Statesmen or Puppets?

HAVE YOU FINISHED LAUGHING,--crying or whatever your chosen reaction to absurdity is--yet? Shall we salute the great "statesmen" in Washington who have voted to acquit the philandering perjurer who is tonight gloating in the White House? How about a nice round of applause for the dishonest, dishonorable cowards who refused to vote the truth.

It was determined by the House of Representatives that there were two counts against the President which did "rise to the level of impeachment." Just like the arraignment that it was supposed to be, a justification was established to bind over the defendant Bill Clinton for trial in the Senate. So far so good.

Then it gets to the Senate and it turns into a three ring circus. They decide that they did not need to hear the witnesses. Imagine a trial where the jury suddenly declares, "No witnesses were required at the arraignment so we won't use any in the trial either." A mistrial would be declared! No Court in the land would find that fair or legal. No defendant could be convicted by such a jury and no decision could be considered binding under such a slipshod proceeding. Yet our Senators did just that. They were only interested in ducking their responsibility and nothing else. They wanted to get the proceeding over with so they could go back to business as usual, where they steal your rights and your money to build up their own power base.

Then after not even pretending to gather in all of the evidence, all of the Democrats voted "not guilty" and even some Republicans caved in and voted the same. This was heralded on the news as "bipartisanship!"

A quick little detour if you will be so kind. There is nothing which is so blatantly dishonest and which reeks of deceit any more than the Democrats crying like little babies over the lack of bipartisanship. Any time a vote goes down party lines, the Democrats point the finger at the Republicans and cry, "Partisanship!" A simple look at the facts will find that the Democrats all voted together. How can the Republicans be fairly accused of being any more partisan than that? Of course they cannot be. It is absurd on the face of it. The only reason I point it out is because over and over again this absurd claim is made by the Democrats that (only) the Republicans are being partisan, and the press passes it along as if it were fact when it is a lie and nothing else. Now, the Democrats all voted in a block (Partisanship!) and a few Republicans voted with the Democratic party, and it is proclaimed to be a bipartisan effort. Any time the Republicans take a stand, they are being "partisan." If they cave in and go along with what the Democrats want, they are then being "bipartisan." This is how the news media reports it without any attempt to point out the undiluted hypocrisy from the Democrats! The assumption from the media is that the Democrats are always doing the right thing, while the Republicans are only doing the right thing when they give up their own standards and beliefs, and cave in to the Democrats. This is what we get from the Media Lords.

The American people have been exposed to a great deal of truth over the last few years. They have found that rich folks, like O. J. Simpson can buy their way out of what they owe to justice. They have also seen that black people do not care about the law of our land, because the majority of the blacks were happy that O. J. Simpson walked away completely free, even though many of them felt he was guilty. Now another piece of truth that the American people have had shoved down their throats (no pun intended) by the president, is that the "Sexual Harassment" laws only apply to lesser people. Our president has found that it is indeed "good to be king." He can grope and fondle, philander and receive oral sex at his place of work without fear of legal responsibility. You and I will be fired or sued by the Clinton people for the same acts, but "His Highness" gets a pass.

There is a video put out by our federal government which all government employees, at least until recently, had to watch. It is a video on the subject of sexual harassment. President Clinton gives an introductory speech at the beginning of the video explaining how important this subject is and how seriously he and his people take it. I doubt that too many people could watch that video today without giving it the horselaugh. Yet, you will see the feminists telling us how much they support this man who thinks that women are nothing but sexual playthings. Where is Sam Donaldson screaming for answers concerning this intellectual disconnect? I do not hear Peter Jennings complaining every night, with his cocked eyebrow, that this absurdity has yet to be explained. Once again Clinton gets a pass.

This is what happens when a democracy allows its power institutions to fall into the hands of foreigners. The money, the newspapers, the television networks, the news magazines, and even the book publishing houses all belong to a tribe of people who are not of European origin. These people control everything which builds a politician's career, including his ability to create and maintain an image, his ability to be heard on the airwaves in a fair manner, and his ability to run an effective campaign in a hundred different ways. Candidates who do not fall in lock step with the Media Lords, cannot find financing for their campaigns and never seem to get anything nice said about them in the news. Rather than making a run onto the deep water of winning an election, these candidates find that their boat just sinks right at the pier.

How long until white Americans figure out that what is going on in their country is the complete destruction of their way of life? How long until they notice that there is nothing left of the great nation which their white forefathers left to them? Will it be soon that they pull their heads out of the dark location in which they have them in now, and they stop voting for candidates because of some sound byte they heard on a television commercial? (Or worse, don't vote at all!) Until the average American turns off his television set and starts turning on his own mind, there is no hope for this nation. As long as the average Joe spends hours a day tied to the TV set and thinks he is educating himself, this nation will continue to die a grim death as it is today. In fact we are on a count down. The year 2050 will be the point of no return. We have less than 51 years to fix our problems.

You may be thinking that is a long way off. First of all, it is not a long way off. We have already gone fifty years since the Second World War! Another fifty years will pass just as quickly. Secondly, we do not have a whole fifty years to fix things. You may be facing the end tomorrow when a nonwhite kills you for your wallet, or your wife is raped and murdered, becoming just another statistic of a white woman raped and murdered by a nonwhite.

It will not be a sudden throwing of a switch. It will not continue where whites are still in charge, living normal white lives until 2050 AD and then all at once the nonwhites take over and whites are murdered and run out of their own nation, as is happening in South Africa right now. It will instead be a gradual worsening of life in these United States. All of the white institutions will slowly be pulled down, like the George Washington High School which changed its name because it felt that George Washington was not good enough for a black school. You will find more white school principles attacked because they are white and told to get out of town, like recently happened in California.

Each step will be a gradual one which only hurts a little. Yet this is nothing new! If you look back over the last 30 or 40 years, you will see that the invaders have already been quite active in making changes which apply a constant level of pain to whites. The whites have grown used to it. They now expect the pain and do not react to it. The traitors move just fast enough to cause pain, but not too much pain. The whites are aware that the status of their race is being pushed a little lower in this society each day and of course that hurts. It is just enough to be noticed but not enough to arouse the whites into revolt. In the 1960s the tribe of the Media Lords moved too quickly and the whites were in the streets in protest. Now the whites hardly whimper when more of their heritage is stolen from them. By 2050 there will be no further need for caution by the Media Lords. The nonwhites will have won because even if the whites do revolt it will be too late to do any good!

So, the clock is ticking. Will our nation fall into civil war? Will the Mexican invaders successfully pull off their desired land grab of Aztlan, causing the Southwest to secede from the US in favor of Mexico? Or will there just continue the process of the nonwhite invasion displacing the white people from their own nation?

Or maybe, just maybe, there is some of spirit left in the white man. Just perhaps he is not yet ready to lay down and die a shameful death. If that is true then he will awaken soon and with the same spirit which drove him to come to America, to conquer the land, and from a wilderness to raise up the greatest nation this earth has ever seen, he will grab hold of this nation again, and wrest it from the grasp of those Media Lords and others who hate the white race, restoring America to her rightful people and her rightful position of honor and power.

This can happen only if white Americans begin to understand that their race is important and that their race is under attack. Without this understanding, no hope exists. If the white man continues to turn tail and run every time the name "racist" is hurled at him, he is doomed to die the death of extinction. He is well on the way already. Where once the white race was a third of all people on earth, and ruled most of the earth, today he is a mere 8% of the world's people. It will not take too many more decades of this racial self destructive behavior before there will be no white people left, and like what happened to India, all of the white nations will become brown nations, living in squalor and misery.

If you would not desire to pack up your family and move them to black Africa, yellow China or brown Mexico today, then you are a lying hypocrite if you support the current multiculturalism of the Media Lords. For you are making of America, that which you do not desire for yourself and your family. If it is not something that you desire today, it is not something which you can honestly desire for your children tomorrow. Today, this very minute, we are making a third world country out of the greatest first world nation on earth through continuing 90% nonwhite immigration.

It is time for the white man to arise and stop this travesty. It is not hatred to protect your own nation! It is not evil to demand that American be what it always was before the Media Lords incorporated their plan of destruction. In 1960 the United States was 90% white. To return it to that condition is only sane and reasonable for anyone who loves America as it originally was intended. To label such an effort as hatred is hatred itself! It is clear from the statements you hear in the media today that there is open hatred for the race which created America. Listen as they sneer at a panel of "all white males," or how they used to sneer at the "9 white men," on the Supreme Court.

Do you not find it just a little strange that the white male, who was quite adequate to create and run this nation until it became the number one national entity on earth, is now labeled as somehow inferior to some other race or gender? What race or gender has ever done more than the white male in the area of creating high culture and political greatness? It is clear that the white male has nothing to be ashamed of in the area of creating and enforcing laws, creating great art and running a country. So, what is it other than blatant and unjustified hatred of the white male to sneer at the concept of the white male continuing in his role as leader and law maker in the this great nation which he has created with his own hands?

It is clearly hatred which the Media Lords are promoting. Hatred of the white race, the race which has done so many things positive for all races on earth. Hatred for the male gender which has been the political animal which created all forms of government on earth. Through the feminist arm of these haters, even the women of all nations and races who have made a career of family and raising their own children to become the citizens of all the nations of the world, are criticized and hated by the Media Lords.

Your stomach should turn every time you hear a member of the Anti-Defamation League make accusations of hatred by anyone else, for no one hates more than they do. They hate the white race and the greatness of America. They always will. That is their right, but it is our right and our obligation to give no ear to such twisted minds, and instead to protect what is ours, including our race, our families and our country.

Only you can
prevent extinction!

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