Run to the Jungle

FOR MANY GENERATIONS, FOR THOUSANDS OF YEARS, the White man has attempted to pull himself up out of the savage barbarism from which he came. He built grand cities, where great art and great music could be created. The buildings themselves grew into works of art. Concepts like justice and fair play were honed and perfected to the point where the average White has a strong aversion to being thought of as being unfair. The one thing most abhorrent for a White society is to have a legal system that is unjust. As our society is in an advanced stage of collapse, it is clear that these basic concepts are being used against us, in order to create the greatest injustice possible.

Take a good look at the man, who recently was a write-in candidate in an Internet poll, and was only a few votes short of being the favorite, for the distinction of being the "most evil man" in the 20th century: Bill Clinton. Here is a man that continually talks about "fairness." What he means by that term is Marxism pure and simple. He looks at everybody's hard earned pay as some sort of community property, where the government is joint owner with the producer. Since the average citizen has no real choice in whether he pays his taxes or not, he is left in the position of being Bill Clinton's personal slave for six months out of the year. Clinton and his fellow politicians in Washington DC take your labor, for that is what money represents, and give it to those who will not work. That is only "fair" to the Leftists. To a citizen of the United States, who was raised with the belief that slavery was removed from this land in the 19th century, this may come as a bit of a shock. Many men die young because they put in hard hours at their jobs, supposedly to support their families. How much easier would have been their lives if they had not had to give so much to the gluttonous Federal monster? How much longer would they have lived?

Perfect fairness is of course impossible. However, one would like to see the government at least attempting to be fair in its dealings with the people. But the effort is not even made to appear to be fair. Simple things like giving our tax money only to American citizens, in the form of handouts, and excluding illegal aliens from government charity, would at least simulate fairness. Of course it would still be outrageous for our government to take our hard earned money and give it to someone who did nothing in return for that money, even if that person were a citizen, but to give it to a foreign thief is an outrage beyond description. Charity is for community groups and churches, not the Federal government. Yet our government, the government "of the people, by the people, and for the people," does not even try to cover up the fact that it has no regard for the slaves under its power. It continually throws the fact into the faces of the members of the slave labor pool, that it is using their tax money - their work - to pay illegal aliens benefits that the average White citizen could never qualify for!

The degradation of the White man has been an ugly process. What is there that he can claim as his heritage? What will he be able to pass on as a legacy to his children? The fact that White folks built the Empire State Building, should make it a wonderful monument to our White culture, and society. However, no plaque will be mounted on this building applauding the White folks for doing this great work. The Panama Canal, Brooklyn Bridge, Golden Gate Bridge and many other monuments to our people's abilities will never be credited to the White race. Instead each of these creations of our people will be used to justify diversity! Just feel the irony. Does the White race get credit for building the Pyramids today? Neither will it get credit for the great feats that it has done in our time. The future will hear how wonderfully America blended all the races of man to create the marvelous works of the American people, unfortunately only to find itself quickly in a state of ruin. Oh, but look at all the wonderful things diversity did for this great nation. A long list of things will be made to explain the collapse of our civilization, just as they did for the fall of Rome, but on that list will not be the real cause: diversity.

Today, the only time the White race is specifically mentioned, it is in a derogatory manner. Whites are racists, they are angry, or some other drivel. You will never hear it mentioned that Whites invented electronics, including the transistor and the IC chip. You will not hear that Whites are the creators of the greatest scientific procedures, theories and results, of any race of man. You will not hear that great systems of government which have given people the greatest standard of living and the greatest freedom, have been the creation of the White race. We hear lies in place of the truth. Whites are racist, not intelligent. Whites are angry, not creative. Whites are evil not good. And this is being said in America, a nation created by White people! It is beyond belief.

So, while we are in forced labor to pay for the public support of non-producers and even non-citizens, we are denied the basic dignity of receiving the justly deserved credit for what our race has done in this world. At the same time we must listen to Nonwhites, and even Whites belittle and defame the name of the White race, without legitimate procedure or path for redress. It is beyond insult. It is complete humiliation. We are left with no history, no future, no place or purpose. Our very existence is under attack, and to point it out is called "hate."

It is shocking to see how we have fallen so low so quickly. In a land where the White man was once proud to call his president "The Great White Father", we now cringe and hang our heads when we have to mention the fact that we are White. In a land where our leaders once declared that only White people could be citizens, we now have leaders who have arranged things so that 90% of our immigrants are Nonwhite, and citizenship is given to Nonwhite illegal alien's babies who are born in this country. As a people, we stand defeated. We have been overcome and we have accepted terms of surrender. All that is left is an underground resistance movement, where White folks who realize what has happened, try and create support for a revolution to restore our land to us once again.

While our race is enslaved, and in the process of being exterminated, what is it that the average White guy talks about in his free moments? Sports. He is far more concerned with what some Black guy, who is probably a felon, is doing with a basketball than what the government is doing with the future of his children and grandchildren. He gets all excited over a "blown call" by some official in a sporting event, but feels nothing about the fact that our government has blown every call made by the courts since 1960 in the area of race, and the status of White folks in this nation. The White man is all worked up over the unimportant, the trivial, and at the same time completely ignores the critical, the vital and the urgent.

The old analogy of rearranging furniture on a sinking ship seems so appropriate today in the United States. Our people are caught up in a web of television offerings. They watch their nightly "news" program where the propaganda flows like water over a collapsed dam. They then watch the "regular programming" which is loaded with anti-White material. All of this programming (a very appropriate word!) is broken up into segments, in between which the paid commercial is inserted. These little tidbits are loaded with messages of hate towards White America. Nonwhites are promoting products to Whites and Whites are buying them. This is really apparent if an old movie is being viewed, which is black and white, and all Caucasian. Suddenly the world of White folks is shattered by a commercial's numerous full-colored images of Nonwhites smiling at you and indirectly telling you that your old White world is gone forever and you better get used to it.

Of course there is variety in this routine. Just think of the excitement of pro sports! When a White man sits down to watch sports today, he will see that about 80% of the basketball players are Black. A large majority of Football players are as well. He has grown accustomed to the terrible lack of sportsmanship that has accompanied the entrance of Nonwhites into our sporting events. He now must see stories every week about another Black "star" being busted for drugs, assault or rape, but this felon will still be playing this week, or some week soon. The White fan will see players spit on umpires, and do end zone celebration dances straight out of the blackest depths of Africa. The NFL had to create special "no taunting" rules especially for the Blacks. And the average father, if he is going to share his sporting passion with his sons, will be exposing them to this filthy world of Nonwhite morals, and behavior. His sons will be looking up to some Black felon, who keeps telling you that he is not a role model for your kids, as he takes his multimillion dollar paycheck home from White pockets. Is diversity not wonderful?

This is merely the entertainment side of shipboard furniture rearrangement. What of things like political elections? Here we find that the choices given us are like the colors Henry Ford offered on his Model T Ford. He said, "The customer can have any color that he wants, as long as it is black." We can vote for any candidate that we wish as long as it is Media Lord approved. Whether it is George Jr. or Al "the tree" Gore, or some other politician, it all works out the same. Whites are left out in the cold. Their land will continue to be overrun with Nonwhites, and their status will continue to be eroded. The ship is going down, and it makes no difference whatsoever how the furniture is placed in your cabin.

After generations of pulling ourselves out of barbarism, we are now embracing it with all of our might. We accept barbaric behavior in nearly all aspects of our lives. I recently saw a cartoon depicting a television set sitting in a living room, with a Media Lord's head protruding from it, spewing a massive stream of vomit out of his mouth onto the floor in front of the set. Nothing could more accurately describe what is happening today in the average White American home. We allow our children to view murders by the thousands. They see adultery over and over again as if it were nothing important. They have seen lying portrayed as being cool and smart. They witness Whites being wicked to Nonwhites repeatedly with no views whatsoever of the wonderful acts of mercy and care done by Whites, or the terrible atrocities inflicted upon Whites by Nonwhites. The barbaric, the uncivilized, and the cruel are all shown to our children repeatedly, hundreds and even thousands of times. It is insane for us to do so, yet we Whites continue to program our kids to be barbarians by allowing them access to the Media Lords' material. We allow our children to play computer games where death is just a push of a button, and then on to the next victim. Additional thousands of murders are absorbed by our children in this way, and still it does not end.

We now are allowing our White children to dress like the worst scum in the world, the ghetto rat gang member. We let them listen to the filth, called rap, that comes from the same ghetto world of crime, drugs and hate. We are running rapidly away from Mozart and towards Mozambique. We have given up our heritage in order to beat drums with the Africans. In a recent video put out by the Eagles musical group, the lead singer was shown speaking to another member of the band. They were listening to a philharmonic orchestra playing some music that was to be incorporated into the Eagles' show. He said, "They play like White people." After a moment's contemplation he continued, "Of course that is what they are." Think of it. The White leader of a White band complaining because the excellent musicians that he was listening to "played like White people." That is what we have come to in our country. We are running to the jungle and away from being White people. We want to emulate the barbarian, the savage, and we have forsaken our heritage of civilization and restraint. Is it any wonder that the White folks in the USA have not awakened in alarm at the huge influx of Nonwhite immigrants that has hit us since 1965? If Whites do not want to play music "like White people" then who cares if there are any White people left in the land? If Whites do not want to read White literature, watch White plays, and live in White neighborhoods, there can be no real purpose for Whites continuing to exist at all, can there?

I for one find the idea of running to the jungle to be not only a bad and dangerous idea, I find it to be a repugnant one. I am proud of my White heritage and I wish to promote and extend it. I do not wish to water it down, or contaminate it with any aspect of the jungle. On our current path that we are walking, there will be no White heritage or White people left in America, in a very short time. I wish to change this path, and move the feet of our people to a new path, a path that will lead far from the jungle, and into the arms of the White culture of our ancestors. It is not only time, but rather, it is very late for this change. Let us join together and get the word out to all our people. We are the folk who play music, as well as living all aspects of life, like White people, and nothing could be finer!

Only you can
prevent extinction!

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