is to bring down this great nation. They have done their dirty work in the past under the guise of "Civil Rights" through the tools of forced integration and affirmative action. They have not helped Blacks, but they have achieved their real goal. They have succeeded in weakening our country greatly. Now they are moving in for the death blow, through Nonwhite immigration. If that immigration is not halted very soon, the serious problems that were created by integration of the Blacks into our White society will quickly grow terminal. With no concern for our way of life or the greatness of American accomplishments, we are being softened up for assimilation into the New World Order, where strong nations just get in the way.

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"A separation of the races is the only perfect preventive of amalgamation, but as immediate separation is impossible the next best thing is to keep them apart where they are not already together... Such separation, if ever affected at all, must be effected by colonization... The enterprise is a difficult one, but 'where there is a will there is a way;' and what colonization needs now is a hearty will. Will springs from the two elements of moral sense and self-interest. Let us be brought to believe it is morally right, and at the same time, favorable to, or at least not against, our interest, to transfer the African to his native clime, and we shall find a way to do it, however great the task may be." --- Abraham Lincoln (June 26, 1857)

7. Jefferson, Thomas. (1829). Autobiography - p. 1
"Nothing is more certainly written in the book of fate than that these people [the Negroes] are to be free. Nor is it less certain that the two races, equally free, cannot live in the same government. Nature, habit, opinion has drawn indelible lines of distinction between them." --- Thomas Jefferson

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