Impossible is Impossible

February 29, 2004

THERE IT STANDS, and so it has for nearly the entire month of February. I watched it going up for several days. First they painted over the old advertisement, and then they started paining in the new one, bit by bit. It was becoming clear that it was going to be a boxer, because the arm had a glove at its end. The picture was black and white, they had not started on the head yet, and the skin tone looked light enough to where it might be a White fighter. I was thinking that would be very strange and out of character. Madison avenue uses blonde White women to sell things, but strong White men just don't seem to show up on billboards around town.

One morning I came around the corner and there it was, picture complete: the old Cassius Clay turned "Mohamed Ali" in his taunting pose as he is yelling at the Black fighter lying at his feet, whom he had just beat senseless. Because they started by painting the arm first, and because they had lightened up the picture considerably, it had not jumped right out at me at first. But in one day they had gotten the entire face in place and suddenly my memory was flooded with how that picture has been used many times to represent the racial hatred that I have witnessed, and continue to witness, created by the "Civil Rights" movement.

There is a building in town that is many stories tall, and quite wide, that just happens to be position at a bend in the freeway, and one face of the building is completely exposed to traffic. Its owners long ago realized that if they covered the windows, they could sell that wall space for advertising; like a billboard. This "billboard" is more than 6 times as large as any ordinary billboard, and there is no way that the drivers going by will miss it, especially in rush hour traffic, because for a certain distance, the freeway actually moves directly at this building. The major shoe companies have taken control of it for several months, putting up their ads, after a short run of talk shows putting their hosts up there.

This particular pandering to the Media Lords'(1) "Civil Rights" campaign is sponsored by one of the Africanized shoe companies, which is no surprise. And with February being the racist "Black History Month" I should have been expecting it. But alas, I wasn't. Driving in my car each day, I am isolated from the Media Lords except for billboard advertising, and that is usually off to the side of the road, and fairly easily ignored. I normally listen to books on tape, or on rare occasions, recorded music. I do not routinely listen to the radio for a propaganda session, although on occasion I will turn on a talk show if I need to get my adrenalin going a bit on my drive.

So, this shattered my peaceful drive in, having to look at this angry Black man taunting the man at his feet, and reminding me that before we had Blacks in the NFL we didn't have to have rules against taunting. We had something called sportsmanship. But I digress.

The phrase painted in stark white letters to the side of the picture was meaningless gibberish: IMPOSSIBLE IS NOTHING. Some jerk back at the ad agency thought it would be interesting to take another false statement, NOTHING IS IMPOSSIBLE and turn it around to sound like an Ali quote. Of course that which is impossible, is that which cannot be done. If it was done, it wasn't impossible. So, to say that something that is impossible not only can be done, but it is a mere nothing is simply noise without meaning.

The symbolism is something however, and the intent of this ad is to cash in on the misery and destruction brought into this land by the Media Lords' racial hatred of White folks and White society. Here is a towering image, reaching into the sky, of this angry Black man taunting not his defeated boxing opponent, but every single White man driving by in his car. He is angry not at the man he has just defeated, but at all White men. And the message beside him is saying that he has been entirely successful, even though it was "impossible."

Day after day the White drivers of this predominantly White city are forced to view this propaganda message, and have their minds adjusted even a bit more towards acceptance of what has been done to their society by the Media Lords. Their children are growing up as though they were complete aliens to the society that their grandparents were born into, with no idea what it once meant to go to a safe White school that was the academic match of the best schools anywhere in the world. These White drivers have kids who can't even conceive of what it was like living in a quiet safe neighborhood where all their neighbors looked like them, or a time when nearly all television and movies depicted White society untouched by diversity. And as I said, this is one of the few remaining predominently White cities left in America. It is much worse in most US cities!

Today, those White children are faced with being part of a society that is being phased out. Of course today, the White race is still critical to the survival of America. We pay the taxes and run the businesses that are the backbone of the country. It is our efforts that provide the green blood to the welfare system that does so much to sponsor the non-White invasion into our land from Mexico. We give the power to the powerful, and let them destroy us with it. We are like oxen at work, pulling the timbers into place so that they can build our slaughterhouse.

The worst part of all is that our children are taught each day in school to love the process that is destroying their own land and people. Their minds are being manipulated into thinking that diversity is something to be celebrated, when history has demonstrated that racial diversity has never caused anything but strife and war wherever it has existed. They are taught that their own culture is not good enough for them and they must include other cultures into their own lives. The fact that there will be no repository for their own culture left when this process is complete is not pointed out to them.

In fact this one item is the entire problem. This is the one thing that the Media Lords and their drones do all that they can to cover up and make sure that no one dwells upon: If White people do not have a safe and separate land in which to breed and perpetuate their culture and way of life, they and their heritage will be extinguished forever.

Think about this for a moment. If all piņatas were removed from White lands, would piņatas cease to exist? No, because the people who invented and love them are still living in their own land safe from extermination by contamination from other cultures. Is there any Asian or African tradition or cultural expression that would cease to exist if it were removed from America and Europe? Not a one. The truly African or Asian cultural outpourings remain alive and well in their homelands today. If they ceased to exist in America and all of Europe entirely, there would be no cultural loss to those people whatsoever. In other words, America is not a place that was intended for, nor that is necessary to, perpetuating cultural expressions, nor genetic lines of either Asia nor Africa. (The American Indians are a small exception, but that is what reservations are for.)

Now, what would happen to White people and White culture, if all Whites and their cultural expressions were removed from America and Europe? Since that is the direction we are moving in, this is not just an academic question. Non-White hordes of people are streaming into White lands all over the world. In all White lands today, non-White culture is displacing White culture, and non-White genes are replace White genes. So, I ask again, what will this process do to White folks and their way of life?

While Asians and Africans have their own lands in which to perpetuate themselves and their cultures, White children are taught that having their own White lands and White culture is racist and evil. This mind twisting, destructive philosophy is being driven into their minds every school day by their teachers, many of whom loath the process themselves, but are helpless to do anything about it.

When the kids come home from school they do their homework, and are exposed to more propaganda, because all of their school books have pictures on nearly every page showing diversify at work as if it were a wonderful, normal process. The text of the textbooks, which seems to be taking up less and less space to make room for the diversity cartoons and photos, is also loaded up with propaganda messages about diversity. (E.g. names and setting in math word problems are saturated with it.)

Once their homework is finished, the children are put in front of the television to get more programming about diversity, or are turned loose on a video game where murder, diversity, and female "warriors" are promoted as if they were things that should be a normal part of White children's lives.

And the parents of these White children are the ones driving past this huge angry Black man each morning, suffering his taunting image, and they are supposed to have their hearts filled with courage because "Impossible is nothing."

Well, impossible is something. It is impossible for the dinosaurs to arise from extinction, Jurassic Park notwithstanding. It will be impossible for White folks to reappear once they have been exterminated through miscegenation, and it will be impossible to recover White society once it has been completely overwhelmed. (Take a look at India where this process has been completed, and see if you can see the White race or way of life being expressed there.)

If we continue on our current path we will reach a point where we and our children will find that impossible is not only a valid concept, rather than being nothing, and it will accurately describe our own chances for survival.


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