What a Joke!

HAVE YOU HEARD THE LATEST BLOND JOKE? These jokes are everywhere today. You hear them on the radio and see them in print and there seems to be very little serious protest. The fact that you could change the word 'blond' to 'brunette,' or 'redhead' and the joke would be just as appropriate, never seems to get mentioned at all. The whole blond joke thing has grown into quite a large scale fad.

Another fad is the Redneck joke. Now here is a real collection of tasteful humor. We find out that Rednecks, who were so named because of their short hair, and sunburned necks from working out in the fields, are disgusting, stupid, inter-breeding morons who have no reason to live. With a once long-haired hippie in the White House it only makes sense that Rednecks should be poked fun at. Remember how those who opposed the communist supporters in the anti-war camp were labeled as Rednecks? Rednecks supported the country, the American way of life, and the white race. Is it any wonder that the PC crowd love to make them look stupid?

What do Blond jokes and Redneck Jokes have in common? They are both poking fun at white people. Blond is a hair color that only white people naturally have. Other races also seldom get sunburned the way a white man would and therefore the Redneck is a white man. So, it is ONLY acceptable to tell jokes about white people in a society that is mostly white. This is quite absurd. In the mainstream media have you heard the latest joke which pokes fun at any segment of the black, brown or yellow community? No?

If you think that there is a reason why racial jokes are wrong, then you should have a problem with Blond and Redneck jokes. These jokes are directed at a segment of only the white population. If you think that telling Blond jokes but replacing the word "Blond" with the phrase "kinky-haired girl" or some other race specific characteristic is terrible, where have you been all this time? Where has your outrage been?

This double standard that we have created in this country, built by whites, that attacks all things white, must cease. Whites are not perfect but they deserve at least as much respect as any other race. There is no area of civilization where the accomplishments of the white race do not match up at least on an equal level with those of any other race. To belittle, attack, outlaw or otherwise demean the reputation, opportunities or freedoms of the very race which created this country is in a word: wrong!

Only you can
prevent extinction!

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