White Interests

THE INTERESTS OF THE White RACE, where can you find them championed? Look at the huge volume of material put out by the news media and see if you can find them even listed there. You cannot find them? Why is that?

Today the White race makes up over 70 percent of the population of the United States of America. That fact alone should make it very reasonable to assume that the interests of the White race should be foremost in importance for any news agency putting out information on the interests of the US population. Instead there is nothing that could be classified as being in support of the interests of the White race to be found. No government agency is in place to protect the legitimate interests of the White race, while a number of agencies are concerned with minority races. This is strange indeed!

Since a race's survival is completely controlled by the number of women of that race who have children by men of that same race, it is naturally in the best interest of that race to have women who only mate with men of the same race. That is the single most important interest of the White race today, since the percent of the total world population that is White has dropped radically and is now so terribly low. What is the foundation of the anti-White stance taken by the US government, the educational system, and the entertainment industry that Whites should breed with members of other races? No matter what you believe the motivation for this White-hostile position is, the fact cannot be denied that if this absurd point of view is allowed to dominate among the White population, there will shortly be no more White population. That is a simple fact. It should be the headlines in the newspaper every day and the lead story on the TV news, every night. Instead the very opposite is true! The intellectual and political position, that Whites should only breed with Whites, is labeled as a "hate" position!

If someone told you that your desire to take another breath is a "hate position" and your actually taking another breath is a "hate crime" what would be your reaction? How would you feel about the person making that claim? Do you think that person has your best interests at heart? On the contrary! You would know that any such person would be your self proclaimed mortal enemy and is out to kill you. You would know that what this individual was promoting was HATE towards you!

It is therefore quite clear that we have a strong body politic in the US who want to destroy the White race. They do not love the White race and have no desire for the White race to be perpetuated any further. All of their energies are directed towards destroying the White race. They do this by:

If this does not make you angry, you are brain dead already! Do not listen to the White-race-haters anymore. Stand up for what is yours and what your ancestors created for you. Let's make America a White friendly country once again like it was in the pre-1960's. Otherwise, we will be wiped out once and for all.

Only you can
prevent extinction!

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