It's a Jungle Out There!

WHERE CAN YOU GO TO SEE A LIVE Tyrannosaurus Rex? Will you catch a glimpse of him in the jungles of Africa? How about in a South American rain forest? The back woods of the Pacific Northwest? If you did some digging in those places, you may well find fossilized bones of Mr. Rex, or of one of his dinosaur cousins, but you can look anywhere you wish on this planet, and you will not find a single living Tyrannosaurus Rex. The dinosaurs are gone. Forever.

If you look through a biology book, you can find pictures of many animals that have become extinct. The wooly mammoth was hunted to extinction on the North American continent by the Indians. Many other animal types have been driven into extinction by being hunted, or by a change in climate, which made them unfit to survive in the new environment. The fact is, most types of creatures that have ever lived on the planet have become extinct, including Neanderthal Man, and other forms of man.

Living in their plush, safe environment, White folks have forgotten what planet it is that they are living on. This is a planet of death. It is a planet where you are fleet of foot, sharp of claw, or you are dead. While the White man has been busy at trying to learn to understand what makes the universe tick, and building a better society for himself, the other races of man have spent the last few centuries reproducing. White folks stopped having children, in order to enjoy the fruits of their labor, and to avoid over population, and they completely forgot about Mr. Rex.

In the game of life, on a biological level, it makes no difference how well you can build bridges, airplanes, or skyscrapers. What matters is how many surviving children you produce, compared with the number of children your competitors produce. White folks have been busy assisting all the other races produce more children than they ever could before, while the White birth rate has gone into near non-existence. We send millions of dollars to Africa, and India so they can produce more children. We pay welfare payments so that Black and other non-White mothers within our borders, can have as many children as they want, without worrying about whether or not they can afford them. Of course they can afford them. You are paying for them, while not having your own children, in order to be able to afford to make that payment.

In a thousand years, there will be White people walking around on this planet, and perhaps other planets, only if we do not become extinct. At our present rate of birth, our race is going to be extinct long before Y3K rolls around. Instead of focusing on survival, as the planet has always demanded, and still demands, White folks are focused on everything but. They are very concerned about:

  1. Whether or not they are tolerant enough.

  2. Which Black athlete, or which team of mostly Black athletes, will come out victorious over some other Black athlete, or team of mostly Black athletes.

  3. Whether or not they will miss a television show every night that is loaded with mental poison for themselves and especially their children. They insanely worry whether or not someone will be a "survivor" on a television show where nobody dies.

  4. Whether or not they will be able to keep up to date on the "current events" that the nightly news prepares for their "education."

  5. How much money they are making, so they can buy yet another toy.

  6. Whether or not they will be understanding enough of other races' cultures.

What they should be focused on, the things that would help them survive as a people, are these. How they can:

  1. Make sure that their children will date, marry and live around White folks.

  2. Inspire their children to look up to White heroes, that will be positive role models to help their children to become members of the White race, that will be survivors.

  3. Increase the number of children than they are having, in order to compete in this world where population is exploding. Also, how to avoid paying for other races to have children at our expense.

  4. Be made aware of how many of their people were raped, robbed, beaten and murdered by other races in White countries today. The real story of the White race is not the one that is put out on the nightly news, and it is the act of a fool to rely upon the television news for a serious education.

  5. Perpetuate their White genes into the future. How they can train their children to be racially aware, and to have real survivor skills for themselves, and their race, required by this planet of death.

  6. Salvage their own culture, from the crashing sea of other cultures trying to wash it away today, in each of the White nations on earth.

The blessing of White civilization, a blessing that has spread out over many parts of the world, including the non-White areas, has also brought with it a curse upon us. For, many people grow up and live their entire lives without an inkling of the jungle that is being held at bay by our laws, and our society's ethics and taboos. None of us living have seen an armed and bloody revolution inside our borders. Few Americans have had to get on an airplane surrounded by soldiers, as I did in Manila, because terrorists had blown a plane up on that very runway the day before. Most Americans never think about what life was like even a century ago, let alone the time when our White ancestors revolted against the monarchy of England. We have forgot what awaits us if we should cease to struggle.

This fairyland of magic, and of wonderful bounty, is not the product of hoping, and pronouncing a few enchanted words, while waving a wand. It was created through blood, sweat, and tears of thousands of our White ancestors, who knew what survival was all about. They did not take life for granted, and they did not take prosperity for granted. They did not confuse what was White, and what was non-White. They knew that what they did would impact terribly upon what would happen to their children, and their children's children. If George Washington were as weak-kneed as the politicians are today, there never would have been a United States of America. If Thomas Jefferson was as diversity minded as the people in charge of our media, and government are today, there would never have been more than the 13 colonies, and the Whites in them would have been overrun with Indians, whom the Whites would have interbred with, to their own extinction. Today, the land where America now exists, would instead still run by savages, and the greatest nation that has ever existed, would not have.

We have the very same obligation to our children as did Washington, Jefferson and all the other Whites who built America! Look what the Spanish did to their descendants. The Spanish came to America, they conquered, and they plundered. I once saw a ceiling of a large room in Valencia, Spain that was covered in solid gold. The guide who was with me told me that all that gold came from America. That gave me a very strange feeling hearing that. The Spanish, came to the American continents, and disrupted things a great deal, but what did they build? They started out like gangbusters, building towns and cities. But they did not bring their White wives with them. Instead they married into the Indian population. They interbred themselves out of existence. Now Mexico, and everything south of it, is inhabited by Indians, Blacks or mixed-race people. There is no real White civilization south of the United States.

In spite of bringing priests, teachers, technology, and White ideas of civilization, the Spanish and the Portuguese were completely unsuccessful in establishing a thriving European style civilization in any of their conquered lands. None of the countries that they created, were populated by Whites, and therefore they could not compete with the nations of Europe, while the White United States of America rose to even new heights.

This is an example of history that must not be ignored. Today, in the United States, there are forces at work attempting to undo the right choice made by our ancestors, and force upon our children the same mistake that the Spaniards made. They want to remove the White nation, that was strong and safe, and replace it with the same type of land created by the Spanish south of our border. They want our children to be as racially confused as are the descendants of Cortes' soldiers. They want to replace our stable, law abiding culture with what is being brought along by those invading our land today: a culture that is revolution-torn, poverty-saturated, and incapable of ever rising to greatness.

It is time that we cease to live dumbly in our fairyland, as if it were a permanent thing , that cannot be taken from us no matter what we do. Right now, the handwriting is so completely covering the wall, that the original pattern upon it is no longer detectable. We are at death's door, and are being pushed to join Mr. Rex in the extinction room at the museum. This is not a game. It is not a practice session. This is real life, and real death. It is real survival, and real extinction. Either you jump in with both feet, and work to survive, and allow your children to have a place in the future, or you do not. What is it going to be?

Only you can
prevent extinction!

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