A John Jay Jewel

JOHN JAY, ALONG WITH ALEXANDER HAMILTON, and James Madison, helped write the Federalist Papers, where they each made a case for the benefits of the 13 states joining together into a single Union. In The Federalist No. 2, John Jay wrote on October 31, 1787 that it often gave him "pleasure" to see that the states all formed a connected land, and the land was fertile. He enjoyed the fact that there were waterways connecting all the important points of the land. He liked the fact that these conditions existed because they all were things which promote a strong country. It is easier to have a Union where the land is connected, and not "detached and distant." And after discussing the geographical advantages of the 13 colonies, that would ease the formation and maintenance of a Union, he went on to say the following:

"With equal pleasure I have as often taken notice, that Providence has been pleased to give this one connected country, to one united people, a people descended from the same ancestors, speaking the same language, professing the same religion, attached to the same principles of government, very similar in their manners and customs, and who, by their joint counsels, arms and efforts, fighting side by side throughout a long and bloody war, have nobly established their general Liberty and Independence.

"This country and this people seem to have been made for each other, and it appears as if it was the design of Providence, that an inheritance so proper and convenient of a band of brethren united to each other by the strongest ties, should never be split into a number of unsocial, jealous and alien sovereignties."

John Jay was one of our prominent Founding Fathers. He was to become the very first Chief Justice of the Supreme Court, and here he makes a powerful argument for the joining together of the first 13 states of our country, into a Union, a nation under one government. Along with contiguous territories, easy transportation, and fertile land, we find that the extreme lack of diversity among the first Americans, was one of the most powerful reasons that John Jay could find for the individual states to join together and form a nation. These homogenous people were "united to each other by the strongest ties" possible!

Let us look at some of the things which this great man pointed out as cohesive factors, factors which will pull a people together, minimize strife between them, and unite them to each other "by the strongest ties":

In other words, John Jay is saying that avoiding diversity is very healthy, and very important to a nation! Where diversity is dead, a nation can flourish, because the people are bound together with the "strongest ties" possible, but where diversity flourishes, the nation is weakly bound together and soon to perish. Compare these wise words of John Jay with what our politicians are saying today. We hear inane statements like, "Diversity is what makes us strong," and "celebrate diversity!" What do you suppose John Jay would say to that?

A people descended from the same ancestors. What does that mean? Those who are descended from the same ancestors are members of the same race. A single race nation is a strong nation, while a mixed race nation is a house divided. The folks who created the United States of America were all White Europeans. They joined together and formed a nation.

John Jay was very pleased to see that they were of one race. Why? Was it because he was filled with hatred for other races? Was it because he did not respect people of other races? Was it because he was a Nazi? He was not thinking about other races at all! That is the point that all of the multiracial, multicultural nuts refuse to see. The act of avoidance is not the act of hate. The act of joining with your own people is not a lack of respect for other races. It is simply good, common sense! Since Nazis did not yet exist in John Jay's time, it shows how stupid it is to label someone a Nazi, simply for agreeing with John Jay!

A people speaking the same language. Have you noticed that historically, White Europeans who have come to the United States, who did not speak English, have been quick to learn English, and in a generation they are speaking nothing else? The cementing influence of a common tongue cannot be overrated. We see Canada torn between English and French, and that is mostly between those of the same race. In the USA we are being inundated with large numbers of Nonwhite people who refuse to speak English and who demand that we pay for schools where their kids can be taught in Spanish. We are creating ever growing pockets of non-English speaking people who are becoming ever more militant in their opposition to English being the official language of the USA. Even if race were not going to pull us apart, language will.

A people professing the same religion. Here is another point of division in our land today. Before the Leftist took over in the 1960s, America was a Christian nation. Even if you were not a Christian, you understood that most Americans were Christian, and there were going to be Christian holidays in school, and in government. There were no "Happy Chanukah" wishes, and you never heard the inane phrase, "Judeo-Christian" applied to ethics or anything else. Today the left has done all that it can to promote other religions, while waging a constant war of attrition upon Christianity. We no longer are being allowed to be a nation of "people professing the same religion."

A people attached to the same principles of government. The original Americans were all from Europe, where the principles of government had a long history. These people were able to join together under one government, and be happy to live under the same rules. As we have gotten away from having this homogenous citizenry, it is clear to see that we no longer have a people who are happy to live under the same set of rules. We have an increasing number of citizens who are actually hostile to our principles of government, calling them "White man's rules, that do not apply to the Nonwhite man." Here is yet one more point of division being created by our celebration of diversity.

A people very similar in their manners and customs. We all too often forget how much we rely on the other people in our lives playing by the same set of rules that we play by. As we have the Left running around proclaiming the wonders of multiculturalism, we find that John Jay saw the absurdity of that point of view over 200 years ago. He realized that it is important, not to have many cultures but only one, where the people are "very similar in their manners and customs." You can see it just driving down the street in any large city today. You will find stores and clothes that have nothing to do with our European heritage. They are not part of the people with similar manners and customs. They are a divisive force in our land. Pointing this out is not hatred for those people, but merely an understanding of the fact that ultimately differences divide. The greater the difference, the greater the division.

It is really astounding how clearly John Jay saw the very things that Americans originally possessed, that were factors in making the nation strong, and which our leaders today are blind to. He delighted in seeing that they were not a diverse people, but were instead a similar people, in race, in language and in belief. He found that for himself, and for others, his reasoning forged a powerful argument in support of the creation of the Union. The lack of diversity among Americans would make them strong in their Union. Their lack of diversity was an important factor in convincing them that the nation would work in the first place. It is clear that they knew that diversity is an extremely bad thing for a nation. John Jay, and those who listened to him and went on to create the United States of America, knew that the less diversity that a people have, the stronger will be their ability to hold to together and overcome all of the forces that always eventually array themselves against a nation.

Even if all we had to judge by were the last 50 years, and the only thing we had to go on was the history of the United States during that period, it would be clear from that alone, that diversity is a blight upon any nation. It is a given that racial problems could not even exist without racial diversity. As our diversity has grown, so have the racial problems. Whether it is the increased crime rate, the "legal" robbery of our citizens through taxes to pay the price for the "programs" for diversity, the legal discrimination against our people called Affirmative Action, the loss of our culture, the destruction of our neighborhoods, or the ruination of our school system, we have suffered the penalty for ignoring what John Jay was saying. It could not be clearer! If the lack of diversity is a strong point of any nation, then diversity itself must be a weakening, even a killing force against that nation.

Why is it that the Left is so much on the attack against our Founding Fathers? Because the Founding Fathers stood for the very things which made America great, and those great men understood way back then that what the Leftists are selling us today is pure poison. Join with John Jay and promote a homogenous society, and never fall for the lies of the Left. You do not celebrate something that will kill you. You do not celebrate that which will destroy the future of your children. As John Jay clearly understood, you do not celebrate diversity!

Only you can
prevent extinction!

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