Innocent Blood

You are having a great day! Here it is February 22, 2000, and you are in Independence, Missouri. Your name is Jake Robel, you are 6 years old, and you are sitting happily in your car. You are excited because you are going to visit your father at his house. There are fun times ahead, and you are going to be spending some special time with your Dad. You can hardly wait to get there.

On the way to Dad's house, Mom decided to get you a treat, that you had asked for, and pulls in at a local convenience store. She has just gotten out of the car, and everything changes. Suddenly the driver's door of the car is flung open. Did Mom forget something? Instead of your loving mother climbing behind the steering wheel, you see a man, with skin as black as night getting in to sit in the same seat that your Mom just vacated. Unbeknownst to you, at that very moment, Mom is being warned by a stranger that someone was trying to steal her car. She turns around, and rushes to your aid. As the Black criminal starts to pull the car out, she makes it to your door and gets it open. She tries to pull you out, but your seat belt is on, and securely fastened. She struggles with the clasps as the Black man starts hollering for her to get out of the car. You feel yourself being pulled from the car, but something is still not right. You are tangled up in the belt. The door slams shut on the belt tying you firmly in place. Mom is still struggling to hold on to the belt and to free you, even as the car is speeding up. You both hit a bump and Mom loses her grip and you see her falling behind. Her frantic screams are growing harder to hear. The pavement is ripping at your skin and it burns something awful. You cry out in terror. You feel your bones strike the ground repeatedly and your head bounces causing you to see stars. You bounce against the tire and it rips at your flesh. Your screams are finally stopped as the ground meets your head in a merciful, but fatal blow.

The Kansas City Star had the story in it. There was a picture of the perpetrator, Kim Davis; black, poorly groomed, in prison garb and handcuffed being led away. He had only been released from jail, punishment for some previous criminal endeavor, a few hours before he decided to embark on the car jacking that killed this little boy. It makes me think of all the movies that have been made that speak of injustice done to Blacks because they were falsely accused of crimes against Whites, but where are the movies about the tremendously more common atrocities, lightly punished, or unpunished altogether, committed by Blacks against Whites? Yes, Whites used to gather in a group and drag a man like Kim Davis to the nearest tree and string him up. But what happens today? Today the "system" will charge him, plea bargain, and whittle down the actual offenses that will be prosecuted, and finally decide that the life of Jake Robel is worth no more than a few years of jail time at most. At some point in the future this murderer will be walking the streets, perhaps upon the very 5 mile stretch of road upon which he dragged this innocent White boy. The Kansas City Star also had a picture in it of this once handsome lad. Light brown hair, cute as could be, he is now dead, torn to shreds, thanks to the actions of Kim Davis. He will not be visiting his father anymore. He will not be going to school, or sharing his thoughts with his friends. His time on Earth is finished. His mother's heart is broken beyond repair. She will have to live for the rest of her life with the image of watching her son being dragged away by her car, driven by a vicious criminal.

What is justice in such a case? True justice would see the court order Kim Davis to be dragged to death behind the same car that killed poor Jake Robel. Semi-justice would be the court ordering him to hang at sunrise tomorrow. A complete travesty of justice would be to let him live, at taxpayers expense, and then to free him at some arbitrary point in the future. You know which it will be. The fact that White folks sit still for this sort of absurd outrage day after day, year after year says more about our society than anything else could.

Note: Today, in the Kansas City Star, the story about Jake Robel has been replaced with a story about a Kansas City desegregation lawsuit, where "the 8th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals has ordered the Kansas City School District to continue following court-approved plans to improve student performance and close the achievement gap between black and white students." What could be more appropriate than to bump a story about the horrible results of diversity for a story on how the Leftist courts are forcing desegregation even further down our throats.

The Kansas City Star reported the brutal murder of Jake Robel, but what other papers have? Where is the national outrage over the fact that a disgusting, thoughtless, lawless piece of garbage took a defenseless White boy of 6 and dragged him to his death, while stealing his car. Is this not unacceptable behavior to them? Is this not worthy of mention, wedged in amongst the "important" stories of what the useless politicians said or did today, while they play the Media Lord's game of politics? Is the death of this White boy not as important as who won some sporting event? Is not the outrageous act of this Black man as important, and as worthy of note as any activity by a Black on any sporting field or court? I want to know where is Tom Brokaw, and Peter Jennings? Where is Dan Rather? These hypocritical fools were all down in Jasper, Texas, where are they now? This kid was as innocent as the dove of peace. This child had every right to live his life out in the fullness of years. He lived in the United States of America, where White folks created the world's most fantastic civilization that has ever existed anywhere, and he had the right to safely inherit that civilization, as a member of the race that created it. He had the right to safely sit in his car without some Black man cutting his life short.

Did you see the large number of White people who were seriously outraged at what happened to James Byrd in Jasper, Texas? White people from coast to coast were disgusted by that murder of an ex-convict. Now, compare that White outrage, with the reaction of the Black population to the murders of Nicole Simpson, who was cut up by a Black man, Patricia Stansfield, who was dragged to death behind the car of a Black man, and now Jake Robel who was forced to die in such a terrible way. Look far and wide. Search any place that you care and you will find very little sympathy, and no outrage at all by Blacks anywhere.

This is the society that we live in today. The pillars of the society, the ones that shoulder the actual burdens of making it work, are the White folks. They originally set up the society. They formed the laws, which White folks abide by. They set up the system of justice which enforces the laws. They pay most of the taxes, and they are the legitimate heirs to this nation. Instead of White folks being allowed to live in their own society, with low crime, excellent schools, and a high standard of living, they have been forced to dismantle their system in order to promote diversity. We must tolerate people like Kim Davis, and those who hate our White culture, in order to make the Leftists happy.

We sacrifice our children daily to this god of multiracialism. See if you can count the ways.

In the neighborhood:

In the schools:

In their future.

Note: I was born into a society that was 90% White. My neighborhood was at least 90% White. My school was at least 90% White. My entertainment was similar. The Mickey Mouse Club, Superman, and other children's shows that I watched on television were nearly all-White. I was guaranteed that the efforts of my ancestors were going to be inherited by myself. Compare that with what our kids have today.

I am sure that you can think of other ways that our children, all our children, are being robbed by the Leftist campaign to create, promote and to celebrate diversity. And in spite of the obvious injustice inherent in this process, the Leftists still pretend to be taking the high moral ground. They look condescendingly down upon the "dirty racist" as beneath them. They pretend to be caring, warm and loving people who only want to make things "better," while everything they touch turns to disaster.

It is time for these lying dregs of the Marxist barrel to be held accountable for what they have done already to our society, for all the thousands of rapes and murders of our White women, and children. They should pay the price for destroying our neighborhoods, our schools and our children's future. It is long passed the time when we can pretend that these are reasonable people with whom we merely disagree. They have intentionally corrupted our political system, dismantled our schools system and infected our neighborhoods with the rot of diversity, and THEY ARE PROUD OF IT! Such arrogance must be paid for, or else you must be prepared to bend the knee of slavery to your masters.

The Leftist threat is beyond mere political domination. That would be far less grave. In a century or two, political domination would be overcome and things set right. Inconvenient but bearable. However, while we are already suffering under increased totalitarian tactics, we are threatened with something a thousand times worse. Those who are oppressing us today are trying their hardest to overload this country with other races. They wish to destroy the White nature of America completely. The net result will be the genocide of our people, through criminal violence and miscegenation, and the America of my childhood will be extinguished, not for a century or two, or even a millennium, but forever!

We rose up and fought Germany, when Germany was not a real threat to us. Twice! We sacrificed many of our own lives and took many more German lives. We bombed Yugoslavia when that nation had not taken any sort of action outside of its own borders. It certainly had not threatened us in any way. How can this be? How can our nation rise up in anger against those who are not our enemies, while ignoring those who are literally threatening to destroy us? It is difficult to comprehend.

Remember, when you think of Jake Robel, that his innocent life was snuffed out in a way that should outrage a nation, but instead most of its members will never even hear about it. Just like they will never hear of Patricia Stansfield, or thousands of other Whites who have been killed by Blacks. It happens and is ignored by our media every day. It is a blight upon our society that they are not willing to discuss. It is the end of our society that is hanging over our heads, and like the swinging blade in Edgar Allen Poe's The Pit and the Pendulum, it descends upon us, drawing ever nearer to finishing us off. Each White family convinced by Leftist propaganda to have a small number of children, added to each new Nonwhite immigrant, or illegal alien is notching us closer to oblivion. Each Black crime that is not punished with a just punishment is another crack in the foundation of our civilization. All the while the media spends its efforts in attacking "racism" (a crime only Whites can be guilty of) which is what they call any attempt to control the damage done by diversity. Like an arsonist who is running around shooting the firemen who are trying to put out his blaze, the Media Lords have created a SWAT team to take out anyone who is pro-White and who makes any sort of progress against these Leftists.

You saw them in action a few weeks ago when John Rocker was figuratively beaten into the dirt by the media SWAT team. On every television show, network or local, the partly line was evident and aggressively followed. No one discussed the fact that he told the truth! They only declared how outraged they were that a man should have the gall to say such things about their beloved diversity. This was an overt action that all could see, but that same team is always on the job and they do the same thing in a far more subtle fashion every day. That is what we are up against.

The next time you see a billboard, poster or bumper sticker that says you should "Celebrate Diversity" think of little Jake Robel who is dead today because of diversity. The next time you hear some news commentator blather on about White racism, think of what happened to this little innocent child. The next time you hear some lying politician claim that our diversity is what made us strong, remember that racial diversity did not exist to any extent before the 1960s, when we were already a superpower, and that very few Blacks committed murders on little White children before that time when the Leftists took over. Celebration of diversity is ultimately what made this horrible death possible, and rejection of diversity is the only protection that our future Jake Robel's will have from such a terrible fate.

Only you can
prevent extinction!

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