The Jefferson Davis Highway

HIGHWAY 99 WAS THE MAJOR West Coast road, running from the border of Mexico to that of Canada when I was a kid growing up in southern California. When Interstate 5 was built, it paralleled the path of Highway 99 all the way, replacing it in many areas, and running right beside it in others. Many stretches of the original 99 are still drivable today. In 1939 the section of Highway 99 that ran from the southern border of Washington State at Vancouver, up to Blaine on the northern border of the state, was named for the President of the Confederate States of America, Jefferson Davis. He was considered to be an American hero by many of those who settled in Washington State, and was undeniably a man who was renowned in the history of the American people. The Jefferson Davis Highway stood to honor this famous American, from that day until Friday February 15, 2002, when the Washington State House of Representatives unanimously voted to recommend to the state Department of Transportation that the highway be renamed. Instead of honoring this famous White Southern gentleman, who led a great segment of the American people, the road is now going to be named after William P. Stewart. Who???

The Jefferson Davis Highway Marker placed in 1940 in Peace Arch Park in Blaine, WA near the Canadian border marking the northern end of the Jefferson Davis Highway in Washington State. There is a matching marker in Vancouver, WA which marked the southern end of the Jefferson Davis highway.

It doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure where this one is headed. For 60 years, we have had a monument to a White man who led White people in a struggle for their cause. Who else but a Black man could be used to "wash away the guilt" of having actually had the gall to promote a pro-White man for so long?

William P. Stewart, whom almost no one had ever heard of before, was a Black Union soldier who unfortunately moved to Washington State after the Civil War. He did nothing of consequence, and has no meaning to anyone beyond the color of his skin.

The vote upon the renaming of the Jefferson Davis Highway took place on "African-American Lobby Day" at the state capitol, with Black activists aplenty watching the vote.

Things had not been going well for the Jefferson Davis Highway even before this. Most people in Washington State didnít even realize the highway was named for the Confederate president. The first many of them had even heard of it was when they read it in The Columbian newspaper on February 11, 2002. (By February 16, the same paper had already reported the fact that this "problem" had been corrected.) The only signs identifying the Highway name were two stone markers, one at its beginning and another at its end. While the one in Blaine, Washington at the Canadian border is still in place (at least for a short while), the one in Vancouver, Washington was moved, without public discussion or permission, in 1998. They just stuck it into a Vancouver cemetery shed.

For all practical purposes the Jefferson Davis Highway was dead for years. However, the point we should not miss is that there was a time that many Americans, who were not living in the South, felt that Jefferson Davis, and the people that he led were worthy of remembrance. And now, as we watch the little spineless clones filling up all of our elected offices, and running around trying to see which of them can be the most submissive lapdog to the PC thought police, I am once again hit with the urgent need for action that our people face.

Our Founding Fathers complained about "taxation without representation." I would trade their situation for ours any day of the week. At least their government was not exterminating them. They were not having other races piped into their colony at a rate that would overwhelm the Whites in less than 50 years.

They indeed had just cause for a revolution, in order to win their freedom from oppression. However, we have a cause that stands head and shoulders above theirs, and the wrongs we must redress are far more pressing. If we are to survive as a people, we are going to have to change the direction this country is going, and we are going to have to do it very soon!

Watching our leaders fold up day after day, giving ground on every front, tossing away our heritage item after item, a piece at a time, should be enough to outrage even the most dedicated sheep among our people. Instead they continue to watch their nightly television shows, and ignore the racial tidal wave rapidly moving in to engulf them, and their children.

Only you can
prevent extinction!

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