Civilization's Hate

HAVE YOU NOTICED THE CURRENT DEFINITION OF HATE? The Political Correctness Thought Police have defined hatred as "intolerance"? If you do not tolerate something you are a hater. The implication is that as a hater you are a non-person, whose opinions are to be immediately discounted without any consideration whatsoever. With that one piece of legerdemain, they have managed to do more harm to our nation than that done by all of the wars we have been through combined.

What is intolerance? It is merely the condition of rejecting something, and not accepting it into your life. When you reject arsenic from your dinner table, that is intolerance of dietary arsenic. If you reject having murders walking around your streets, that is intolerance of murder. At every point where a society defines itself, it either embraces something or it rejects something. It is tolerant of some things, and intolerant of other things. ALL SOCIETIES THAT HAVE EVER EXISTED HAVE BEEN INTOLERANT! It is impossible to have a society without intolerance. The complete absence of intolerance is chaos, the antithesis of civilization.

In traditional American society we have been intolerant to many activities and even peoples. Note that this intolerance did not extend beyond our own borders until very recently. We did not tolerate urinating in the street, or public intoxication. We did not tolerate openly practiced homosexual behavior, or racially mixed marriages. We did tolerate various religious denominations, with each man's beliefs being his own. We tolerated (not necessarily embraced, but tolerated) those of differing political beliefs.

A certain amount of conformity is required of the citizens of a society in order for that society to bond together into a solid structure. In any healthy society, some things are demanded, some things are expected, some things are tolerated, and some things are not tolerated. Since this is a basic fact of life for all societies, it is more than passing strange that the Leftist is getting away with his strutting con game through the media, of proclaiming that all intolerance is evil hate. As you travel around the world you find that certain things are tolerated in one place but not another. It is part of what makes each place unique. It is their culture. If you remove the restrictions created by those cultures, and force tolerance upon them, their cultures would cease to exist over time. That is what is happening to America today.

The list could go on indefinitely. There are many things that are not tolerated by Americans even today, but anything that is uniquely American will come under attack soon, if it has not already. If America wishes to reject some aspect of other people's culture, it is not applauded as America's right as a sovereign people, but rather condemned as being hate.

At the very foundation of America is intolerance. He who did not conform to the basic American way of life was pushed aside, cast off from the group. In that fashion, the group remained strong and joined in purpose. Intolerance shaped the American people to conform, just as intolerance has shaped all people to conform to their own culture. Without this intolerance, no culture can continue to exist. It is like a box of containers each filled with different colors of paint. The only way to maintain a color as different, is to keep the other colors out of its container; that is, for that container to be intolerant of other colors. If you mix all the colors of paint together in one big container and then pour them back into the small containers, none of the original colors will be left. Instead you will have a dark, brown or black mess, useless for any colorful artistic work at all.

The American color of race and of culture is being mixed out of existence even as you are reading this. Millions of non-Whites are entering this nation each year, smothering our culture with their many different cultures, and destroying our racial homogeneity. A sample of the dark, brown soup that will remain after this process is complete can be found in Brazil today. Take a close look, and before you condemn intolerance, do a comparison between Brazil and the USA. This process of dilution and contamination of our culture with other cultures, and our race and other races, is a terminal one. America, as we have known it, will cease to exist and will be replaced by some facsimile of Brazil. Somehow, our people have been convinced that this ridiculous exchange of our greatness for their squalor is a moral and right choice. In fact anything else is called "intolerance" and "hate."

If you think about it, Civilization itself, requiring intolerance as it does, has been defined as hate by the Leftists. Nothing can more clearly demonstrate the absurd hatred that the Left has for White America than this fact. If Civilization is hate, what is chaos? Love? Does the rape, murder, raiding hordes, poverty, corruption and cannibalism of chaos really rate as "love," as the Leftist would have you to believe? Or do safe streets, with safe homes, in neighborhoods with civilized hospitals, schools show real love? You decide. But choose soon, before the choice is permanently taken from you.

Only you can
prevent extinction!

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