We Are "A Nation Of Immigrants!"

The mother of all lies

IT SEEMS THAT A DAY CANNOT PASS WITHOUT SOME PAID TROLL of the media pronouncing with a serious look on his face, "We are a nation of immigrants after all." However, in the context that it is used, it is a blatant lie!

When a media drone says, "We are a nation of immigrants," he is always saying that we are a nation of unrelated and culturally disassociated immigrants, randomly picked from the other peoples of the world, and that it never was anything other than a confused assortment of immigrants that populated America. That is a complete falsehood, and the ones who are promoting that lie know it!

Let us go through a few points concerning this lie…

  1. Every square inch of this planet is populated by "immigrants." Some of the immigrants were welcomed by the previous inhabitants, but mostly they were actively opposed, and had to displace those who were there beforehand. This is true of the animal world also, as is proven by the fossil record. Animals that once roamed freely are extinct, and have been replaced by others, who were replaced by others. It is a forever ongoing process. In the world of humans, peoples have ebbed and flowed over the planet, violently expanding and being forced to contract the amount of land, under their control. They have been completely displaced and exterminated in the past, and they will be in the future. It is happening today in America.

  2. What created the United States of America, and also Canada, was the invasion of this land by Europeans. It was a relatively slow process, taking hundreds of years to complete, but the invaders (which is what those who are using the "we are a nation of immigrants" lie are referring to as "immigrants") were Europeans, and as the history books tell us, it was the "White man" who conquered this land, and created the United States of America. The USA will continue to exist only as long as the White man protects what he has conquered and created.

  3. Once the boundaries of the USA were set by the conquest of the land by White men, the process of invasion from Europe continued into the twentieth century. By 1950, the White man had populated the entire continental USA, and made up 90% of its population. The only significant minority in the land was that made up by the left over slaves, whom Lincoln had not managed to extract from our land before he was shot. This "land of immigrants" was White and populated from coast to coast, with White cities.

  4. Before 1965, nearly all immigration was from Europe. The numbers of non-Whites in the land, other than the Black descendants of slaves, was completely insignificant. The number of non-Whites arriving as immigrants was also insignificant.

To use the White invasion, and the subsequent White immigration, that created this nation, as an argument in support of admitting non-White invaders into our land today is patently absurd, and intentionally dishonest by those who use it. Historically America was not open to non-White immigration and it was not created, or made strong by it; such did not even exist, for all intents and purposes, before 1965.

When someone is using a lie, as the media talking heads are, to establish their case, you know their case is valueless. When they say "we are a nation of immigrants" in order to make you think that it is okay to let in even more non-Whites, they are lying right to your face. Stop listening, and start telling them that you have had enough!

Only you can
prevent extinction!

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