Shall We Bandage the Wound?

I RECEIVED AN INTERESTING EMAIL the other day which said, “I understand how you feel about white rights, it's a taboo subject. A lot of people feel whites have had it too easy, and everything is coming full circle.”

What a concept! In America people complain that whites have it too easy. It is clear that a “lot of people” are completely out of touch with reality. They call themselves “liberals” and they hate the white race. You will find their insanity put out daily in the newspapers where a white crime against a black gets front page headlines but a black crime against a white is pushed to page 3 or not mentioned at all. You see these morons promote Black History Month each year, while attacking white history and white Western Civilization. So, when that same “lot of people” feel that whites have it “too easy,” they merely continue to make no sense at all.

What race built America? White people designed and built this nation. It is their white ideas in the constitution and it was they who wrote and ratified it. It is the members of the white race who created a land where freedom was king and the top government official was not. Since it was the white race who put together this great nation, with great job opportunities, there is no reason to claim that the white race has it "too easy" when it lays claim to the rewards of the house that Whitey built.

Do you have a problem with my being proud of who I am, and of my race? If you do not then you are a minority my friend! The liberal political machine denies me that right. It declares that all pro-white material, no matter how benign it may be, is “hate” material. Whites are by definition racists, and racists are evil. On the other hand these “compassionate” liberals promote all sorts of minority racism as being just and good. This hypocrisy has become part of the official government policy in America today.

Every time, and I do mean EVERY time, that anyone tries to promote the white race they are confronted with accusations of violence against other races. The accuser has turned off his mind because he has a problem with violence, and for some reason he thinks, because I am white and promote white issues, that I do not!

I too have a big problem with violence and hate. If you pay close attention you will find that most violence and hate is directed at whites not from whites. Whites have freed their slaves and raised them to level of actual citizens of the greatest country this world has ever seen. Do we get thanks? Are the blacks grateful for the fact that they have a higher standard of living than any other black people on earth? No! Instead they spend their lives decrying how racist the white people are. While blacks are killing whites at far higher rate than the other way around, and are raping whites at a rate of 60 to 1 compared with the reverse, we are continually told that whites are filled with racism and hate and promote violence against minorities. I have a very big problem with that!

The easiest way to avoid interracial violence is to keep the races apart from each other. It is a fact of life, no matter how much we may like to think it is not, that different races and cultures will produce violence and wars if they are forced together. Each race and culture needs to have its own land in which to grow and thrive. You will note that all races, except for whites, have countries where their race is dominate and under no real threat from assimilation or destruction from any other race. Every one of the major white countries has a strong liberal/socialist movement which has promoted non-white immigration to the point of bringing the white race into danger of extinction. We are today down into single digits! We are LESS THAN 10% of the world population, where we once were over one third. The percentage is falling fast world wide. In the USA the white race has already dropped from 90% to 72% and soon will be less than 50% in this, its own nation. This is outrageous and must stop! I do not hate other races. I have great respect for men of all races. The fact remains that races which are pushed together will fight each other.

Have you wondered why it is that immigrants are being allowed in, even when it is clearly destroying our country? It is because immigrants are liberal voters. The Democrats get a new guaranteed vote each and every time an illegal alien makes it across the border. The aliens vote, and they vote Democratic. Do you wonder why Clinton and his buddies support immigration? And do you know what kind of press any politician gets, from the liberal media, if he attacks immigration?

It is easy for many to feel sorry for the illegal immigrant who cannot get a decent job  because he lacks an education, does not speak English and so forth. I myself, do not blame illegal immigrants for wanting to live in America, any more than I blame a hobo who wants to live in a mansion. However, let us get our perspective right. If the hobo breaks into a mansion, he will be forcibly removed, and that is what should happen to the illegal alien. The hobo has no right to the mansion, just like the alien has no right to live on American soil.

As for legal immigrants, it should be the law that they learn English or leave. Period. Remember that all other nations on earth require that an immigrant must be able to prove that they will be an asset to the country before they are allowed to enter. Our politicians have sold us out on this issue and it is criminal what they have done. To alter the racial makeup of the land, purely for political gains is treason against this white nation! It is assisting a foreign people to invade this nation and should be punished.

Those of different colored skin seem unable to love America. The reason is that neither they, nor their ancestors, created America. They come from different cultures which value different things than Americans value. It should be clear to all that culture is part of each race. Race is what makes a culture, whether it is by genetics, or merely by association, does not matter. Either way, it boils down to race being the problem. Ken Hamblin is a black man who really appreciates white culture, but if you look at the way most blacks view him, you will see why most blacks will never be an asset to this country. Similarly, notice the way most blacks felt about O. J. Simpson. They didn’t care whether or not he was guilty! They were happy that he got off just because he was black. That is clearly and indesputably an insurmountable difference between blacks and whites. It cannot be fixed.

So, as much as we might like to see races living in harmony side by side in the United States of America, it is a physical impossibility, and therefore I am striving as hard as I can to stop the diminishing of the white race in both numbers and stature in this country. The only way that America can remain strong is for it to remain mostly white. It is time to stop the bleeding of this country by putting a bandage on the wound of immigration and the lacerations of affirmative action and desegregation. I am not speaking of “ethnic cleansing” where all non-whites are driven out but I am speaking of maintaining the traditional numbers of an American population which is 80-90% white, as has always been the case in the past. This can be done by limiting immigration and forcibly removing all illegal aliens right now. If it is not done right now, we will face a bloody civil war in the not too distant future.

Only you can
prevent extinction!

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